Deadly tornado whips through Kiel 2021


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A huge tornado chased through the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein in the evening! Panic, screams. Several people were even washed into the water at the Kiellinie, seven had to be hospitalized!

The first emergency calls were received by the police at 5:53 p.m. The tornado came from Moorsee, covered a roof in Meimersdorf, then hit the fjord with full force at the level of the Institute for Oceanography, where trees and branches were cut down.

A rowing club was also hit where several people tried to detain boats. They were pulled into the water. A boat flew through the air, smashed against the quay wall. There were seven injured, four lightly and three seriously.

Passers-by pulled the desperate and injured people out of the water. The Kiel fire brigade was on site with eight ambulances, three emergency doctors and a fire engine (a total of 35 rescuers). The injured were taken to clinics. The rescue operation was over at around 7.15 p.m.

Weather experts are now to investigate how the tornado came about. A cold front has probably met a warm front.

A fire department spokesman reported that several people were on a jetty to secure two rowing boats. “They were whirled around and people fell into the water.” Some of them got hit by flying objects.

The “Kieler Nachrichten” report on several wind trousers that have pulled through the city. One had torn a jetty into the water, another caused damage to house roofs.

In mid-August, a tornado caused severe damage in East Frisia. Torn house gables, overturned vehicles and countless fragments of roofs and fences testify to the force with which the tornado hit the community of Großheide. According to the fire brigade, nobody was injured at the time.

Storm and tornado warning from the DWD

The German Weather Service (DWD) issued a severe weather warning for Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. From Wednesday 8 p.m. to Thursday 11 a.m., hurricane-like gusts at speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour from the southwest, later west, can occur in the North Sea, as the DWD announced. Squalls could occur on the Baltic Sea and inland.

Trees could be uprooted and roofs damaged. In addition, heavy rain is expected on Friday night. Up to 35 liters per square meter could fall within six hours.

The last deadly tornado in Kiel was on May 5th, 1973

On May 5th, 1973 one of the worst tornadoes of the 20th century raged in Germany in the middle of the state capital Kiel on the Baltic Sea. The Kiel tornado thus joins the series of severe tornadoes such as in Pforzheim in 1968 or Lingen in 1927.

It was a closed Saturday when the tornado hit the capital of Schleswig-Holstein around 5:45 p.m. The thunderstorm was accompanied by hail and heavy rain. He came from the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district and moved across Kiel-Russee directly into the city center. Numerous window panes were destroyed and roofs covered here. There was considerable damage to the train station and the HDW shipyard. Many roofs were completely covered and the debris flew hundreds of meters through the air. Some of the cars in the station car park were carried away.

The tornado started at around 5:20 p.m. on the edge of the Barloh enclosure. Even before Kiel, several farms were destroyed and numerous high-voltage pylons were broken. The aisle in the city was 9 kilometers long. The Gablenz Bridge at the end of the fjord also shook and two large cranes at HDW overturned. Many people were injured when the tornado passed through and a 14-year-old was killed by a roof on the Sophienblatt. After the devastation at HDW, the tornado moved on the east bank of the Kiel Fjord through Ellerbek and Wellingdorf before it dissolved again.


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