Where are Easter marches taking place this year?


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Many Easter marches will take place again in 2022. Where are peace rallies planned? And what is the meaning and history of the Easter marches? Find out more

Easter marches: Easter in 2022 is also the time of the Easter marches. In view of the war in Ukraine, they have a special meaning. Where will Easter Marches take place in 2022? Here is an overview.

Easter marches in Germany

Traditionally at Easter, the peace movement takes to the streets. Given the Ukraine war, the so-called Easter marches will once again have a very special meaning this year.

  • What is the significance of the Easter marches?
  • Where did the first Easter March take place?
  • Since when have there been Easter marches in Germany?
  • Where are Easter marches taking place this year ?

Below is a look at Easter marches in Germany:

What is the significance of the Easter marches?

The beginnings of the Easter marches go back to the 1950s. Here, peace activists in Great Britain and Germany set an example against the war. At that time they wanted to demonstrate with non-violent actions, especially against nuclear war.

Where did the first Easter March take place?

The first Easter March in history took place in Great Britain in 1958. At Easter, peace activists organized a march from London to the Aldermaston nuclear research center, around 80 kilometers away, mobilizing around 10,000 people. They demonstrated nuclear disarmament during the Cold War. Under the motto ” Ban the Bomb “, people are said to have been on the road for four days.

Since when have there been Easter marches in Germany?

The first Easter March in Germany took place in 1960. This was organized as a star march lasting several days and led from Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, and Braunschweig to Bergen-Hohne. There was a military training area here, which was also used for training with so-called Honest-John nuclear missiles. The protest action ended on Easter Monday 1960. About 1200 participants came together. Since then, there have been traditional Easter marches in Germany every year.

Easter march 2022: Where will Easter marches take place this year?

In the week before Easter there are many actions for peace in the world all over Germany. The traditional Easter marches will take place on April 16, 2022. 

Here is a selection of events:

Easter March 2022 in Osnabrück

Start: 10 a.mLocation: Square of German Unity Osnabrück

Easter March 2022 in Ellwangen

Start: 10 a.m

Location: Am Fuchseck Ellwangen

Easter March 2022 in Wedel

Start: 10 a.m

Location: Town Hall Wedel

Easter March 2022 in Gera

Start: 10 a.m

Location: Bachgasse Gera

Easter March 2022 in Schwerin

Start: 10 a.m

Location: Grunthalplatz Schwerin

Easter March 2022 in Brandenburg

Start: 10 a.m

Location: Neustadter Markt Brandenburg/Havel

Easter March 2022 in the district of Wesermarsch

Start: 10 a.m

Location: Nordenham station forecourt

Easter March 2022 in Miesbach

Start: 10 a.m

Location: Town Hall Miesbach

Easter March 2022 in Oberndorf

Start: 10 a.m

Location: Heckler&Koch Oberndorf main gate

Easter March 2022 in Suhl

Start: 10 a.m

Location: Square of the German unit Suhl

Easter March 2022 in Ohrdruf

Start: 10 a.m

Location: Ohrdruf train station

Easter March 2022 in Wiesbaden

Start: 10.30 a.m

Location: Mauritisplatz Wiesbaden

Easter March 2022 Rhine-Ruhr

Start: 10.30 a.m. (on three days through the Ruhr area)

Location: Kuhlenwall Duisburg

Easter March 2022 in Giessen

Start: 10.30 a.m

Location: Hiroshimaplatz Giessen

Easter March 2022 in Kassel

Start: 10.30 a.m

Location: downtown Kassel

Easter March 2022 in Saarbrücken

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Tbilisser Platz Saarbrücken

Easter March 2022 in Munich

Start: 11.15 a.m

Location: Marienplatz Munich

Easter March 2022 in Unterlüß

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Unterlüß train station

Easter March 2022 in Bremen

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Market place Bremen

Easter March 2022 in Braunschweig

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Kohlmarkt Braunschweig

Easter March 2022 in Düren

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Kaiserplatz Düren

Easter March 2022 in Würzburg

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Würzburg main station

Easter March 2022 in Lüneburg

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Clamartpark Lüneburg

Easter March 2022 Odenwald

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Erbach Castle Square

Easter March 2022 in Cologne

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Appellhofplatz Cologne

Easter March 2022 in Limburg

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Europaplatz Limburg

Easter March 2022 in Oldenburg

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Oldenburg station forecourt

Easter March 2022 in Aschaffenburg

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Theaterplatz Aschaffenburg

Easter March 2022 in Firedland

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Groß Schneen fairground

Easter March 2022 in Gummersbach

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Lindenplatz Gummersbach

Easter March 2022 in Leipzig

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz Leipzig

Easter March 2022 in Hamelin

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Europaplatz Hamelin

Easter March 2022 in Bremerhaven

Start: 11 a.m

Location: At the Great Church in Bremerhaven

Easter March 2022 in Wolfsburg

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Wolfsburg trade union building

Easter March 2022 in Eschwege

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Eschwege market square

Easter March 2022 in Gifhorn

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Schillerplatz Gifhorn

Easter March 2022 in Weiden

Start: 10.45 a.m

Location: Oberer Markt Weiden

Easter March 2022 in Hof

Start: 11 a.m

Location: Bernhard-Lichtenberg-Platz Hof

Easter March 2022 in Emden

Start: 11.15 a.m

Location: City Garden Emden

Easter March 2022 in Augsburg

Start: 11.30 a.m

Location: Moritzplatz Augsburg

Easter March 2022 in Hanover

Start: 11.30 a.m

Location: Aegidienkirche Hanover

Easter March 2022 in Ulm

Start: 12 p.mLocation: Wilhelmsburg barracks in Ulm

Easter March 2022 in Berlin

Start: 12 p.m

Location: Oranienplatz Berlin

Easter March 2022 in Stuttgart

Start: 11:58 am

Location: Upper Castle Garden Stuttgart

Easter March 2022 in Bielefeld

Start: 12 p.m

Location: Bielefeld station forecourt

Easter March 2022 in Traunstein

Start: 12 p.m

Location: Traunstein town square

Easter March 2022 in Mannheim

Start: 12 p.m

Location: Schillerplatz Mannheim

Easter March 2022 in Göttingen

Start: 12 p.m

Location: Wilhelmsplatz in Goettingen

Easter March 2022 in Kiel

Start: 12 p.m

Location: Scheven Bridge Kiel

Easter March 2022 in Kaiserslautern

Start: 11:56 am

Location: Ev. Kaiserslautern Collegiate Church

Easter March 2022 in the Rhineland

Start: 12 p.m

Location: Wuppertal main station

Easter March 2022 in Weimar

Start: 12 p.m

Location: Goetheplatz Weimar

Easter March 2022 in Erlangen

Start: 12 p.m

Location: Schlossplatz Erlangen

Easter March 2022 in Heidelberg

Start: 12 p.m

Location: Heidelberg City Library

Easter March 2022 in Munster

Start: 1.30 p.m

Location: Munster Castle

Easter March 2022 in Bonn

Start: 2 p.m

Location: Münsterplatz Bonn

Easter March 2022 in Offenburg

Start: 2 p.m

Location: Offenburg bus station

Easter March 2022 in Lübeck

Start: 2 p.m

Location: Town Hall Market Lübeck

Easter March 2022 in Ansbach

Start: 2.30 p.m

Location: Martin-Luther-Platz Ansbach

Easter March 2022 in Düsseldorf

Start: 2.30 p.m

Location: DGB building Düsseldorf


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