Where do I have to register my dog ​​for a dog tax and what do I need for it?


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Awww, you love dogs! Me too. Now that you have moved to Germany, you have to remember about taxes. Yes taxes! In Germany you have to register your dog for a dog tax at your residence. 

There is nothing more rewarding that having a dog in your new flat, especially when you don’t know that many people in town. However, you have to remember about the law regarding dog tax in Germany.

To register your dog for a dog tax, you do not necessarily have to go to any office – you can also register your dog online, by phone, post or e-mail. How? You can find out below.

Where do you have to register your dog?

The tax and city treasury office of the municipality in which you and your dog have your permanent residence is responsible for the dog tax . You must definitely register your dog there.

In addition, there is a so-called dog register in some federal states , e.g. in Hamburg and Lower Saxony. Registration in these dog registers is also mandatory and at the same time represents registration for dog tax.

To register your dog, the following are required:

  • dog liability insurance
  • identification of the dog by microchip

If you are unsure whether you only have to register your dog for the tax or also in a register, check the website of your city or municipality. You can often register your dog there online . Otherwise, you can usually register by fax, post, e-mail or telephone if you do not want to visit the office in person.

dog tax

When is a dog taxable?

If you get a puppy, it is taxable after it is 3 months old – then you should register the dog at the latest. And how about older dogs? You usually have 2 to 4 weeks after receiving your dog to file a tax return . This can vary depending on the city – so to be on the safe side, check the website of your municipality or your local public order office to find out the exact deadlines.

Also, if you with your dog together in a new church have moved, you need your dog sign new there – the deadlines are the same as for a new acquisition.

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What does the registration cost?

Registration for dog tax is usually free . If your municipality requires registration in a municipal dog register , fees are often charged: around 15-30 euros .

Tip : It is usually cheaper to register the dog online than to register it in person in the office.

What documents do I need to register?

For the dog tax registration you need the following information and documents:

  • Your name and address
  • Information about your dog: age, breed, how long you have had it
  • if applicable, name and address of the previous owner
  • address of your previous place of residence, if applicable
  • if necessary, proof of competence or permission to keep dogs that are classified as dangerous

To register in the municipal dog register, you also need to have:

  • Identity card or passport with confirmation of registration
  • Microchip number
  • Certificate of your dog liability insurance
  • Money for the fees

If you want to apply for a reduction or exemption from dog tax, you will need additional documents and evidence of your eligibility.

dog tax

What happens after registering for the dog tax?

After registering your pet with dog tax, you will receive:

  • Your tax assessment
  • Free dog tax stamp: The tax stamp is provided with an individual identification number. Your dog must always wear them visibly when he leaves your house – including in your garden.

In addition, after registering for dog tax, you only need to pay dog ​​tax once or twice a year.

If you move within your community, you will need to re-register your dog. If you move to another city, you will have to de-register it and register in your new residential district. Otherwise, tax liability ends when your pet dies or is no longer in your possession.

What happens if I don’t register my dog?

dog tax

If you do not register your dog, it can get expensive for you as soon as you are caught: A violation of the dog tax law is considered an administrative offense

REMEMBER: unpaid taxes can also be prosecuted as tax evasion! There is a risk of fines and, in rare extreme cases, even imprisonment. And you have not saved taxes either – you have to pay them retrospectively.

Tim Gumbert
Tim Gumbert
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