Faecal bacteria in BER drinking water! Avoid the airport!


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Disgusting alarm at BER airport! During a control, impurities – coliform bacteria – were found in the drinking water.

BER Airport has problems with drinking water. In a routine test, coliform bacteria were found in drinking water, the airport announced on Twitter on Tuesday. How could faecal bacteria end up in a new airport?

How could that happen? What’s the cause?

“The cause of the water pollution is unclear,” said the airport. The health department and the drinking water provider have been informed. All lines are currently being rinsed. That will take several days, said a spokesman. Passengers are accordingly informed with announcements and information sheets.

BER Airport: Faecal bacteria in drinking water

The water in all sanitary facilities in Terminal 1 should not be used as drinking water until further notice. The government terminal is also affected.

Coliform bacteria occur both in the intestine and in nature. The germs can cause gastrointestinal diseases, such as diarrhea or vomiting. In addition to the terminals, the Federal Police building and the ILA exhibition halls are also affected.

BER opened a year ago. The financial situation of the capital’s airport is tense. There are also numerous problems. Reports include overflowing garbage cans, broken floor tiles, frequently dirty toilets and defective escalators and elevators.

All lines are currently being flushed. That will take several days, said a spokesman.

The health department and drinking water providers are informed. In such cases, the health department advises not to drink the water.

The airport informs passengers through regular announcements and information in the toilets and online.

As a further measure, the water areas in the duty-free area were reduced to 50 cents.

The airport also announced that tenants and employees of the airport and the partners had been informed.

Federal Ministry of Transport wants report

► The case is another problem at the new capital city airport. However, the travel chaos at the start of the autumn holidays has been the main cause of criticism. Due to personnel bottlenecks and more complex controls in the Corona crisis, there were sometimes chaotic scenes at the airport on the second weekend in October.

The Federal Ministry of Transport has now requested a written report on the first year of operation. It should show how the current status at the airport is and what can still be improved in the processes, the ministry said on Saturday. The airport company’s financial situation should also be discussed. The report is expected by November 5th.

The Managing Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer is also reacting to the numerous other problems at the new airport.

Holiday chaos at BER airport

Reports include overflowing garbage cans, broken floor tiles, frequently dirty toilets and defective escalators and elevators, writes the newspaper.

The BER only opened a year ago, but is already showing the first signs of old age. According to airport boss Aletta von Massenbach, the treadmills were installed at an angle in 2010. As a result, they got stuck and broke over time – just one of many construction errors. “The one question that is still open is whether they can be refurbished or need to be replaced,” says Massenbach. 


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