Dentist rating: These criteria help you find a professional dentist in Germany


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As an Expat in Germany, you might struggle to find a professional dentist without a recommendation. Here is a easy way to find one

In Germany, review portals make it very easy for you to find a professional dentist. It stems from the Germany emphasis on good health. But which dentist rating can you really trust? And which criteria are decisive when looking for a dentist? Find out how to find the right practitioner here.

Why should you find a professional dentist and how does a competent dentist support you?

In addition to the technical professionalism that a competent doctor should have, a certain sensitivity is an advantage. Because many patients fear visits to the dentist. Drilling noises, pain or the feeling of loss of control are often reasons for this negative feeling.

Competent doctors take on the problem of fear of visiting the dentist and cater to your individual needs.

It is important to find a professional dentist!

What is crucial in finding and evaluating a dentist?

1. A detailed initial interview

Make an initial appointment with the dentist of your choice and make sure you have the time. A detailed initial consultation forms an important basis for your decision for or against the doctor.

Exception:  acute or pain patients cannot expect a detailed first appointment. In such cases the focus is on purely eliminating the pain. So be prepared for the fact that without an appointment there is not a long time frame available.

At your first appointment, fill out a form with the following points in the waiting room:

  • Reason for the idea
  • Previous illnesses, operations, x-rays
  • Allergies
  • Regular medication intake

These points are extremely important for the practitioner and for a successful therapy. An initial conversation can contain and clarify further questions about your health. Also bring your allergy, medication and, if necessary, your X-ray pass with you.

If these basics are missing on your first visit to the dentist, this does not speak for the competence of your new doctor.

2. A detailed report of the findings

Following the initial consultation, the dentist inspects the entire mouth area .
This not only includes the teeth :

  • Gums,
  • Oral mucosa,
  • and temporomandibular joints are also examined.

If you do not have an up-to-date x-ray with you, a diagnosis is necessary. Make sure that the number of X-ray appointments is healthy: X-rays that are too rare, but also too frequent, can overlook or create problems.

It is recommended that you have a special x-ray of your teeth (bitewing on both sides) every 2 years. These images allow insights into otherwise invisible interdental spaces. If the floss is not used, caries bacteria accumulate here. Other x-rays, such as an overview of the entire mouth (OPTG), can also be part of the examination.

Once you find a professional dentist, make sure that tht they take into account aspects such as a detailed examination of your mouth and the creation of up-to-date X-rays. If these elements are disregarded in your first interview, it may indicate a low level of professionalism.

3. A detailed treatment plan

After a detailed examination of the findings, guidelines for the treatment of your teeth should be drawn up. Several sessions or pretreatments are often necessary, for example for new dentures.

Clean work requires clean conditions. This also applies in the mouth and at the dentist. This is where your own honest assessment of the frequency and regularity of oral hygiene and checks at the dentist helps. So that  the dentures  last a long time and other dental treatments are successful, the “foundation”, your oral health, should be right first.

The treatment plan often includes

  • a  professional teeth cleaning,
  • the intensification of your oral hygiene,
  • Filling renewals,
  • Caries removal,
  • tooth removals if necessary
  • and periodontal treatments.

These elements can and should be part of the treatment guide for a competent health professional.

If you haven’t been to the dentist for a long time, there may be many appointments at first. Don’t let that put you off. Most of the time, the treatments are necessary and you are in good hands.

4. Good complaint management and good service

Every medical professional has limits and every person is different. There are situations in which  fillings  cannot hold on the tooth, for example, or  dentures  tilt. So the result is not guaranteed. Therefore, a good education should make the patient aware of any problems beforehand. The practice team should also try to keep waiting times as short as possible and offer a reminder service for check-ups.

A good practitioner should always strive for a good doctor-patient relationship. If there are obvious problems, he will be happy to review your complaints and defects and fix them free of charge.

5. Hygienically perfect practice rooms

The furnishing of the practice rooms at the dentist should be of secondary importance. Nevertheless, pay attention to the hygiene of the practice and the organizational skills of the team.

Once you find a professional dentist. Look at the practice. The dental practice, especially the treatment room, the equipment and the dentist’s tools should be in a hygienically perfect condition. In addition, the entire team should always wear sterile gloves, face masks and clean work clothes.

6. A current scientific standard

When looking to find a professional dentist, it is important that sub-areas of dentistry such as periodontology, prophylaxis or implants are not foreign words. Scientifically proven procedures should also be an integral part of dentistry. Expensive high-tech devices, on the other hand, are not a must – however, the devices used in practice should be state-of-the-art. Therefore, ask for recommendations and alternative treatment concepts during the consultation.

When trying to find a professional dentist, you will notice that good dentists always strive to be up to date with the latest research in order to offer their patients high-quality, modern treatment.

Do online review portals help dentists?

Doctor rating portals have existed in Germany for almost 10 years. However, these are usually not independent.

The following must be observed with Internet rating portals:

Question extreme valuations.  

Patients who are annoyed about waiting times, for example, often give bad reviews prematurely. Since every body and tooth is different, unexpected problems can always arise. Dentists as well as patients then need spontaneous solutions that can, for example, require longer treatment times. Waiting times for follow-up patients arise. Keep this in mind when choosing your dentist and your new dental practice on Internet portals.

Pay attention to whether you read personal experiences or whether the reviews are displayed as advertising.

Dental practices can create so-called “premium” entries for money. In practice, these create a prominence in search engines and other advertisements on the Internet.
As an alternative, portals such as or provide TÜV-tested quality for doctors, dentists and specialists in periodontology, implantology, temporomandibular joint problems, aesthetic dentistry or tooth cleaning.

By the way: Are you looking for immediate and long-term protection against high dental costs? Check out the Medikompass comparison tables.


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