Is currywurst STILL the German power bar?


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In Germany, currywurst is a cultural asset that arouses emotions. Remember how people reacted to the VW’s announcement that it would only offer meat-free food in the canteen of the Wolfsburg high-rise and thus also discard the currywurst? We do!

Currywurst is more than a dish, it is a symbol. Like grandma’s cheesecake, it creates personal identity. Our brain loves habits and traditions. When eating a currywurst, memories resonate, we confirm ourselves, that it feels good.

Why the currywurst is cult in Germany


In terms of food culture, the Germans are simpler and more frugal than the French, for example. In addition, currywurst is affordable for everyone. As a quick dish that can be eaten on the side, it also goes well with the times.

Eating – especially meat – also means survival. Even if we no longer know from the head what a famine is. In our genes, when there is something fatty and sweet, there is still the urge to strike properly. Who knows if there will be anything else tomorrow. “

Currywurst is the german “power bar”

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder

In this respect, former Chancellor Schröder was right when he described the currywurst as a “power bar”. We need energy, and the currywurst with french fries and ketchup is a high-energy meal that gives you strength. Fiber, phytochemicals or other supposedly healthy substances are of secondary importance for the time being.

Is the curry sauce more important than the sausage?

The sauce is definitely more important. Whether hot and spicy or mild and fruity, it is the sauce that really rounds off every currywurst. It is of course nice if the sausage corresponds to the sauce, i.e. also has a slight curry note in the sausage meat.

TIP: A ham sausage is not at all suitable as a currywurst.

Currywurst was the most popular canteen meal in Germany 28 times in a row. In 2021 it was replaced by spaghetti bolognese (thanks to COVID and the lockdowns!)


Deep frying or frying – which is better?

“Currywurst – with or without gut – is only fried. Best, since it’s made from pork, in lard. Since it is usually fried in vegetable fat, there is otherwise the risk that the sausage will take on the taste. Only the fries belong in the deep fryer.

Incidentally, the variant without intestines was invented out of necessity in eastern Germany – due to the lack of animal intestines in the GDR.

DID YOU KNOW: In 1949 Herta Heuwer († 86) is said to have invented the currywurst at her snack bar in Berlin-Charlottenburg.


What is vegan bratwurst made of?

Depending on the manufacturer, so-called meat substitute products can consist of very different ingredients, such as tofu, soy, onions, starch, table salt, vinegar, spices, flour, oat fibers. Grains and legumes such as peas, beans and chickpeas, as well as mushrooms and algae, serve as protein sources. 

One thing is clear: the market is growing. In 2020, meat substitute products worth 375 million euros were produced in Germany, an increase of over 100 million euros compared to the previous year.

In Berlin, the vegan currywurst is now doing better than the organic currywurst.

15 percent of German men say they never eat currywurst. For women it is 24 percent.


Does currywurst also make sense without fries?

Well, to be honest, the combination of “currywurst and fries!” is unbeatable.

But according to a study, almost 80 percent of takeaway takers also accept a roll as a side dish, while only five percent accept a slice of toast.

Today there are a lot of curry options, such as potato or pasta salad.

A serving of currywurst / french fries has about 1000 calories (kcal).

What’s in the currywurst anyway?

Currywurst is traditionally made from pork.

Ingredients for the sauce include strained tomatoes, tomato paste, curry, chilli and paprika powder, sugar, salt and broth. In terms of nutritional physiology, it is not really recommendable, but many people like it too. And enjoying a currywurst once a month does not harm anyone.

Much more interesting for the body is what is still eaten. “Anyone who eats variedly can also eat fatty, salty and sweet foods from time to time.”

DID YOU KNOW: Volkswagen sold seven million of its own curry sausages in 2019 – more than cars (6.3 million).

What is currywurst made of?

The original comes from finely chopped pork. But there are also curry sausages made from poultry meat. Depending on local preferences, the sausage is first scalded and then deep-fried or fried, then chopped into typical bite-sized pieces and slices for consumption. On top of that there is the curry sauce with tomatoes as a base plus a lot of curry powder.

In Germany there are three main types of currywurst:

  1. the Berlin currywurst is a bastard and is always in the gut
  2. the Ruhr area currywurst is usually a bratwurst with and without a casing
  3. The Volkswagen currywurst (also a bockwurst) has curry and pepper in the meat before it is brewed.

What about the calories? Keep calm and get some Currywurst & French fries!

The biggest fat trap at the snack bar is the veteran of fast food – the currywurst! If she enters into a liaison with french fries and a cola, she becomes a real sin. With a whopping 950 calories and 64 grams of fat, this fat trap covers almost half of the daily energy requirement and almost the entire ration of the recommended daily amount of fat. 

Michelle Halterman
Michelle Halterman
USA, China, South Africa and now Munich - Michelle has come a long way in the world. She is an outdoor person and loves to be in nature with friends and on her mountain bike. Or she meets up with friends for pasta, vino, cappaccino & Co.


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