Water is recalled: Netto shoppers beware – Volvic natural mineral water contains traces of cleaning agent!


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Netto is currently recalling water back. In a follow-up analysis, a changed smell and taste were found. The bottles concerned were only sold at Netto supermarkets in Germany.

Volvic natural mineral water is recalled: Netto is currently calling water back because traces of detergent were found.

“Volvic natural mineral water” is being recalled

Water is recalled

Currently, the “will Volvic natural mineral water ” from ” Danone Waters Germany ” in 1.5L PET bottle with the MHD from the 18/12/2023 with the batch numbers 7 0747-7 0846 recalled.

According to the company, a follow-up analysis revealed a changed smell and taste in a product. The sensory changes are due to traces of a vinegar-based cleaning agent intended for food production

Danone: “Please do not consume the product”

Water is recalled

The company writes: “Please do not consume the above-mentioned product with the best-before date, but return it to the Netto Marken-Discount where you bought it.”

All other products – including the 1.5 liter bottles with a different best before date or a different batch number – are not affected.

Consumers can contact Volvic Consumer Service free of charge at 0800-555-7979 if they have any questions.

The water is recalled but you’ve already started to drink it?

Water is recalled

As a rule, if you already started drinking the recalled water. STOP! Then discard the remaining bottles immediately.

However, there are some signs that will tell you if you’ve been affected by drinking the recalled Volvic natural mineral water.

The following symptoms will normally manifest if you’ve consumed detergent:

  • nausea
  • frothy vomiting
  • possibly diarrhea
  • Signs of corrosion (blisters and / or open spots) on the lips and in the mouth
  • in severe cases shortness of breath up to and including unconsciousness

In case you have, go see a doctor or a poison information center near you:


Berlin company for central health tasks.
Advice center for symptoms of poisoning,
Institute for Toxicology

Oranienburger Strasse 285
13437 Berlin

Tel .: + 49- (0) 30/19240
Fax: + 49- (0) 30 / 30686-799


Information center against poisoning,
University Hospital Bonn

Adenauerallee 119
53113 Bonn, Germany

Tel .: + 49- (0) 228/19240
Fax: + 49- (0) 228 / 287-33314


Poison Emergency Call Erfurt
Joint poison information center for the states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania,
Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia
c / o HELIOS-Klinikum Erfurt

Nordhäuser Strasse 74
99089 Erfurt

Tel .: + 49- (0) 361/730 730
Fax: + 49- (0) 361 / 73073-17


Poisoning Information Center Freiburg
University Medical Center Freiburg

Mathildenstrasse 1
79106 Freiburg

Tel .: + 49- (0) 761/19240
Fax: + 49- (0) 761 / 270-44570


Poison Information Center North of the states of Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein (GIZ North)
Georg-August University Göttingen
Center for Pharmacology and Toxicology

Robert-Koch-Str. 40
37075 Göttingen

Tel .: + 49- (0) 551/19240
Fax: + 49- (0) 551 / 38318-81

Homburg / Saar

Information and treatment center for poisoning
Clinic for General Pediatrics and Neonatology – Saarland University Hospital

Kirrberger Str. 100
66421 Homburg / Saar

Tel .: + 49- (0) 6841/19240
Fax: + 49- (0) 6841 / 16211-09


Poison information center of the states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse Clinical toxicology of the 2nd Medical Clinic of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Langenbeckstrasse 1
55131 Mainz

Tel .: + 49- (0) 6131/19240 (emergencies)
+ 49- (0) 6131 / 2324-66 or 0700-GIFTINFO
Fax: + 49- (0) 6131 / 2324-68 or 2324-69
E- Mail


Poison Emergency Call Munich
Toxicological Department of the II. Medical Clinic of the Technical University of Rechts der Isar

Ismaninger Strasse 22
81675 Munich

Tel .: + 49- (0) 89/19240


Poison Information Center Nuremberg
Medical Clinic 1, Nuremberg North Clinic,
Toxicological Intensive Care Unit

Prof.-Ernst-Nathan-Str. 1
90419 Nuremberg

Tel .: + 49- (0) 911/398 24 51
Fax: + 49- (0) 911/398 22 05

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