Did you know that e-cigarettes can cause Erectile dysfunction? Guys I think it’s time to give up smoking! (German / American study)


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It is well known that smoking promotes erectile dysfunction. A study now shows that e-cigarettes – which are considered a healthier alternative for many – are also a risk factor for potency problems and erectile dysfunction.

Smoking is harmful to health and can affect men’s sexuality: the words “Smoking threatens your potency” are therefore warned on cigarette packets. The reason: Smoking promotes deposits in the blood vessels, which in men can also disrupt the flow of blood to the penis – and thus  promote erection problems, according to the Barmer health insurance company. In addition, cigarette smoke can reduce the quality and quantity of sperm. Many therefore prefer to use e-cigarettes, which are considered healthier. However, a study from the USA has now shown that vaporizers also increase the risk of potency problems. 

Erectile dysfunction

E-smokers increase the risk of erectile dysfunction

The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine , used data from more than 13,000 men aged 20 and over who reported erectile dysfunction in a previous study. The evaluation found that the risk of erectile dysfunction in men who smoked e-cigarettes daily was 2.4 times higher than in those who had never smoked an e-cigarette before. The risk of erectile problems is more than twice as high for e-smokers. 

More than half of the participants (53 percent) were former cigarette smokers, 21 percent also smoked conventional cigarettes at the same time and 14 percent used other tobacco products. For those who had previously smoked conventional cigarettes, the risk was even higher. 


Nicotine reduces blood flow

There is evidence that erectile dysfunction occurs because nicotine reduces blood flow. In addition, consuming e-liquids with and without nicotine would lower testosterone levels. However, the risk of potency problems could be reduced with physical activity: “Those who were physically active on a weekly basis were less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than those who did not report physical activity,” the study says. 

The study was the first to investigate the relationship between e-cigarette consumption and erectile dysfunction. The results suggested that smoking e-cigarettes had a negative effect on potency regardless of age and other risk factors.

The researchers stated that e-smokers should be aware of the potential risk of e-cigarettes for potency – precisely because e-cigarettes are often perceived as a healthier alternative to conventional glow sticks. 

Erectile dysfunction

How do e-cigarettes affect smokers’ sex life?

The influence of cigarettes can be seen, among other things, in bed – it does not change sex for the better.

In men …

  • … deposits in the blood vessels that form throughout the body as a result of smoking can also lead to the blood flow to the penis being disturbed. This can make it harder to get an erection. 
  • … cigarette consumption can reduce interest in sex and increase the fear of failure in bed. It can also be more difficult to orgasm.
  • … Smoking can reduce the quality and quantity of sperm. The ingredients in the cigarettes can even damage the genes and thus the health of a potential baby.

For women …

  • … smoking can reduce excitability, satisfaction and pleasure in sex. Pain during sex (often due to dry, sensitive skin in the genital area) and orgasm problems may increase.
  • … smoking can damage the egg cells in the ovaries, some of them can die completely. This makes it harder to get pregnant.
  • … who are pregnant, on the other hand, smoking can lead to premature births, miscarriages and stillbirths. Babies are also more likely to have lower birth weights or even birth defects. Pregnant women should definitely not smoke!
  • … Cigarettes increase the likelihood of a painful or difficult menstrual period (dysmenorrhea). The women then often suffer from headaches, cramps, nausea and vomiting for days.
Erectile dysfunction

This is how cigarettes affect the rest of the body 

In addition to changing the skin and face, smoking also changes the rest of the body. The cigarettes not only damage the internal organs, but also the external appearance.

  • Because the ingredients in cigarettes affect the endocrine system, the fat deposits in the body change. Smokers tend to start at the waist (non-smokers more at the hips). What does not seem so serious at first glance has a strong impact on health. Because a lot of belly fat increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, strokes, metabolic syndrome, gallbladder problems and breast cancer.
  • The fingernails and even the entire fingers of the hand with which the cigarette is held turn yellow or brown in color.
  • It is not entirely clear whether it is due to the cigarette itself or other circumstances, but: If you stop smoking, you sleep better. It is not only concentration that suffers from smoking, lack of sleep has a whole range of other, clearly visible consequences in its luggage: The skin becomes paler and the eyes get dark circles. Studies show that tired people are less attractive to others. In addition, the tendency to cardiovascular diseases and obesity increases due to poor sleep.
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