Why and when did the energy label A+++ on appliances disappear?


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Other than price, energy labels are important when buying many household appliances and influence our decisions. If you have recently bought an appliance you will notice that the energy label A+++ does not exist anymore. What happened to it?

According to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, 93 percent of consumers know the energy label – and at least 80 percent are influenced by it in their purchase decision. Starting March 2021, the energy labels changed for some devices. So you recently went to buy an appliance, you might have noticed that energy label A+++ has disappeared! Find out why.

energy label A+++

Why is there a new energy label?

With the energy label, products can be easily compared with one another. Those who pay attention to the energy efficiency classes can save several hundred euros a year and rely on sustainability.

▶ ︎ There are hardly any devices left in the previous lower efficiency classes, making it difficult for consumers to compare. So the EU decided to change this in March of 2021.


What does the new energy label look like?

The colored division remains the same and the classes are divided into A to G with shifted class boundaries. Symbols now indicate the capacity, screen size, volume or water consumption.

energy label A+++

You can get more information about the product via the new QR code, which will direct you to the European product database (EPREL).

How are the new energy classes different?

The classification of the efficiency classes also changed. So the new class B is identical to A ++ . But all new products are now marked with the new label.

Attention: The EU got rid of efficiency classes with A or B on appliances. The classes were also shifted so that there is room for improvement.

energy label A+++

Which products now have the new energy label?

The changeover began in March 2021 with the following product groups:

  • Fridges and freezers including wine storage cabinets
  • dishwasher
  • Washing machines including washer-dryers
  • Electronic screens including televisions

The changeover for light sources begins in September 2021. Further product groups are gradually being adapted. All product groups are to be converted to the new EU energy label by 2030.

How can I save electricity in everyday life?

Saving energy does not automatically mean sacrificing comfort. Just pay special attention to a few everyday things.

This includes:

  • Use energy-saving lamps
  • Wash laundry at 30 degrees
  • Clothes horse instead of dryer
  • When cooking, every pot needs a lid
  • Defrost the refrigerator and freezer regularly
  • Use a kettle. If you heat water on the stove, you use more energy
  • The dishwasher is fully loaded
  • Switch off the television and computer, no standby
  • Pay attention to the energy efficiency of devices when buying a new one
energy label A+++

How much do you save with class A (old energy label A+++) label?

Most people will shop for household appliances without thinking about the energy class. They buy an appliance and you pay attention solely and exclusively to the technical aspects and the price. That is a classic shopping mistake.

Buying an appliance with the right energy class and energy label will save you money in the long run. The initial costs might be high for a more efficient appliance at the time of buying it, but you start recovering this difference in price when you get your electricity bills.

In the following example you can see how much you save when you change an old refrigerator to a new one with energy class A (old energy label A+++) one.

Assuming that the refrigerator is connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ClassAnnual consumptionMonthly savingsAnnual savings
A132 kWh52,50 euros 525 euros
B197 kWh43,30 euros433 euros
C262 kWh31,50 euros315 euros
D328 kWh19,60 euros196 euros
E447 kWh13 euros130 euros
F565 kWh6,50 euros65 euros
G657 kWh


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