6 dating apps in Germany that Expats can trust + BONUS 2022 Advice!


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Getting to know someone online is commonplace these days – but choosing the right dating apps to find a partner is much more difficult especially in Germany. Find out the top 6 dating apps in Germany.

Your lifestyle in Germany can be greatly enjoyable if you are dating. Below is a clear comparison of the best reputable dating apps in Germany for you to help you find your dream partner. For Expats in Germany, it is important to use reputable dating apps in Germany since they cater to a wider audience. Find out which dating app is the right one for you, to find a serious relationship or great love!

The best dating apps in Germany

Dating apps in Germany Main Features User Rating / Score
Top pick Parship.de
  • 2021 test winner dating agency
  • Free registration
  • Suitable partner suggestions thanks to the Parship questionnaire
  • 9 out of 10 Parship pairs stay together
5/5 Stars
  • For cultivated, sophisticated singles
  • Over 42% of premium members find their life partner with us
  • 100% data security  & TÜV-certified discretion
4/5 Stars
  • Ideal for mature singles over 50 years of age
  • Lots of group ctivities to meet singles
4/5 Stars
  • Safe and serious to the partner of choice
  • Interesting singles from all over Germany
  • Get to know yourself personally at our events
4/5 Stars
Silber Singles
  • Perfect for serious but young at heart 50+ singles
  • 100% data protection & excellent customer service
  • Tailor-made partner suggestions based on a scientific personality test
  • Exclusive community for singles over 50
4/5 Stars
  • Dating personals for singles all over Germany
  • 24,000 mature singles join every day
  • Highly effective matching system: 41% success rate
3/5 Stars

The 5 best dating apps in Germany in 2022!

1. Parship

The Parship algorithm! A sophisticated personality test is hidden behind this Parship principle, on the basis of which scientifically sound suggestions are submitted to the members. The around 80 questions illuminate the different aspects of your personality, so that many facets can be taken into account when selecting a suitable partner.

What you would have to painstakingly ask and experience in practice is done here by an algorithm – the success rates speak for themselves. Importantly, however, Parship focuses on singles with serious intentions that are looking for a lasting happy relationship.

The most important points at a glance

  • innovative matching ensures success: 40 percent quota
  • Academics represented above average: 52 percent share
  • optimal platform for sophisticated working  singles
  • high safety and service standards
  • extensive free offers

2. ElitePartner

A special feature of ElitePartner is the high proportion of members with an academic degree: Around 70 percent of the approximately 3.8 million registered members in Germany belong to this group, which naturally raises the level. 

Another highlight is the scientific personality test, which should not least contribute to the high placement rate of 42 percent: Based on the detailed questions, the profiles are analyzed for matches and suggested – the success impressively confirms this approach. In particular, sophisticated singles who are interested in a serious and long-term relationship should feel comfortable on this portal.

The most important points at a glance

  • one of the market leaders in Germany
  • above-average proportion of university graduates at 70 percent
  • scientific matching as a success factor: 42 percent rate
  • sophisticated working partner seekers are in good hands
  • outstanding customer service
  • no message can be viewed without premium membership
  • no cost to contact

3. LoveScout24

The focus is on a great flirt – less on the serious search for a long-term partnership. The platform is not only well structured, but also offers practical search functions that can quickly lead to success, not least because of the high-quality profiles. 

Overall, LoveScout24 presents itself as a high-quality portal with a wide range of services. Here, too, personal initiative is very important, a carefully completed profile is just as essential for both sexes as is the formulation of personal messages if membership is to lead to the desired date.

The most important points at a glance

  • Serious, reliable and mature
  • very busy – more than 10,000 new registrations every day
  • wide range of services and events
  • Mobile dating is also possible via app

4. Finya

In contrast to other well-known and established partner exchanges, registration and use of all functions at Finya is 100 percent free. Finya is financed by paid advertising that is displayed to users.

To get access to more than 7 million registered profiles, all you have to do is create a user account, which takes just a few minutes to set up. A detailed profile with numerous questions and description options is available for refining the search and suitable partner suggestions. 

Users receive suitable profile suggestions via a search function with numerous filters, general suggestions and personalized suggestions through the scientifically based algorithm. The following applies in all cases: A detailed profile increases the chances of suitable profile suggestions. Contact with other members takes place via messages, a chat or the matching function with hearts. 

There are no hidden costs with Finya.

The most important points at a glance

  • Single exchange and dating agency
  • Registration & use of all functions are 100% free
  • Extensive search filters and numerous functions
  • High safety and service standards
  • Free customer support

5. LemonSwan

The special thing about LemonSwan: high-class singles who have serious intentions and are looking for a partner. They take enormous security precautions, by checking every new profile carefully to weed out fakes. The extensive and scientifically based personality test is of course also a guarantee of quality, because the questions are cleverly formulated – and require some time and thought. 

The LemonSwan partner suggestions are convincing and open up the opportunity to connect.

The most important points at a glance

  • Matching based on science
  • interesting academic share of 72%
  • no costs for trainees, students and single parents
  • special protection for women – high safety standard
  • high success rate

Unwritten rules for being successful with a dating app

A few unwritten rules for finding a partner and online dating tips cannot be found there. Here are the 5 most important unwritten rules for using a dating app:

1. Nickname

The nickname gives a first impression and should therefore be chosen carefully. The combination of first name and year of birth is widespread nowadays. However, it can be assumed that Müller37 is in all probability older than he claims to be. 

According to non-representative surveys, at least five years, with figures from 60 more. A certain basic skepticism is therefore appropriate. Unless you are a geriatric nurse and consciously seek a challenge.

2. Profile

The profile is like a business card and important if it is to work with online dating: pose and beautiful painting are always included, and that’s perfectly fine. It is only important to interpret relevant keywords quickly and correctly. 

Anyone who describes themselves as an “idiosyncratic lateral thinker” is probably more of a crazy muddlehead, the “romantic in need of love” may be a desperate woman with a relevant relationship biography.

3. Flirting

Written flirting between two strangers has its advantages. You don’t need to fear stutterers and you can fool a little without having to worry about red spots on your face. The situation is different with nuances and subtext, which are always present in real conversations. 

Tone and mood are difficult to interpret in the virtual chat, even irony rarely works in written form, and certainly not at all if you do not know your counterpart and his or her character peculiarities. Therefore: absolutely leave it, otherwise it won’t work with online dating! 

In general, messages should be kept short. Nobody feels like reading epic emails from strangers. Sexist vocabulary should be avoided explicitly.

4. Emojis

The use of emoticons and relevant network acronyms should be done sparingly, otherwise one could easily be mistaken for infantile and uneloquent. One smiley and one lol per message are completely sufficient.

5. When to send messages

Pay attention to the time of sending the message! Anyone who wanders around on relevant pages in the morning could be considered an unemployed slack. A crazy freak with a sexual emergency may be behind the nocturnal chat orgies.


Which dating app should you choose in Germany?

Dating apps are notorius for having non-responsive profiles. In Germany, one of the best dating apps is Parship. For the following reasons:

  • A balanced ratio of women and men
  • balanced ratio between women and men
  • Core target group between 25 and 59 years
  • Education and income levels above average
  • Age range from 28 to 55
  • good protection against fake profiles
  • interesting potential due to high reaction rate

The chances of success at Parship

Large, experienced and professional – Parship can score with excellent numbers:

  • Every day more than 34,000 new members register with Parship worldwide, thus over 1.8 million new singles annually
  • In Europe, Parship is mainly active in the DACH region and in France – so you also have opportunities beyond German borders.
  • Convincing: More than 840,000 members have already fallen in love, the number of Parship babies has already exceeded 120,000.
  • Parship is mostly frequented by professionally active singles, but as a student you will also meet interesting singles here.

The 5 most important points to meet and get to know singles on a dating app

(After looking signing up to Parship):

  1. Create a complete, high-quality profile that offers a maximum of information on a single portal.
  2. Contact members of the dating sites that match your personality.
  3. Be patient with the large number of registered members on the dating site.
  4. Remain courteous and respectful of everyone on the dating site, even if someone contacts you who are not of interest to you.
  5. Be yourself, because no matter what happens, your behavior on the dating app can lead to the fact that you find your great love of life.

Always pay attention to these five points on Dating Sites Germany, they will be very helpful in the single search, to get to know single women or men and to meet your true love quickly.

How important is a dating app profile picture?

Very important! The first important step for a successful online date is the perfect photo. Women only spend 3 to 5 seconds on your profile and ‘men’ have to try to make a good impression within 3 seconds. 

How do I make a good first impression on a dating app?

You have to choose the best picture for your profile! With photos that show you in your best light! The bitter truth is, 80% of women only like 20% of men and it is very difficult to meet lots of interesting women if your photos are not great.

Here are some simple tips on how to find a good photo:

Ask a good friend – A second opinion can often help enormously to find the best pictures. Many men find it difficult to find out in which picture they really come across as friendly, open and pretty. So ask a good friend for advice.
Do A / B test on the dating app – You can of course rotate pictures and try 1 week to 3 pictures and then only exchange one picture, or change the order. Unfortunately, this is very difficult to evaluate statically correctly because you cannot control many factors in the dating app.
Use a review app – There are special apps and websites where you can upload your pictures and get a rating. Check out Photofeeler or Fotoscore.

Mistakes you should avoid when using dating apps

1. A match doesn’t mean any interest

Two people seem to like each other online because they match. If both do not contact each other, then nothing comes out of it. You should always be active yourself and get in touch – regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. You should also be brave enough to start a real conversation. 

2. Swipe burnout

At some point the disillusionment sets in. You wipe yourself through the potential life partner until at some point the images and information merge into a boring consonance.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back from the dating app. Otherwise you might end up repeating a previously unsuccessful strategy and hope that it will suddenly become successful. Try something new or different in between.

3. Dates become job interviews

Dating apps will lead to a lot of contacts which in turn will lead to many dates. And at every date or “meeting” you basically tell or hear the same thing – what you do for a living, why do you live here, how long you’ve been single. An endless consonance.

The first date is incredibly overloaded. Many people are also looking for love at first sight – and in almost all cases that is sexual attraction.

  • Then there is the location: a conversation in a café inevitably reminds you of a job interview. 
  • Maybe there’s a lot of alcohol in the bar too. Then you think to yourself: If it is somehow unsuccessful, sex would still be nice now. And then of course it goes wrong.

On your first date, you should do something that you think is great yourself.

4. You want to scare off the wrong people

Many profiles say nothing about people. Many dating app users compensate for this with a different strategy: They state in their profile what exactly they are not looking for – sometimes with a long list of exclusion criteria.

It is well-intentioned, because people try to protect themselves from further injuries. However, it is better to tell something about yourself in order to attract the right seekers.

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