Is Germany failing to protect the elderly – for the SECOND time? (Corona Tests NOT 2G rule) – 5 false warnings from Angela Merkel advisors


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German states have jumbled measures INSTEAD of protection for the elderly – Is Germany about to make the same Corona mistakes as 2020?

It’s just like autumn 2020: More and more older people are currently infected with Corona – even though they are vaccinated. But politics relies on a jumble of rules instead of protection for the elderly!

TRAGIC: In Bad Doberan near Rostock, ten nursing home residents died of Corona by Thursday. But instead of looking after the homes, more and more federal states are introducing the 2G rule in everyday life (vaccinated / recovered): In Düsseldorf, unvaccinated people are not allowed to visit municipal cultural institutions, in Erfurt they are not allowed to go to the Christmas market. Vaccinated persons can also pass the virus on!

Is Germany failing to protect the elderly – for the second time?


Experts call for end of the 2G rule and protection for the elderly

A year ago, experts like Prof. Hendrik Streeck (University of Bonn) urged more tests in old people’s homes. But politics only reacted when dying could no longer be stopped.

Most experts are calling for the END of the 2G rule and, instead, targeted protection for the elderly.

► The former President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Hans-Jürgen Papier, criticizes: “Those who have not been vaccinated but tested negatively may not be denied access to events or facilities by the state.”

The stability of the health system and the degree of hospitalization are decisive. “The particular risk situation that would justify a 2G solution stipulated by the state apparently does not exist at the moment.”

► Eugen Brysch (German Foundation for Patient Protection) accuses politicians of having learned nothing from Corona a year and a half: “Again, politics is ignoring the 900,000 nursing home residents! We don’t even grasp how good the immune status of the elderly is. The daily tests (also for vaccinated staff and visitors) are still not available nationwide. “

► Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki warns against “repeating the same mistakes as last winter”.

Means: an end to the “completely unsuitable” 2G rules, instead test offensive in old people’s homes!

Residents of a senior centers are isolated. Patient advocates demand daily tests for them so that they do not have to be isolated AGAIN!

The 5 FALSE warnings from Merkel advisors

Charité virologist Christian Drosten

They advise Chancellor Angela Merkel. But their forecasts and models were always completely wrong!

► In March, physicist Kai Nagel (TU Berlin) calculated an incidence value of over 2000 for May. However, the 7-day incidence peaked at the end of April with around 170 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

► Likewise the Robert Koch Institute that prophesied incidence values ​​of over 300 for Easter.

Charité virologist Christian Drosten warned in January: If the corona measures were ended, Germany expected up to 100,000 corona infections per day in the summer. The fact is: Despite massive loosening of the rules, the daily number of infections averaged a maximum of 11,000.

► Immunologist Michael Meyer-Hermann (Helmholtz Institute) warned in April against easing measures if the incidence falls below 100. Otherwise the infections would rise again immediately (“yo-yo”). But: Just a few weeks later, the nationwide incidence was well below 10.

► Chancellery chief Helge Braun (CDU) calculated in July: The incidence could rise to 850 by the end of September! For the federal election on September 26, the value was around 65.

Why is the coronavirus so dangerous for the elderly?

Older people are more at risk than young people because of their age alone. From the age of 50, the immune system no longer works so well. If there are pre-existing conditions, it is even more difficult for the body to fight the virus. The coronavirus attacks the respiratory tract and, if it is severe, causes pneumonia. This can be life-threatening, especially for seniors.


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