Would you wear a yellow badge to show that you are vaccinated?


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Vaccinated persons should wear yellow badges

Idea causes massive irritation ++ That’s what the initiators say

There have already been around 25 million corona vaccinations in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the city of Moers they now had a strange idea to further increase the vaccination rate.

Historically forgotten vaccination campaign in the city of Moers (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Vaccinated persons should show with a bright yellow button on the jacket that they are protected against corona. On it to read: “Vaccinate? Yes, please! I am vaccinated. “

The action immediately made waves – even in the United States. Hollywood star James Woods (74, “Casino”) was one of the first to react on Twitter: “Yellow badges in Germany. Is history no longer being taught here? ”He wrote. The actor, who became famous, among other things, through the television series “Holocaust” (1978), felt – like many other people – reminded of the yellow “Jewish stars” under National Socialism.

Even without a history book, the makers could have noticed that something was wrong: At lateral thinker demonstrations, wacky conspiracy theorists repeatedly wear yellow vaccination stars that read “Unvaccinated”. An absurd and false comparison.

The idea co-initiator, Guido Lohmann had this to say when aske: “I understand that the association is now emerging. I find that very uncomfortable and I regret it. ”Nobody thought of that when preparing the campaign.

The chairman of the Moers initiative group, together with a social institution, had a pharmacist print 2,000 buttons. The aim: to increase the vaccination rate in the city on the Lower Rhine.

The badges are now pulped, the action is over.

First the “Rheinische Post” reported that the three initiators were beaming at a photo session.

Lohmann further asserts the good intention that the color and slogan were based on the “nuclear power, no thanks” movement. To his defense he says: “We didn’t want to discriminate or exclude anyone, but to motivate people to be vaccinated in a positive way. If someone feels offended, I am ready to talk to you. ”His conclusion:“ Well meant, badly done. ”


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