These 11 districts in Bavaria are now under a full lockdown for EVERYONE


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Due to the increasing corona incidence rates, everything in these 11 Bavarian districts has to go into a full lockdown for everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Alarm over the seven-day incidence over 1000 has caused the following 11 districts in Bavaria to go into a full lockdown for everyone. Eleven regions are now affected. Three more have a 900 incidence and will likely close soon.

full lockdown

▶ Gastronomy, sports and cultural facilities have to close

▶ Events are prohibited

▶ There will be exceptions for daycare centers, schools and retailers

Incidence over 1000 – as Covid cases surge these districts are now made by the Bavarian decision

According to the current status (November 25), the following eleven Bavarian districts are affected by the lockdown:

  • District of Freyung-Grafenau (1486.8)
  • District of Rosenheim (1467.7)
  • Rottal-Inn district (1306.2)
  • City of Rosenheim (1270.6)
  • District of Mühldorf a. Inn (1132.4)
  • District of Traunstein (1119.0)
  • District of Berchtesgadener Land (1089.1)
  • District of Dingolfing-Landau (1076.7)
  • District of Ostallgäu (1054.9)
  • District of Regen (1042.5)
  • District of Passau (1035.4)
full lockdown

Incidence over 900 – these regions are facing a full lockdown

  • District of Unterallgäu (972.2)
  • District of Deggendorf (964.2)
  • Altötting district (954.7)

Cultural and sporting events: 25 percent attendance and 2G plus rule

Because of the out of control corona pandemic, all clubs, discos and bars should close for the next three weeks, there should be no Christmas markets this year. Several cities had already canceled their Christmas markets in the past few days. There is a curfew from 10 p.m. for restaurants.

full lockdown

The full lockdown rules will apply until December 15th, 2021 complementing the already announced 2G rules

  • All clubs, discos, bars and pubs will be closed for the next three weeks.
  • All annual and Christmas markets  are canceled and will not take place.
  • There is a curfew from 10 p.m. in the catering sector .
  • For Unvaccinated now apply in Bavaria Contact restrictions : five people maximum of two households are allowed to meet. Children under 12 and those who have been vaccinated are not included. Schools are of course an exception to this.
  • In view of the dramatic Corona situation, cultural and sporting events in Bavaria are only allowed to take place on a much smaller scale : with a maximum capacity of 25 percent of spectators. In addition, the 2G-plus rule applies there – access also for vaccinated and convalescent people only with a test. Trade fairs are only allowed to allow a quarter of the previous number of visitors, a maximum of 12,500 people per day.
  • At work now applies 3G . This means: only vaccinated, recovered or tested employees are allowed access to the workplace. 
  • In public transport now also applies 3G . Exceptions apply to children under six years of age and schoolchildren.
  • In incidence hotspots with more than 1000 new infections , even tougher measures will apply from Thursday (November 25, 2021) in the last 7 days: Gastronomy, sports and cultural venues will be closed. Events are prohibited.
  • Schools and daycare centers remain open , but a mask requirement still applies here. Pool tests are being expanded, and more should happen here, especially in day-care centers. 3G applies throughout educational institutions. 
  • 2G and 2g-Plus are tightened : 2G applies to body-friendly services, in universities, adult education centers, music and driving schools. The 2G rule applies with the exception of trade in almost everywhere. The 2G-plus rule – i.e. access only for vaccinated and convalescent people with an additional quick test – will apply in future to cultural events (opera, theater, concerts, etc.), to spectators at sporting events, to trade fairs, meetings and congresses, as well as to private and public Events and celebrations in non-private rooms (except in the catering trade, where 2G remains).In addition, 2G-plus applies to all kinds of leisure facilities (e.g. zoos, botanical gardens, baths, thermal baths, saunas, cable cars, excursion boats, guided tours, amusement parks, fitness studios and the like).
  • In retail, a square meter rule applies from one customer per 10 square meters.
  • 2G and 2G-Plus will be “massively controlled”
  • Exceptions for children and grace period for twelve-year-olds: Children under twelve years and three months are exempt from the 2G and 2G-plus rules. Children and all pupils who are regularly tested in school do not have to submit an extra test at 2G plus, but are automatically considered tested.


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