Sights in Thüringen: Top 10 best excursion tips


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There are quite a few sights in Thüringen. In the “Wanderland” story is told in numerous castles and palaces. Medieval churches and monasteries complement this. But museums, galleries, parks and leisure facilities also inspire holidaymakers in the state every year.


Sights in Thüringen: Excursion tips for families

In order to secure numerous advantages, we recommend that you get one of the two guest cards. With the ThüringenCard you can enjoy free entry to many excursion destinations and some of the numerous attractions. The Thüringian Forest Card is often issued as a regional guest card. Pay attention to this when booking! Many hosts have already included them in the room price.

  • Saalfeld fairy grottoes – they are among the most colorful exhibition grottoes in the world. During a guided tour you will learn everything about the past mining of the region and how the miners used to live. An adventure forest called “Feenweltchen” is also part of the visit. Here you can walk in the footsteps of fairies, elves, goblins and trolls. 
  • Natural History Museum Erfurt – Inside there is a 14 m high oak tree. It towers over four floors and impresses visitors. The exhibition offers a lot about Thüringen’s history and lets you see the local flora and fauna. Make sure you also go to the basement. A Noah’s Ark with ship rat Rainer is waiting for you here.
  • German Toy Museum – The museum has been collecting all the toys that are on offer since 1991 and can now look at 6,000 exhibits. It is the oldest toy museum in Germany. The exhibition shows how the toy has developed – from its beginnings to the present. Finally, an active play area invites you to let off steam.

Castles and Palaces

You must have visited at least one castle if you were a guest in the holiday region of Thüringen. Only here can you experience the area in its original form and learn a lot about the country and its people. All castles and palaces offer excellent tours without exception. The little ones are always the focus and are actively involved. Family holidays are very important in Thüringen.

  • Wartburg in Eisenach – it is an absolute must. The castle once served as the residence of the Türingen landgrave. However, she became better known through Saint Elisabeth, who worked here for the rest of her life. But the well-known Martin Luther also used it as a place of refuge. The castle can only be visited with a guided tour and offers fabulous insights into German history.
  • Weimar City Palace – If you are interested in sculpture, handicrafts and painting, visit the Weimer Palace Museum . It exhibits works of art from different eras and is one of the most important institutions of its kind. 
  • Schwickershausen moated castle – formerly a moated castle, today a castle. Inside, you can see wall paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries. In the entire palace complex, wonderfully preserved, fortified parts can be seen.
  • Greifenstein Castle – Drive to Bad Blankenburg, a recognized resort and health resort. Here you will find Greifenstein Castle. It is located directly at the entrance to the romantic Schwarza Valley and has served as the ancestral seat of numerous counts and princes since 1208. Once at the top you can enjoy a fantastic view of Blankenburg and the nature reserve with the adjoining mountains.

Worth seeing in the hiking region

If you are planning a trip to Thüringen, you should buy a travel guide in advance  and find out more about all the sights in the state. Of course, our overview is far from offering everything that the area has to offer. You can find some more fascinating excursion destinations here. 

  • Marienglashöhle – This is the crystal cave in Friedrichroda, which is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The Marienglas has rare shapes and consists of transparent gypsum crystals. It was originally laid out for ore mining around 1770. In the 18th and 19th centuries, however, people began to decorate the glass with images of the Virgin Mary. 
  • Up in the air – that’s where the Sky Motion Team in Gera takes you, offering sightseeing flights over the area. Meanwhile, you can see Thüringen’s beautiful landscapes from above. Marvel at the Saale-Holzland district or the Thüringen seas.  
  • Viba Nougat World – A must for all chocolate fans is the Viba Nougat World. “How does the nut become a nougat?” is the theme of the exhibition. Even more worth seeing, however, is the look behind the scenes. Production can be observed behind large panes of glass. Book a hands-on course for you and your children and create your own delicacies. 
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