These are the changes you can expect from December 2021 in Germany


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CELL PHONE CONTRACTS ++ TRAIN ++ INTERNET ++ DEBTS This is what is changing in Germany in December 2021

From December 2021 onwards, consumers in Germany will be empowered to better deal with telephone and Internet providers: The terms of the contracts for phone and internet are changing in favor of consumers.

December 2021

Cell phone contracts

The new Telecommunications Modernization Act brings more customer protection for telephone and Internet contracts.

The most important innovation: The duration of the contracts is limited to a maximum of 24 months. Once the term is over, providers must give one month’s notice.

▶ ︎ Previously, contracts that had not been terminated were automatically extended by one year. It’s over now.

Attention: This also applies not only to new, but also to old contracts!

In addition: In future, providers will have to provide consumers with a clear and understandable summary of the contract before concluding a contract, in which the essential points of the contract are summarized again.

And further: If the provider unilaterally changes the terms of the contract significantly, the consumer may terminate the contract. If contractual services are not provided, the consumer is also entitled to terminate the contract. For many, it is certainly also interesting that providers now have to inform their customers about the optimal tariff once a year.

Really fast internet

The new law also provides a right to fast Internet access. If the internet connection is not as good as promised, customers should have the right to pay less. The exact details are still being worked out.

The law already stipulates that in particular the minimum bandwidth, upload rate and latency used by at least 80 percent of consumers as well as other national conditions are taken into account.

In addition, providers will have to rectify faults immediately and free of charge in the future. If this does not happen, the consumer can demand compensation.

December 2021

Train timetable

Shorter travel times thanks to more ICE Sprinter connections, significantly more direct connections and a little more money for tickets – that’s what the Deutsche Bahn’s winter timetable brings.

For the timetable change on December 12th, Deutsche Bahn will adjust its prices “slightly” according to its own statements. The Flex-Tickets, all BahnCards and the route time cards will be almost three percent more expensive. The super saver prices and saver prices and the prices for seat reservations do not increase.

TIP: Up to and including December 11th, bookings for rail travel are still available at the old price.


The Hartz IV rates will not increase by law until January 1, 2022, but will be paid out for the first time at the end of December.

What is Hartz IV or ALG II?

Welfare (Arbeitslosengeld II, ALG II or Hartz IV) is a type of financial assistance in Germany. The official name is Arbeitslosengeld II, but it’s often called Hartz IV.

You only receive ALG II when you have nothing left: no property, no savings, no private pensions. ALG II is your last protection against poverty, homelessness and bankruptcy.

You apply for ALG II at the Jobcenter. When you receive ALG II, the government also pays for your health insurance.

ALG II is not unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance is called ALG I.

This means that single adults will get 449 euros at the end of the month, married 404 euros.

For young people, the rate increases to 376 euros. Children between the ages of 6 and 13 receive EUR 308 and the youngest receive EUR 278.


In the middle of the month, prescription drugs are generally 20 cents more expensive. In some cases, this also increases the co-payment for customers in the pharmacies, albeit only slightly.

The money is to be used to finance a fund that will offer patients expanded pharmaceutical services in the future. Exactly which one the insurance companies are currently negotiating with the providers.

Garnishment protection account

New and clearer rules will apply to the seizure protection account from December. A balance that is protected from seizure remains on the special current account, also known as the P-account.”

Debtors threatened with seizure are to be protected, for example, without sufficient account balance, they can no longer pay rent.


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