(UPDATE) Which current corona rules now apply in which German federal state?


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Learn about when and where you need a negative corona test result to go to the hairdresser’s – and where not. In some German federal states 2G applies statewide, in some 3G, in some it is regionally different.

Current corona rules: On Monday the 15th of November, the seven-day incidence exceeded 300 for the first time, as reported by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). In view of the high number of infections, many federal states are taking action – and adopting new measures.

But where does 2G apply, where 3G and where mask compulsory? The following corona rules apply in your federal state.

current corona rules


Current corona rules: 2G applies.

Decisive for the alert level: the situation in the hospitals. If the intensive care bed occupancy increases to 390 or more on two working days in a row or the hospitalization incidence rises above twelve, the “Corona alert level” applies. On Sunday the 14th of November the intensive care bed occupancy was 379.

Then only vaccinated and convalescent people are allowed to participate in public life, in cafés or restaurants unvaccinated people with a PCR test are only allowed to sit outside.

IMPORTANT: Unvaccinated people will still have access to public transport, outdoor markets, pick-up and delivery options, retail outlets, and basic supply stores such as supermarkets. That even without a PCR test.

The 2G rule would partially apply to Christmas markets – buying goods: yes, drinking mulled wine: no. For hotel stays, hairdresser and nail salon visits, unvaccinated persons must present a PCR test. Exceptions: speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy as well as similar offers.

In addition, unvaccinated households are only allowed to meet with one other person; children and young people up to 17 years of age are not counted.



Current corona rules: 2G applies.

In Bavaria, the 2G regulation has largely been in place since November 9th. For the catering industry, but also for hairdressers or in pedicure, 3G plus generally applies – the Free State defines this rule differently than, for example, North Rhine-Westphalia: rapid tests are not allowed, a PCR test can be up to 48 hours old in Bavaria.

In the state capital of Munich, 2G has been in effect in gastronomy since today – due to the location in hospitals. In addition: For the Munich Christkindlmarkt on Marienplatz and in the adjacent pedestrian zone, masks are compulsory, even for those who have been vaccinated. The Christmas market takes place from November 22nd to January 9th, 2022.

current corona rules


Current corona rules: 2G applies.

As of today, extensive 2G rules apply in Berlin. Only those who have been vaccinated and recovered (2G) should have access to restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums, galleries or concert halls, for example.

This also applies to sports halls and swimming pools, leisure facilities such as saunas and thermal baths, and amusement facilities such as amusement arcades. Even in closed rooms in amusement parks or in the Berlin zoo, as well as in the zoo and the botanical garden, people who have not been vaccinated are no longer allowed. The 2G rule also applies to hairdressing and cosmetic salons, fitness and dance studios.

This does not apply to people who have not yet reached the age of 18. A proven negative corona test will also be sufficient for them in the future. This also applies to people who have been shown to be unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons.


Current corona rules: 2G applies.

Strict 2G rules have been in effect in Brandenburg since Monday: 2G applies in restaurants. Access to hotels and guest houses will be tightened. However, overnight stays with a negative test are possible in holiday apartments and holiday homes, on campsites and charter boats.

In schools in the country, all students must now wear a mask. Three instead of two corona tests per week are mandatory. Only those who have been vaccinated or have recovered come to theaters, concert and opera houses, cinemas, casinos, gambling halls, leisure pools or saunas.

othing changes when you visit the supermarket, bank, post office or department store. The minimum distance of 1.50 meters as well as the mask requirement must be observed. In certain facilities, such as the hairdresser, 3G applies.

Strict controls as to whether the rules are being followed have been announced. The stricter rules should apply until December 5th.

current corona rules


Current corona rules: 3G applies.

The lowest warning level 0 has been in effect in Bremen since the end of October. This means that the 3G rule is no longer applicable indoors.

It is true that the incidence is increasing in Bremen too – in a nationwide comparison it is still relatively low at 113.4. Should the numbers continue to rise, the warning level would also increase. Then the 3G regulation would also apply indoors again.


Current corona rules: 2G applies.

Hamburg introduced the 2G option model back in August for so-called public facilities such as restaurants, bars, cinemas and theaters. Retail and body-hugging services such as hairdressing were added later.

Excluded from the regulation are offers for daily needs such as supermarkets or pharmacies as well as educational institutions and institutions for social participation. In the event of a significant increase in corona cases in hospitals, Hamburg wants to expand the 2G rules to other areas.

current corona rules


Current corona rules: 3G applies.

Since November 11th, anyone who has not been vaccinated or has recovered has to present a current PCR test in Hesse to participate in 3G events or when entering many facilities where 3G applies.

Specifically, this applies to the interior areas of events, trade fairs and the cultural sector, leisure facilities, sports, cultural and restaurants, casinos and arcades as well as prostitution facilities. They also have the option of only admitting those who have been vaccinated and tested.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Current corona rules: 3G applies.

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania , a strict 3G regulation has been in effect in nursing homes since November 11th: Without exception, all visitors over six years of age must present a negative test or take it when entering the home – even if they have been vaccinated or have recovered.

A 2G option model has been in effect for some time in pubs, restaurants and at events: if only vaccinated and genesis patients have access, many protective measures may be omitted, whereas in cinemas the 3G rule always applies.

For retail, medical practices and body-hugging services such as visits to the hairdresser, but also in theaters and galleries, a hygiene concept with a mask requirement and distance requirement applies. While the 3G rule should apply continuously indoors, the mask and test requirement can be omitted in outdoor areas.

current corona rules

Lower Saxony

Current corona rules: 2G applies.

In Lower Saxony , the option for 2G currently applies in many areas – for example for restaurants, cultural or larger events.

The state government presented a revised Corona ordinance on November 9, according to which 2G is mandatory for events with more than 1000 people indoors. In indoor catering, 2G is mandatory from a certain Corona warning level, but this level has not yet been reached nationwide.

North Rhine-Westphalia

Current corona rules: 3G applies.

In North Rhine-Westphalia , the 3G rule generally applies in hospitals, museums and indoor restaurants. But there are tightening:

The 3G Plus rule is mandatory for indoor discos or carnival events. Swinging without a mask is therefore allowed: If you want to take part in a carnival party indoors, if you have not been vaccinated or recovered, you have to show a PCR test or rapid test, whereby the rapid test may not be more than six hours old. If you want to go to the hairdresser or the pub with a PCR test, it can only be 24 hours old, previously it was 48 hours.

current corona rules


Current corona rules: 2G-Plus applies.

Rhineland-Palatinate has been relying on the 2G-Plus scheme for a long time. According to this, the number of approved unvaccinated people is limited and will be further reduced if, for example, the seven-day incidence or sickness occupancy exceeds certain thresholds.

In indoor catering, for example, there is no longer a requirement to wear a mask or a distance requirement if no more than 25 unvaccinated people are present. The contact restrictions in public spaces have generally been lifted.


Current corona rules: 3G applies.

In Saarland, the Saarland-plus model with extensive 3G regulation applies to indoor areas in restaurants, leisure facilities and sporting events, for example. A tightening of the 2G is not currently seen as necessary.


Current corona rules: 2G applies.

Saxony is a pioneer in 2G. Since last week, the Free State has been the first large state to extensively enact the rule due to the rapidly increasing corona numbers.

Only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered are allowed to go to restaurants, pubs or discos; a negative test is not enough. There is a lot of grumbling about this, especially from innkeepers. In addition, there is a compulsory test for certain occupational groups, for example for employees in old people’s homes.


Current corona rules: 3G applies.

The 3G rule is being implemented consistently in Saxony-Anhalt , or the organizers should opt for the 2G option themselves.

The state government justifies this with legal uncertainties, among other things. The legal framework is not yet clear after the special status of an “epidemic emergency of national scope” has expired.


Current corona rules: 3G applies.

In Schleswig-Holstein, the 3G rule generally applies to indoor events. There is then no mask requirement. So far, the state government is not aware of any plans to switch to the 2G model.

The 3G rule still does not apply on buses and trains or when shopping. There is still a mask requirement in the north.


Current corona rules: 3G applies (possibly 2G by the end of the week)

In Thuringia, different access rules apply depending on the region. Some prescribe 3G-Plus for gastronomy and events in their regulations, in other regions a quick test (3G) is sufficient. 2G should apply at the Christmas market in Erfurt.

On November 9th, Health Minister Heike Werner (Linke) announced the introduction of a nationwide 2G model. Details should be discussed this week.

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