Can I donate blood after vaccination in Germany?


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Can Sars-CoV-2 antibodies be passed on? Is corona also transmitted through blood? It is possible to donate blood after vaccination in Germany?

Over 40,000 blood donation appointments are offered throughout Germany each year

donate blood after vaccination
Over 40,000 blood donation appointments are offered throughout Germany each year

Despite corona, there is still a need for blood donation in Germany

There is currently a lack of blood reserves across Germany. The German Red Cross (DRK) warns that even the emergency reserves are slowly becoming scarce and that blood donations are urgently needed.

The reasons:

▶ ︎ It’s summer vacation and many people are on vacation. After the long lockdown, mobility is currently particularly high. Many travel spontaneously, enjoy being on the go and having more freedom again. A blood donation appointment, which can take 1.5 hours, is not a priority.

▶ ︎ Operations are currently being rescheduled that had to be postponed during the lockdown in order to keep hospital beds free for possible corona infected people. It is particularly noticeable that there are not enough blood reserves.

The main problem: blood cannot be stored for a long time. For example, red blood cells only stay cool for 42 days. In other words: blood has to be replenished continuously by donating.

The German Red Cross is asking for people to donate blood after vaccination. You can get your appointment here.

But especially in view of Corona, many questions arise.

Can the corona virus be transmitted through a blood donation?

There is no indication that “Sars-CoV-2 can be transmitted through blood and may be transmitted to patients by undetected infected people,” according to the RKI, the PEI and the BZgA. That is why blood reserves are not examined for corona. Because according to a study by the Paul Ehrlich Institute, no Sars-CoV-2 genetic material could be detected in the blood of patients without symptoms or in patients with less pronounced symptoms.

donate blood after vaccination

Corona infection after a blood donation: what to do?

Anyone who detects corona symptoms or who tested positive within 14 days of a blood donation should contact the German Red Cross immediately on the free hotline: 0800 11 949 11 or use the contact form on the DRK website .

Is there a risk of getting infected with corona when donating blood?

In the facilities in which one can donate blood, hygiene concepts apply so that there is no increased risk of infection for those willing to donate.

Blood donations and Covid-19: when does what?

  • Anyone who has survived a corona infection is only allowed to donate blood again four weeks after recovery.
  • Donors who have possible corona symptoms such as sore throat, chills, cough or shortness of breath as well as a fever of over 38 degrees are not allowed to donate.
  • The same applies to those who have stayed in an official corona risk area.
  • Donors who have had contact with corona infected or sick people must wait two weeks before making a donation. Even a negative test does not change that.

When is it not allowed to donate blood temporarily or permanently?

  • Women who are pregnant
  • shortly after giving birth
  • after certain vaccinations
  • after trips abroad to malaria areas or countries with a risk of hepatitis
  • after major operations or when taking certain medications
  • after acupuncture treatments if they were not performed sterile
  • after piercings and tattoos
  • if sexual behavior is associated with a higher risk of transmitting an infectious disease such as hepatitis or HIV
  • if you suffer from certain pre-existing conditions such as insulin-dependent diabetes, hepatitis or chronic inflammatory diseases (permanent exclusion).
donate blood after vaccination

Frequently Asked question about donating blood after a corona vaccination

How long do I have to wait after a corona infection before I can donate blood?

People who have corona are only allowed to donate blood four weeks after they have healed.

Will I be tested for corona before I donate blood?

No. Anyone who feels fit can donate.

As a recovered or vaccinated person, can I transfer antibodies with the blood?

According to the German Red Cross: In theory, you can pass on antibodies in the blood, yes. But the concentration is far too low for it to have any effect. In other words: The number of antibodies is nowhere near enough to protect the recipient of the transfusion against corona.

Can I come to donate blood immediately after the vaccination?

It is better to wait another day and see if vaccination reactions occur. If you feel good the next day, then there’s nothing wrong with it. You shouldn’t put unnecessary strain on your body.

Can I have a vaccination after donating blood?

Theoretically yes, but here, too, it is more advisable to give the body a day to relax.

Can I donate blood if I don’t feel 100 percent fit?

In case of doubt, it is better to skip the appointment if you are not completely up to date. If you have a fever or cold symptoms, you should definitely cancel the appointment.

What diseases is the donated blood tested for?

HIV, hepatitis A, B, C and E, rubella virus, syphilis and the West Nile virus.

Can I do sports, drive a car or cycle after the blood donation?

Avoid heavy sporting activities on the same day. Of course, potty people can also ride their bikes home after donating their blood. But you should just not overexert yourself so that the circulation is not additionally stressed.

How much blood is drawn?

Each person can donate an average of 500 ml of blood. Women are allowed four times, men up to six times a year. It is important that there is a minimum interval of 55 days between the donation dates.

How long does a blood donation take?

The donation itself does not take more than ten minutes. The whole procedure around it can take up to one and a half hours.

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