Fines at the Oktoberfest: Don’t be one of those people! Otherwise, your trip might be expensive!


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The 2022 Munich Oktoberfest will take place from September 17 until October 3 on the Theresienwiese. There are a lot of fines issued during this period. Find out what the fines at the Oktoberfest are and how expensive the Wiesn can be

Fines at the Oktoberfest: Wiesn for local Munich residents is a horror show! Dirty S-Bahns, full U-Bahns, and commuters going to work always wonder how visitors can misbehave! Below is an overview of the various warnings and fines that you might be faced with during the Oktoberfest and answers to frequently asked questions, for example about the Oktoberfest smoking ban or the fine for urinating in public. 

Fines at the Oktoberfest

Fines at the Oktoberfest for administrative offenses

Violation or offenseFine or sanction
Urinating in publicin Munich an average of 100 euros
Public sex (public nuisance)Depending on the income of those involved; Fines of around 1000 euros are the norm, and imprisonment of up to one year can also be imposed
Drunk driving250 – 1500 €
depending on alcohol consumption and driving style
0 alcohol limit exceeded during the probationary period (but below 0.5 alcohol concentration)250 euros, 1 point
0.5 – 1.5 per mil500 – 1500 euros, 2 points, 1 – 3 months driving ban
From 1.1 per mil or if there is a traffic hazard from 0.3 per milDriver’s license suspension, imprisonment or fine, 3 points
Violation of the smoking ban in BavariaNo fine. You will not be served and probably evicted, because there is a smoking ban in restaurants in Bavaria
Stealing a beer mugcosts vary
Vomiting or or wetting yourself in the taxiDepending on the damage, up to 1500 euros for the taxi cleaning
Travel without a ticket60 euro
Flying a drone over the fairgroundsFine from 500 euros, report (violation of aviation law)


Questions that people ask during their first Oktoberfest

May I take the beer mug with me as a souvenir?

If you steal a beer mug, this can be classified as theft and thus as a criminal offense. However, only repeat offenders have to reckon with a report as a rule.

Are there more traffic controls during the Oktoberfest?

Yes, the police are increasingly carrying out alcohol checks, so drunk visitors are better off walking, taking a taxi, or using public transport to return home.

Fines at the Oktoberfest

What makes the Munich Oktoberfest soo impressive?

The massive crowd requires a lot of organization. Emergency services of all kinds are required to cater to the more than 6 million more or less intoxicated people for 16 days on 31 hectares of festival grounds. The following statistics provide a look at the sheer effort required to make the Munich Oktoberfest a success:

Paramedics at the Oktoberfest

This year, over 100 Red Cross helpers with an estimated 2,000 emergency services and around 175 doctor shifts will be helping. Most of this is done voluntarily!

Beer at the Oktoberfest

Too much alcohol? Not for the beneficiaries. On average, more than 7 million liters of liquid gold run over the counters, which also benefits the city of Munich’s turnover. Revenue in the billions will be generated not only by the marquee operators but also by the hotels and taxi drivers.

Police officers

According to information from the Bavarian police, a total of 300 officers are constantly on duty at the Oktoberfest, plus another 200 police officers who ensure road safety and general security in the area around the Theresienwiese. They work in shifts so that the safety of the Oktoberfest visitors can be guaranteed at any time of the day or night.

Other emergency services

A total of around 12,000 people are on duty. Of these, 1,600 are waiters.

Beer mug theft: A complaint will be made

For certain things, the Oktoberfest is not the right place. But if you take a beer mug from the beer tent as a souvenir, you are committing theft. It’s not one of the Oktoberfest traditions!

Stealing a beer mug at the Munich Oktoberfest can result in a fine of up to 360 euros or a prison sentence of up to one year. However, this only applies to repeat offenders. In most cases, a complaint will be filed, but because of the insignificance , there will be no proceedings, at least as long as the person concerned did not commit any other offenses apart from stealing the beer mug, such as insults.

Beer mug-stealing has become a real popular sport in recent years. That is why the security guards at the Munich Oktoberfest pay more attention to the whereabouts of the mugs.

If you want an Oktoberfest beer mug as a souvenir, you can buy an original beer mug at the souvenir stands! – this is marked with a colorful plaque as an honestly purchased beer mug.

Public urination: punishment is a fine

Please save the local Munich residents from the “ammonia smell”. It’s also not nice when people go to the S-Bahn or the U-Bahn or are on their way to the Oktoberfest and everyone is standing on the corner and peeing on the house wall.

Public urination is reported as an administrative offence: the personal details of the delinquent are immediately recorded by the police officers, and then the responsible authority sends a fine notice. Foreign visitors must pay the administrative offense fine immediately. In Munich, the fine for public urination is around 100 euros.

Smoking in restaurants: Beer tents also count!

Since 2010 there has been a smoking ban in all restaurants in Bavaria; Oktoberfest beer tents also count as restaurants, which means that smoking is not permitted at the Oktoberfest.

However, the smoker in the tent does not have to expect a fine. The tent operators decide for themselves whether they will punish the you by refusing to serve you.

Fines at the Oktoberfest

Public nuisance: Expensive penalties may apply

Where large numbers of people consume alcohol, the mood is more relaxed. At the Munich Oktoberfest, the sight of couples and public displays of love are not uncommon. But now and then it’s not just flirting or kissing. If it comes to a public sex, the lovers can expect the following:

  • Arousal of public nuisance fine: The extent to which the public is harassed is irrelevant here. Public sex counts as an act of public indecency. As a rule, public sexual intercourse is therefore punished with a fine of around 1000 euros. Of course, everyone involved has to pay this fine! A prison sentence of up to one year is also possible for this offense. The police officers record the personal details of the delinquents and forward them to the public prosecutor’s office if they “excite a public nuisance”.

Getting on public transport without a ticket: fines applies

A lot of drunk people simply don’t pay attention and simply wander into the S-Bahns and U-Bahns in the city. You will be fined!

► What happens if you get caught fare dodging during the Munich Oktoberfest?

If you cannot show a valid ticket when using public transport, you usually have to pay an increased fare. This amounts to at least 60 euros. Repeat offenders must expect to be reported.

► What crime is fare evasion?

According to Section 265a of the Criminal Code, the legislator considers driving without a valid ticket to be fraudulent. This offense can result in a fine or imprisonment for up to one year.

► When is imprisonment due to fare evasion?

In most cases, a fine is imposed for fare evasion. However, those who cannot afford the ticket are usually unable to pay the fine. The legislature then provides for substitute imprisonment.


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