NO tourists! Saxony imposes a curfew for the unvaccinated (LOCKDOWN IN SAXONY)


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For the unvaccinated, “normal” everyday life will be severely restricted in Saxony from Monday the 22nd of November.

Lockdown in Saxony: The German state of Saxony will go into a quick lockdown from Monday (November 22nd)! Friday evening, from 7:04 p.m. The premier of Saxony Michael Kretschmer announced the decisions after hours of negotiations with the coalition partners Greens and SPD. Saxons did not have time to prepare for the changes!

Lockdown in Saxony

Here is a summary of what the LOCKDOWN in Saxony means for Saxons

These apply on Monday until December 12th.

DISCOS, CLUBS, BARS are closed!

MUSEUMS, THEATER, CINEMA are also closed!


MOUNTAIN PARADES, FAIRS and CHRISTMAS MARKETS are completely prohibited!

SERVICES CLOSE TO THE BODY (including cosmetics) are no longer allowed! Exception: HAIRDRESSERS – but 2G or U16 applies here (vaccinated and convalescent/recovered – and under 16-year-olds).

DISTRIBUTION OF ALCOHOL in public is prohibited!


▶ No spectators in stadiums. Ghost games at RB, Aue and Dynamo.

Lockdown in Saxony

Other far-reaching restrictions of the lockdown in Saxony

▶ In the GASTRONOMIE, 2G or U16 applies – permitted opening times are only from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

CHURCH visits are only possible under 3G.

RETAIL will remain open – 2G or U16 applies here. Basic providers such as Supermarkets, pharmacies and drugstores are exempt from 2G.

Significant contact restrictions for UNVACCINATED

▶ Only meetings with your own household, your partner and one other person are allowed.

▶ If the corona INCIDENCE IS OVER 1000 in counties or cities a lockdown for the unvaccinated from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. applies. Exceptions: if you are going to work.

Schools, Kindergartens and daycare centers to remain open!

▶ According to the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, however, “by November 29th at the latest, there will be a switch to restricted regular operations”. School attendance is suspended but school sports remain possible.

Lockdown in Saxony

Ominous demand from Saxony

The premier of Saxony also demands from the federal government that the “vaccinated” status expires after six months at the latest, if no booster shot (third vaccination) has taken place. The “recover” status should also expire after six months.

▶ This is a sign of things to come in Germany. It looks like in the future a vaccinated person will be anyone who has had booster immunization shot.

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