Diseases in Germany: Most mental illness patients tend to live in Thuringia and those with Depression in Brandenburg


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Diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases in Germany: The evaluation of a German health insurance company shows how much different diseases vary across Germany.

Diseases in Germany: The frequency with which certain diseases occur in Germany varies greatly from region to region. The proportion of people with heart disease per 1000 inhabitants in Thuringia, Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt is up to 40 percent above the national average, according to a Barmer health insurance company report. For the morbidity and social atlas, the insured person’s data from the health insurance company was evaluated, extrapolated, and presented in an interactive map of Germany. (The data is from 2020)

Diseases in Germany

Skin diseases in Germany: Almost a third of adult Germans require acute treatment

The largest population-related dermatological study worldwide revealed that allergies and skin diseases occur very frequently in Germany, eg hay fever (25%), skin infections (15%), acne and rosacea (6%), eczema (2.5%), contact allergies (2%) or psoriasis (2%).

The following are German states with the most amount of skin care patients:

  • Saxony-Anhalt
  • Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
  • Thuringia
Diseases in Germany

The people of Hamburg are the healthiest citizens in Germany

Could it be the fish? According to the new morbidity and social atlas of the BARMER Institute for Health System Research (bifg), people in Hamburg are the healthiest in Germany, followed by the residents of Baden-Württemberg and Bremen. Thuringia brings up the rear in the health ranking.

“The BARMER morbidity and social atlas shows the disease burden of the population nationwide based on anonymized and standardized data from insured persons. In interactive graphics that are unique to date, it becomes clear that this is very different,”


More information at:  www.bifg-atlas.de

Diseases in Germany

Fewer heart patients in Bremen, Hamburg and southern Germany 

According to the Morbidity and Social Atlas, there are not only clear regional differences in the overall burden of disease, but also in individual diseases. 

► The proportion of heart patients in Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt is up to 40 percent above the national average. In these three federal states, between 357 and 362 out of 1,000 inhabitants had heart disease in 2020. The people in Hamburg, Bremen and Baden-Württemberg had the healthiest hearts with 195 to 219 affected people per 1,000 inhabitants. 

► The atlas also shows clear regional differences in migraine or headaches. Accordingly, 30 in Bremen, 31 in Hamburg and 38 in Thuringia per 1,000 inhabitants had migraines or headaches. When looking at the individual districts throughout Germany, the range even ranged from 25 to 57 people affected per 1,000 inhabitants in the districts of Lörrach and Hildburghausen. 

Varying levels of disease burden depending on the occupational group

The morbidity and social atlas also offers a multi-layered overview of the burden of disease in Germany by sector. Accordingly, in no other industry is there a larger proportion of people with headaches or migraines than in health and social care. 

In 2020, 66 out of 1,000 inhabitants were therefore receiving medical treatment. The morbidity and social atlas makes it clear how high the burden of illness is in individual occupational groups. Based on this data, for example, the area of ​​prevention can be further strengthened. This applies in particular to company health management. Tailor-made offers for companies are essential here so that their workforce remains as healthy as possible.


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