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The 10 most annoying spam phone numbers in October 2021 – Don’t answer their calls!!

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Calls from unknown numbers keep coming back. It is not uncommon for this to hide spam calls with little serious background. EXPATURM lists the spam phone numbers that are currently causing trouble in October in Germany.

The companies and call centers behind the spam phone numbers call at any time of the day or night. Usually several times in quick succession. The reason: computers often take over the calls that often test a number until they get a response at the other end. Therefore, those called who accept a call from such an unknown number, often hear crackling and hissing on the line before they – if at all – are connected to an employee.

Unwanted spam phone calls: What are the options for those affected?

Whether offers for a new mobile phone contract or a survey for market research , very few want to receive such calls without their consent . This type of cold calling , also known as cold calls, is considered undesirable advertising and is prohibited in Germany .

Because according to the provisions of the law against unfair competition ( UWG ) , an express consent to advertising calls must be available. In addition, consent must not be asked for during the call, but must be available before it.

If this is not the case, companies are not allowed to call potential or existing customers. If companies disregard the ban, those affected have various options to take action against them:

  • Claim for injunctive relief against callers
  • Notification of the call
  • Block the number from the spam call

On the one hand , there is a right to cease and desist resulting from § 8 UWG ; on the other hand, reporting to the competent authority is an option. Those affected can report an unwanted advertising call using the form on the Federal Network Agency’s website: www.bundesnetzagentur.de

Another step that those affected can take is to block these spam calls themselves or to have the numbers blocked. A call number block prevents calls from this number from reaching the subscriber. There are other different methods of blocking spam calls in addition to the authority’s procedure.

These are currently the 10 most persistent spam phone numbers in Germany!

The app operator “Clever Dialer” also proceeds in a similar way. Using its application, users can enter phone numbers that harass them and block them if they wish. Based on the data, Clever Dialer creates an up-to-date list of spam phone numbers that are currently causing trouble.

Advertising calls, competitions and cost traps are categorized accordingly by Clever Dialer. People called in Germany have complained particularly often about the following telephone numbers in the past few weeks:

Spam Phone numberPrefixType of call
06920436149+49 (Germany)Other
00447868726250+44 (United Kingdom)Cost trap
0611945863112+49 (Germany)Other
030214802540+49 (Germany)Other
03601869300150+49 (Germany)Cost trap
086695090946+49 (Germany)Other
015219198189+49 (Germany)Cost trap
021332463890+49 (Germany)Debt collection
086695090941+49 (Germany)Other
021198709945+49 (Germany)Other
Status: October 2021

The top spam number in Germany – 06920436149 – is at the top of the list again this month. Affected people sometimes report more than a dozen calls a day from this number, with callers citing advertising for false contracts as the reason for the call, among other things. In second place we also find an old friend. The UK spam phone number 00447868726250 has been on the list for several months in a row. Here the callers lure with an alleged prize in a competition.

Interesting this month is 030214802540 – because in the previous month with 030214802539 and the month before with 030214802537 two spam phone numbers that were identical apart from the final digits caused trouble. We may be dealing with an example of changed last numbers, a trick that operators like to use to bypass possible blocking of spam phone numbers.

FAQ: Spam phone numbers and calls

What can those affected do against unsolicited advertising calls?

Those affected can take action against unwanted advertising in various ways. You can make injunctive relief, report the calls to the appropriate authority, and block or block the relevant phone numbers.

How is a report made to the Federal Network Agency?

Cold calls, i.e. unwanted advertising calls or spam calls, can be reported to the Federal Network Agency via a form either online or offline.

How can annoying phone numbers be blocked?

You can block annoying phone calls either directly via the device, via the router settings or with the telephone provider.


Block spam calls

Fortunately, consumers can do something about phone spam. If you have stamina, you can simply ignore calls from unknown numbers. But it is even better to find out where they came from on the Internet. To do this, they enter a spam telephone number that keeps appearing on their phone in the search bar of their browser. Often it can be seen who is behind the calls.

If the number is questionable, it can be blocked easily and free of charge using most routers and smartphones. Small catch: Unfortunately, the blocking only works for a certain number. If companies change their spam numbers, they must be added to the list of blocked connections.

1. Via landline

Many routers from Netgear, D-Link, the Fritz boxes from AVM and others offer the option of blocking phone numbers in the menu under the tab “Telephone” or “Fixed line”. Calls from these connections are then no longer put through to the telephone. It then simply stops ringing and the subscriber is no longer bothered.

2. On Android smartphones

Android phone owners can also block spam phone numbers using their Google account. To do this, open the phone app on your smartphone and click on the symbol with the three dots in the upper right corner. All unwanted numbers can now be entered under “Spam” or “Block”. If you like, you can even ignore all unknown phone numbers. Then the mobile phone only puts through calls from contacts that are saved in the address book.

3. On the iPhone

Of course, certain phone numbers can also be blocked on Apple’s iPhone. To do this, users go to their call list and select the corresponding call. Click on the button for further information, then a new page will open, on which the command “Block caller” is displayed at the bottom.

If companies call using a blocked number, they can still leave a Voicemail message, but the person being called will not receive any notification. They also do not find out that they have been blocked by the recipient.

Technical help for smartphone

If you have already been called by a mysterious number and you have possibly also answered the call, you can also create a blacklist in your phone app. This works very easily with both Android and iOS via the phone apps.

  • Block phone number on Android:
    • Open the phone app and go to the three-dot menu.
    • From there, tap on the call log and then tap the number you want to block.
    • Click on “Block / Report Spam”, done.
  • Block unknown phone number on Android:
    • Open the phone app and open the three-point menu there.
    • Navigate to Settings and then to “Blocked Numbers”.
    • Activate menu item “Unknown”, done.
  • Block phone number on iOS:
    • Open the phone app or alternatively the call list or voicemail.
    • Tap the “i” icon next to the number or person you want to block.
    • Scroll down to and select “Block caller”.
  • Block spam calls on iOS:
    • Open the settings and go to the sub-item “Phone”.
    • Select either “Mute unknown callers” or “Block and identify calls”.

Note for spam phone numbers

  • Never reveal your passwords or account information
  • Courts, banks and authorities would not ask you to pay by phone
  • Never give consent for remote access to your PC

Caution, ping calls: do not call back dubious numbers!

Dubious numbers must never simply be called with the callback button. Particular caution is required if the caller hangs up straight away. These so-called “ping calls” or “cold calls” direct the call back to expensive toll numbers for which the victim then has to pay. The duration of the phone call is prolonged by means of a queue or recorded message, and at the end of the month a horrendous bill is waiting. 

You should never say this word on the phone

Most people do not initially suspect dangerous phone traps behind calls and let the fraudsters entangle them in a conversation. But be careful: you should avoid saying the word “yes” at all costs!

In the case of fraudulent calls, attempts are often made to elicit a “yes” with seemingly harmless questions (“You surely want to pay less for electricity?”). This is then taken as consent to an expensive subscription or contract and, in case of doubt, suitably cut into a sound recording if you want to defend yourself legally. 

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