18 things a car’s First-aid kit MUST have starting 2022! DIN 13164 takes effect soon in Germany – Corona aftermath


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First-aid kit and DIN 13164: Important change for drivers – the following have to be in the car in 2022. Failure to do so will result in a fine. Find out the 18 things you NOW must have in the car!

DIN 13164: To be able to provide on-the-spot help in an emergency, a first-aid kit is essential. You should therefore remember to check the first-aid kit in the car regularly.

  • In the future, two protective masks will be part of the first aid kit
  • New regulation planned for 2022
  • Without a first-aid kit, there is a risk of a warning

Masks are to be compulsory in the first-aid kit in 2022

DIN 13164 was amended in February 2022. This lists what is part of the first-aid kit. According to the new regulation, two additional medical masks must be carried as part of the first-aid kit. However, you are only obliged to take it with you in the vehicle if the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) are changed accordingly. This change should be included in the next revision.

DIN 13164

Who needs to have the first-aid kit with them at the moment?

Traffic law stipulates that all drivers in Germany must carry a first-aid kit in their car. Since 2014, only first aid kits that comply with DIN 13164 can be soldMotorbikes, invalid wheelchairs, tractors, and work machines in agricultural or forestry operations do not have to carry a first-aid kit. However, if you are traveling with a quad, you must always have a first-aid kit with you. Two first-aid kits are mandatory in buses with more than 22 passenger seats.

Strictly speaking, first-aid kits only have to be carried on buses and coaches. In other vehicles, such as cars, it is sufficient for first-aid material to be carried that complies with DIN 13164; i.e. the contents of the first-aid kit.

In addition, the law in this case requires the material to be kept packed in a container designed to adequately protect the contents from dust and moisture , as well as from fuels and lubricants. classic first aid kit ensures this and should therefore not be missing in any car.

DIN 13164

18 things you MUST have in the car’s first-aid kit in Germany

The following products will need to be inside a car first-aid kit according to DIN 13164

  1. 1 adhesive plaster, DIN 13019-A, 5 mx 2.5 cm 
  2. 4 adhesive bandages, DIN 13019-E, 10 cm x 6 cm 
  3. 2 first aid packs, DIN 13151-M 
  4. 1 bandage pack, DIN 13151-G 
  5. 1 bandage cloth, DIN 13152-BR, 40 cm x 60 cm 
  6. 1 bandage cloth, DIN 13152-A, 60 cm x 80 cm 
  7. 6 compresses, 10cm x 10cm 
  8. 2 fixation bandages, DIN 61634-FB-6 
  9. 3 fixation bandages, DIN 61634-FB-8 
  10. 2 triangular towels, DIN 13 168-D 
  11. 1 rescue blanket, 210 x 160 cm 
  12. 1 first aid scissors, DIN 58279-A 145 
  13. 4 disposable gloves, DIN EN 455 
  14. 1 first aid booklet 
  15. 2 wet wipes for skin cleansing 
  16. 1 14-piece ready-made plaster set 
  17. 1 bandage packet K
  18. 2 additional medical masks (or FFP2 masks)
DIN 13164

First-aid kit 2022 in the car: Masks will be compulsory for the car – do drivers have to have FFP2 masks with them?

But in 2022 every driver will be reminded of the first aid kit at least once since elementary things have to be added to the car due to the mask requirement. Because, in the first aid kit, the mask requirement for the car will be introduced in 2022.

The DIN standard 13164 will be adapted for drivers in Germany in 2022: This standard regulates everything that has to be part of a first aid kit – including the obligation to wear masks and whether they have to be FFP2 masks.

And so in 2022 at least two mouth and nose covers must be carried in the first aid kit due to the mask requirement. However, it is not yet clear when the 2022 regulation for the obligation to wear masks in the first aid kit in the car will be implemented.

DIN 13164

Surgical masks or FFP2 masks in the first aid kit 2022: Two mouth and nose covers will be mandatory in the car – there is a risk of a fine

And what type of masks, whether two simple surgical masks or two FFP2 masks, have to be in the first aid kit in the car from 2022 is also not yet regulated by the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). So if you are now upgrading your first aid kit, you should simply add two masks from your inventory to the first aid kit. You should also pay attention to the expiry date of the first aid kit.

Mask requirement in the first-aid kit: Drivers of e-cars and combustion engines must equally observe the mask requirement

On the one hand, the end of the e-car could be sealed with new fuel. In addition, e-cars repeatedly have to struggle with a lack of charging options, while used e-cars have “flat tires”. All problems that drivers have little to do with the first aid kit 2022 in the car. Nevertheless, drivers of electric cars as well as car owners of combustion engines must observe the obligation to wear masks in the first aid kit.


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