Did you know that your digital vaccination certificate has an expiry date?


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The Covid digital vaccination certificate has an expiry date: can my Covid certificate become invalid?

The digital vaccination certificate is provided with an expiry date. But what happens when the Covid certificate expires? Do I lose my privileges? The answers.

digital vaccination certificate

Why you need to look

The digital vaccination pass is the entry ticket for restaurants, cinemas and many other public institutions. Trouble-free traveling is also now only possible when you have a vaccination certificate, especially a digital vaccination certificate. But what happens when it expires – and can it even do that?

If you look into the app suggests that if you click on “Show certificates” and then on “Vaccination 2 of 2” – and look at the details, you will read the following under “Technical expiry date”: “Please try to get one in good time to have new digital evidence issued.”

Can the digital vaccination certificate expire? Problem known to the Federal Ministry of Health

What’s it all about? Will my vaccination certificate expire after this date? “We have already received a number of inquiries from Bremen residents. The most important message is: This is a purely technical expiration date, not a vaccination expiration date. If you look in the yellow vaccination card, you can see that there is no expiration date.

The Bremen health authority has already raised this issue to the Ministry of Health in Berlin several times, as the current presentation is causing uncertainty. “According to the Federal Ministry, they are working on this together with the manufacturer. As the Bremen authority, we cannot fix this on our own because it is not our apps,”. Nobody has to worry that the vaccination will expire, that is definitely not the case.

digital vaccination certificate

Digital vaccination certificate: “By then there will be a uniform European solution”

The expiration period of one year is the date on which the vaccination certificates were issued. The first are due to expire in 2022. “By then there will be a uniform European solution so that it will be possible to use the digital vaccination certificate even after the vaccination certificates have expired,” the Federal Ministry of Health announced on its website.

digital vaccination certificate

Where can I get a digital corona vaccination certificate?

In many cases, fully vaccinated people receive their certificates for digital proof in the vaccination center or in the doctor’s office. But not all practices can issue the certificates and in some vaccination centers this does not always work reliably. Anyone who is left unsupervised can obtain the certificate at any time from participating pharmacies.

The information portal “mein-apothekenmanager.de” reveals which pharmacy in your own place of residence will issue the proof after entering the postcode. Vaccinated persons need the vaccination certificate or their yellow vaccination certificate and a valid official photo ID to be issued. The issuing of the certificate is free of charge for vaccinated persons, the federal government bears the costs.

The QR code on the certificate printout is then imported into the Corona warning app (Android / iOS) or the CovPass app (Android / iOS) using a smartphone camera. They are available free of charge in the respective app stores for Android and iOS smartphones. If you do not have a smartphone, you can also carry the EU-wide proof of a Covid-19 vaccination in paper form.

In addition to the app, there is also the classic yellow paper vaccination card. But the number of fake vaccination passports.

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