Is Lower Saxony secretly planning lockdown for the unvaccinated? Tough new measures coming! [DEVELOPING]


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Is there a lockdown for the unvaccinated? Saxony is planning these tough rules because of Corona

Lower Saxony has the highest incidence in Germany with more and more cases of infection – quarantine, sick people, full hospitals. As of Saturday the 13th, the number stands at 569. Calls for a lockdown for the unvaccinated are increasing.

lockdown for the unvaccinated

Calls for reduced contact or “lockdown for the unvaccinated”

▶ Experts are strongly advising Premier Michael Kretschmer to reduce contacts in the Free State by 60 percent as quickly as possible in order to stop the further spread of the virus.

▶ However, the experts do not say how this could be implemented without a major lockdown (which the incoming German government in Berlin is currently ruling out).

▶ Saxony’s state government is already advising behind closed doors on possible tightening of the upcoming Corona Protection Ordinance (from November 26th).

lockdown for the unvaccinated

Lower Saxony ministers are currently discussing the following tough measures from the 26th of November

2G shopping: Only vaccinated or convalescent people are allowed to go shopping – exceptions for grocery stores, DIY stores and garden centers.

3G at work: Only those who have been tested, vaccinated or recovered are still allowed to go to the office, to the construction site or to the supermarket checkout. Employers should monitor compliance.

Ban on events typical of the country: If this is decided, Christmas markets would have to close and mountain parades would have to be canceled.

2G+ at major events: Anyone who wants to go to Aue, Dynamo or RB would need two certificates in the future. On the one hand, a current test, as well as a vaccination certificate or proof of recovery.

lockdown for the unvaccinated

General compulsory testing for vaccinated and convalescent people in institutions, affecting old people’s and nursing homes, short-term care and hospitals. This would also be an option for sports and leisure facilities.

Closure or bans in cultural institutions n According to the Infection Protection Act (Section 28a, Paragraph 7), cultural institutions (including theaters, operas, cinemas) could be closed during the pandemic. However, milder measures such as alcohol bans are also being discussed.

Extended 2G exception Existing exceptions to the 2G rule should no longer only apply to under-16s, but to all under-18s.

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