Electricity and gas suppliers are terminating contracts in Germany!


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EXPENSIVE SHOCK FOR MANY CUSTOMERS! Gas is becoming more expensive – but other energy prices are also increasing. Other electricity and gas suppliers are terminating contracts.

The energy supplier earthquake – other companies have terminated their customers! The main reason: the rising energy prices. They pop up every day. The providers can no longer keep up with announcing new prices, it seems. They are now resorting to terminating contracts.

Which energy suppliers in Germany are terminating contracts?

terminating contracts

Energy suppliers who shop at short notice and have no longer term contracts are hardest hit.

The following providers have terminated a large number of their contracts with private households (the letters only mention a delivery stop, which in fact means termination):

  • Rheinische Elektrizitäts- und Gasversorgungsgesellschaft (brands: Immergrün, Meisterstrom and idealenergie),
  • Fuxx energy saving
  • Strogon and
  • Wunderkwerk AG.

The companies concerned remain silent.

The unilateral terminations of contracts are doubly bitter for customers:

Reason 1: You have to switch to the even more expensive basic provider tariffs at least temporarily.

Reason 2: The customers lose their annual bonus because the delivery year may not be full due to the termination.


Earthquake in the energy market in Germany!

terminating contracts

Drastic price increases for electricity and gas are on the horizon. The first electricity customer has already been terminated.

The energy market is facing an earthquake. The constantly rising prices for electricity and gas have their first fatal consequences – what else can we expect?

► The first electricity provider stops supplying a large number of customers. Discounter “Immergrün” announced their notice on October 19th. The basic supplier automatically takes over the supply of electricity – at significantly higher prices.

Customers will probably lose bonuses and may have to run after their credit balance because they often had to pay very high monthly payments.

Immergrün” had repeatedly been dragged to court by the consumer association for questionable business practices. Some analysts even expects energy providers to become insolvent in the next few weeks.

The financial problems arise when companies have to buy electricity or gas very expensively on the stock exchanges at very short notice. If the capital is missing, there is a risk of insolvency.

If you hit rock bottom prices early in the spring, you can now take a deep breath and are less under pressure.

► Energy giant E.ON has put its new gas customer business on hold with immediate effect.

A spokesman: “We are revising our new customer products because we have to take into account the sharp rise in procurement costs in our pricing.

GAS PRICE ALARM! E.ON puts new customer business on hold

terminating contracts

The price is slipping up on the gas exchanges. Now energy giant E.ON is pulling the emergency brake: The new customer business has been put on hold. E.ON brands have already disappeared from the comparison portals Check24 and Verivox. On the E.ON website it says: “Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer you any natural gas products.”

Alarm on the gas market! Because: Because of the price increase, new contracts can no longer be calculated.

E.ON stands by its customers as a partner and reliably supplies them with natural gas. We are only currently revising our new customer products, as we have to take into account the sharp rise in procurement costs in our pricing.

New customers only cause trouble because the gas has to be bought for them now. This is currently too risky, as prices will certainly fall again in the coming year.

What does the E.ON decision mean for existing customers?

At first nothing, as E.ON will adhere to valid contracts. Rumors that the group had bought too little (cheap) gas were rejected by a spokesman. Supply is guaranteed, but E.ON may initially pay dearly for it, as immediate price increases are not possible for customers.

What does the price explosion mean for smaller providers?

You are in a difficult position. We could repeat what the UK is going through right now: a wave of bankruptcies is rolling there. With Igloo Energy Supply, Enstroga and Symbio Energy, three other gas suppliers announced their collapse.

Do we have to freeze in winter because there is no gas?

No, the basic suppliers will continue to deliver in an emergency, but have to pay the excessive purchase prices.

Can I no longer change the gas provider?

No, there are still exchange offers. But other providers are likely to follow E.ON’s example. Consequence: less choice, drastic price increase.


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