Is Freedom Day in Germany going to be postponed? Some federal states want to!


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Several German federal states want to postpone Freedom Day and retain some Corona restrictions after March 20!

March 20th was supposed to be the German Freedom Day. However, a number of federal states are refusing to withdraw the remaining corona restrictions!

Their excuse? It has still not been finally decided what the new Infection Protection Act should look like. It will not be voted on until Friday the 18th of March in the Bundestag

Freedom Day

No Freedom Day in sight in Germany

  • Most nationwide corona protection measures end on March 20th.
  • But the current development of the pandemic leaves little room for a “Freedom Day”.
  • The federal states must therefore agree on a common approach at the prime ministers’ conference on Thursday, comments Felix Huesmann.

What are the German federal states planning instead of Freedom Day?

► Brandenburg plans to keep ALL the rules, and even tighten restrictions for major events. The incidence is said to be too high.

► Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania plans to extend the corona measures until April 2 (including 3G rule, mask requirement). The federal government had given the states the deadline to adapt their regulations.

► Hamburg is also using the transition phase until April 2.

► Rhineland-Palatinate plans to maintain the measures (including compulsory tests and masks) until April 2nd – although even Minister of Health Clemens Hoch (44, SPD) says, “The situation in the hospitals is stable.”

Strange justification for the extension: the nursing staff need a “breather”.

BUT: Nationwide, fewer and fewer people with Corona have to go to the intensive care unit. On December 3rd, 4773 intensive care beds were occupied with Covid cases, currently (as of March 14th) there are 2226!

► Schleswig-HolsteinNorth Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin point to the federal government. Likewise Saxony-Anhalt: “Since the Bundestag has not yet decided, we have no valid basis for a new regulation,” said a government spokesman.

► Lower Saxony wants to use “every instrument” that is permitted. Means: further restrictions on fundamental rights!


Freedom Day

German federal states must determine the corona infection situation before adopting corona measures

No discussion of Freedom Day in Germany! Restrictions and conditions to contain corona outbreaks can only be imposed if the federal state parliaments decide to do so. To do this, the federal state parliaments must first determine the “concrete danger of a dynamically spreading infection situation”. Individual measures can then be enacted in a “specifically named regional authority”. Here, for example, mask requirements, distance requirements, hygiene concepts as well as vaccination, recovery or test certificates, i.e. 2G or 3G regulations, come into question.

New Infection Protection Act: Ordering of general protective measures will remain possible

Without a parliamentary resolution that determines a specific risk of infection, the state governments should also be able to prescribe general protective measures, such as compulsory masks in care facilities, hospitals, and in local public transport with buses and trains. The ordering of mandatory tests in nursing homes and schools should also remain possible.

The draft of a formulation aid for the coalition factions of SPD, Greens, and FDP agreed by Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach and Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann will be given its first reading in the Bundestag on March 16, 2022. Two days later, on March 18, 2022, the second and third deliberations on the amendments to the law will take place in the Bundestag.

► The new regulations are to apply until September 17, 2022, measures and regulations that are issued on this legal basis until September 23, 2022, at the latest.

Freedom Day

Was the government’s proclaimed Freedom Day the wrong message?

The German government has informed the population: We now want to go back to the old normal. Most people think this has something to do with the sharp increase in infections. But normality should not mean discarding all protections that we know are effective. It’s not like there’s either a pandemic from one day to the next – or it’s not.


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