6 important numbers for an emergency that every Expat in Germany should memorize


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There are 6 very important numbers that every Expat in Germany should be aware of incase of an emergency. See below

Most people are completely unprepared for an emergency, especially one that involves health in Germany. Just in case, it is important to have the telephone number of the responsible office ready and not have to think long about who the right contact person is.

The following applies to every emergency call:

Keep calm and let yourself be guided through the conversation. To prepare for the emergency call, you can answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Who is calling? (Name, location, telephone number)
  • Where did that happen? (Place of the event, address)
  • What happened? (Description of the event, traffic accident, fire, domestic accident, etc.)
  • How many injured / affected are there? (Number of people affected, their location and injuries)
  • Wait for further inquiries. Please do not end the emergency call until you are prompted to do so.

If necessary, at the end of the emergency call you will receive information on how you can provide first aid or what behavior is recommended. Please wait for the emergency services to arrive, instruct them if necessary and inform them of any important observations.

112 – Fire and rescue services


In the event of fire, accidents or life-threatening accidents and medical emergencies, contact the fire brigade or rescue service. You can reach both at the same number. The number works without an area code. You will be directed to the locally responsible control center. 112 is valid throughout Europe and is free of charge, regardless of whether you call from home or with your mobile phone. In less serious cases, the medical on-call service will help you (see below).

110 – Police


Germany is one of the safest countries in Europe with framework conditions for the police, who ensure the safety of citizens and guests in the country as best as possible with successful prevention, motivated staff and modern technology.

The decentralized structures with a dense network of police organizational units are an important prerequisite for the efficiency and proximity of the police in the Germany.

You can reach the police on the well-known police emergency number 110. All emergency calls received on 110 are answered by specially trained police officers in the command and situation centers in the country. The 110 applies to your landline connection as well as to your mobile phone. Please only dial this number in emergencies. In all other cases, you can contact your police using the official telephone number, which you can find in your local telephone directory.

Further information on the police emergency can be found on police websites.

116117 – Medical on-call service


If it is an illness with which you would normally see a general practitioner in practice, but the treatment cannot wait until the next day for medical reasons, the on-call medical service is responsible. You can reach him under the nationwide uniform number 116117. The number works without an area code.

It is valid throughout Germany and is free of charge, regardless of whether you call from home or with your mobile phone. Further information is available at www.116117info.de

The hearing and speech impaired have the option of faxing the medical on-call service. 

19222 – Ambulance transport


There is a separate phone number for ambulance transport where a patient has to be transported under medical care: 19222. Please note that you must also dial the area code of the control center responsible for your district from the landline network.

Emergency fax


The hearing and speech impaired have the option of faxing the emergency number 112 in the event of an emergency. A specially developed form is available for this purpose, which can be filled out quickly and easily in an emergency. 

Emergency SMS


People with a speech or hearing impairment have the option of sending a request for help via SMS to a control center. The emergency SMS number is as follows, depending on your network operator:

  • T-Mobile (D1 / Vodafone D2): 99 0711 216-77112
  • Telefonica (O2 / Eplus): 329 0711 216-77112

Please note that there may be technical delays when sending the SMS. Therefore, if possible, use the free emergency fax to 112.

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