Should you be playing with erotic hypnosis? This German clinic YES!


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Forget the old notion of a swinging pendulum – a hypnotist who makes people fall over with a snap of their fingers. How much fun is hypnotic technology in the bedroom? Should you be experimenting with erotic hypnosis?

Forget everything you knew about hypnosis. This German hypnotist from brings hypnosis technology into the bedroom. And the participants in their erotic hypnosis workshop do not run around like frightened chickens, but experience the most intense orgasms.

Suitable for everyone who …

“Hypnosis, that’s not for me”, are you thinking right now? Wait! Undine de Rivière recommends all couples who want to polish up their sex life and go a new way together to try out this special technique in the bedroom – or somewhere else, but more on that later.

In her workshops, Undine de Rivière teaches techniques that enable beginners to go into erotic hypnosis.

Apparently, the techniques are easy to learn. The beginners seminars can be booked on a weekend, and then you have all the basics you need.


The benefit of hypnosis

The hypnosis techniques make it much easier to immerse yourself in a fantasy. You get into a state in which you can imagine things particularly well. Anyone who thinks again of mindless people who cackle will be surprised.

The hypnotist does away with this prejudice at this point: When you do a session together, it is not that the person who is being hypnotized is passive.

erotic hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis is perfect for foreplay

Hypnosis can be used excellently as foreplay when making love together. Whispering fantasies into each other’s ears, which have an even deeper effect on the respective person through the subconscious.

If you want, you can go on. Because, as the hypnotist suggests: “You can also have sex in a trance.”

Is erotic hypnosis the same as sexual hypnosis?

No. While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are clear differences.

The purpose of erotic hypnosis is to tease, torment, and please. It’s used during sex to add pleasure or orgasm, or as a control element in a BDSM scene.

Sexual hypnosis, on the other hand, can help someone resolve an underlying sexual problem so that they can walk

Does erotic hypnosis help with orgasm?

There are people who can also experience a purely hypnotic orgasm. Many also perceive their orgasm more intensely or learn to improve their ability to orgasm.

It appeals to men in particular, because they can experience an orgasm through hypnosis that involves the whole body.

Set trigger points

Undine de Rivière

Another possibility is to set trigger points. “Every time I say a certain word, you feel a surge of excitement because it reminds you of a certain situation,” explains Undine de Rivière.

She also explains directly why: “If you think you’ve heard a certain romantic song, then every time you hear that song you will feel a sense of romance and happiness. It is similar with post-hypnotic triggering, a certain emotion is stimulated. I have already anchored such triggers in many people. The moment you are open to it, you can call it up.”

Favorite games

Undine de Rivière’s personal favorite game is the waking trance: “When someone immerses himself in a role-playing game in such a way that it almost seems more real than reality.” without taking risks. “You can only captivate someone with words or you can immerse yourself in a role-play game,” she says.

“In many ways, it’s safer than other types of games. Assuming an emergency arises, it may be difficult to get out of a rope bondage, but you can break out of a hypnotic trance if you want. “

Play in public

As mentioned before, hypnosis for sex cannot only be performed in your own bedroom. If you want, you can move the game outside. Undine de Rivière reveals what makes this special charm:

“The environment doesn’t notice, you can also play in public and be out and about. Then you experience adventures in the outside world without anyone noticing.”

erotic hypnosis

How do you take the first step?

“An introduction to hypnosis is a form of relaxation induction, for example as autogenic training. I let my counterpart relax and use various suggestions. I may be telling a dream trip by saying:

‘You are in a large hall, surrounded by lots of people, your eyes are blindfolded, people are touching and it feels good.’

Then I ask, ‘How are you feeling? How are you doing?’ That can be intensified more and more. The interesting thing is to expand the repertoire, and that also depends on the partner.”

Get into hypnosis through autogenic training and suggestions

1. First of all, it is important that you are sitting or lying comfortably so that you can relax completely.

2. Imagine a place that will calm you down. What smells and sounds do you associate with this place?

3. Focus on your body.

4. If you feel distracting thoughts, let them pass like clouds.

5. Feel how the body becomes more and more calm and relaxed.

6. If you want, you can now work with suggestions in order to go deeper into the trance. These do not necessarily have to fall into the erotic area, but can also relate to your general well-being. “I have the willpower to do whatever I want,” would be such a suggestion.


As with all other sexual encounters, it is also important here to ensure consensuality.

“It is important that it is clear where the limits are. Especially when people play together who are not familiar with each other, you have to talk about what you want to do, ”says Undine de Rivère.

Wake up again

You have become curious, but are concerned that something is going wrong and you will remain in erotic hypnosis forever?

“Nobody can get stuck in a trance,” says Undine de Rivière. “In the worst case, you fall asleep and wake up after a nap,” she reveals.

Practice creates masters

It is important that you have patience, because it doesn’t always work right away. Both in the role of the hypnotist and in the role of the person to be hypnotized.

“Ten to 20 percent of people are highly suggestible. These are the people who are called onto the stage during show hypnosis and who make it a little easier. “

You can find out whether you are one of them with a visualization exercise.

Visualization exercise

Keep your hands outstretched and parallel to the front. The person to be hypnotized should now imagine that magnets are attached to the hands that are attracting each other. If the person now concentrates on it and it can actually be seen that the hands are drawn towards each other through the subconscious, then one recognizes that the person reacts easily to it.

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