Unknown caller? Use these 4 tricks to search for the owner of an unknown mobile phone number


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Do you keep receiving unknown calls on your smartphone? Find out which 4 tricks you can use to easily search for the name behind the unknown mobile phone number.

In the case of unknown calls on the smartphone, you automatically ask yourself who and why the person is calling. Is it maybe a friend with a new number – or is it just the annoying hotline employee of the mobile phone provider who wants to advertise a new contract? Or even worse: Perhaps a stalker, the tax office or a club acquaintance who has already been repressed will ring. When these calls pile up, it can be quite annoying. But don’t worry: using the mobile phone number it is possible to search for the identity of the caller. Below are 4 tricks you can use to search for the owner of an unknown mobile phone number.

unknown mobile phone number

1. Search backwards for a mobile number in the phone book

A good first point of contact is the reverse search for the telephone book in the online telephone book: Here you can simply enter the mobile phone number and search for the owner of the corresponding telephone connection – at least if they agreed to an entry beforehand. A suitable app is, for example, “ Das Örtliche Telefonbuch für Deutschland ”. The application is intuitive and the database is quite comprehensive. However, it is only limited to German numbers.

2. Search for the unknown mobile phone number via WhatsApp

The WhatsApp messenger can also help to find the owner of an unknown cell phone number. Simply save the number in the phone book of your smartphone. If the caller has a WhatsApp account, you will automatically find them there under “Contacts”. A profile picture or status may provide information about the identity of the unknown caller.

unknown mobile phone number

3. Call the mailbox associated with the number

If neither the reverse search nor WhatsApp ensure the desired success, a call to the mailbox may clarify the search for a mobile phone number – the caller may have set up an individual announcement for his smartphone mailbox. There is a way to call voicemail directly without it ringing first. Each provider has a corresponding code that is provided when dialing between area code and number. At Vodafone this is around 50 , T-Mobile has 13 and O2 has 33 . You can see which provider the caller is with from the area codes, which are distributed as follows:





O2 (and E-Plus):


If an unknown call comes in with the number 01520-1234567, you know that it is a Vodafone customer. If you want to call the mailbox, turn off the number 50 makes a call the following number: 01520- 50 -1234567. This also works if the owner has taken his number from one provider to another. For example, if the cell phone number you want to search for belongs to Vodafone with the area code, but now has a telecommunications contract with the same number, the call is automatically forwarded to the mailbox.

Note: Caution is advised if none of the common numbers were used to make the call. If you don’t have any relatives or friends abroad who would explain a foreign cell phone number and make the search easier, you should be careful that this is not a possible payment trap.

unknown mobile phone number

4. Use Google to search for mobile numbers

Of course, you can also simply search for the mobile number via Google as a test – but you should keep a few things in mind. Make sure you enter the number in quotation marks (“”) so that Google only searches for this specific mobile number. Perhaps you will find such a company to which you can assign the number. On sites like “ Tellows ” you can also enter the number and see whether other users have already complained about spam or rip-offs and tell who is behind the number. Then at least you know that you can save yourself the call back.

If you still don’t have clarity after searching your cell phone number and feel annoyed by the unknown caller.


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