7 home remedies that will help against fruit flies


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Oh god! It’s the summer! The fruit flies are everywhere! They lay up to 400 eggs a day and can quickly become a nuisance. What are effective remedies for fruit flies that I can use at home find out 7

Fruit flies get attracted to your fruit basket the kitchen or the cake on the worktop in large numbers. In the summer they multiply within days! Below are 7 tried and tested home remedies that work against fruit flies at home.

1. Sweet temptation: attract fruit flies with canned fruit

fruit flies

You can attract the annoying flies with canned fruit. Just leave a sip of fruit juice and some fruit in the can and cover it with a perforated cling film. The fruit flies are attracted by the sweet smell and crawl through the holes in the can. The foil prevents the little annoyances from flying out again later.

TIP: Many types of fruit such as pears, grapes or dried fruit have a relatively high proportion of fructose. The more ripe they get, the more sugar they contain and the greater the risk that fruit flies will soon pounce on them. Ripe fruit is better closed or stored in the refrigerator right away.

2. With waste against fruit flies: banana peels

fruit flies

Putrid vegetable and fruit bowls are the perfect nutrient substrate for female fruit flies to lay eggs in. This can be up to 400 eggs within 24 hours, from which the first fruit flies hatch after four to five days.

You can also use this problem to your advantage: Simply pack the rotten shells in a freezer or plastic bag and wait until the first flies have found their target. Then quickly seal the bag. So the fruit flies can no longer fly out and their offspring can no longer colonize your kitchen.

3. The classic: a mixture of vinegar and washing-up liquid as a fruit fly trap

fruit flies

A tried and tested remedy for fruit flies: the small bowl or shot glass with standard vinegar , mixed with a sip of water or optionally sweet apple juice or apple cider vinegar. In order for the flytrap to be effective, you should add a splash of detergent. It ensures that the surface tension of the water is destroyed. 

Fruit flies are sweet-toothed people who, in addition to ripe fruit, rotten vegetable peel and cakes, also fly on drinks containing sugar and yeast. With a cocktail of fresh yeast, 100 milliliters of water, a splash of dish soap and a teaspoon of sugar, you can lure them into the trap.

Fill the milky liquid into a bottle with a long, thin neck, it is best to use a funnel for this. In this way you avoid that the bottle neck is wetted with the sweet liquid and you guide the flies back to the exit.

TIP: if you don’t have fresh yeast at home, you can also try it with a sip of beer, red wine, or another yeast-based drink such as fermented kombucha. Simply add a splash of detergent and the fruit fly trap is ready.

5. Denture cleaner becomes a fruit fly trap

Similar to a vinegar-washing-up liquid mixture, denture cleaner tablets are also supposed to work wonders as a remedy for fruit flies. The smell is said to have a similarly attractive effect on fruit flies as the sour vinegar smell. For the unusual fruit fly trap you need a glass with water in which you can dissolve two cleaning tablets. If you place the trap right next to your fruit bowl, the fruit flies will be deflected immediately.

6. Get rid of fruit flies with lemons and cloves

fruit flies

Perhaps this is actually the miracle weapon, because the combination of lemons peppered with cloves should not only work against fruit flies. The natural home remedy is also touted as a promising method in the fight against mosquitoes and wasps.

Unlike most other remedies against fruit flies, the intense clove and lemon aromas ensure that the pests don’t even come near your fruit basket. Simply place the lemon half in your fruit basket between the other fruits and protect it from a fly attack.

7. Drive away fruit flies: 10 plants they don’t like

You can also gently put the flying pests to flight with plants and some kitchen herbs , because many essential oils and herbal fragrances have a repulsive effect on the little flies. The following plants and herbs are particularly good at fighting fruit flies:

  • basil
  • Tomato plant (mainly its green parts)
  • Lemon balm or lemongrass
  • lavender
  • Butterwort (carnivorous plant)
  • Mint or peppermint
  • Bay leaf (also dried)
  • Nasturtiums
  • garlic
  • chives

The intense smells can not only help against fruit flies, the scent of lavender, for example, also works against spiders.


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