Finally WhatsApp will roll out an overdue function! Multi-Device 2.0


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WhatsApp is losing more and more users to the competition not only because of the data protection issue. The market leader is also lagging behind in terms of functionality. That should change soon with a crucial option.

While the competitors Signal, Telegram or Facebook Messenger can be used from almost all devices at the same time, WhatsApp users still have to commit to one device – exactly ONE! And that HAS to be a smartphone.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg (36) and WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart announced the launch of a “multi-device” option months ago. But so far nothing has been seen of it.

WhatsApp on iPad AND smartphone

Now the well-known WhatsApp blogger WABetainfo has informed about the latest developments and summarized key details of the function:

  • The name of the option: Multi-Device 2.0.
  • For Android and iOS, but the iOS version apparently ran first.
  • Connected tablets can operate independently without the main device (smartphone) having to be connected to the Internet.
  • Up to four devices should originally be supported, now it looks like two devices are initially planned.

When Zuckerberg and Cathart were announced, these functions and key data were also mentioned:

  • The chat history can be exchanged between iOS and Android.
  • Voice and video calls will also be possible across devices.
  • ALL devices must always have the latest app version installed.
  • The function will initially be offered as a beta test.

But TWO smartphones are possible?

At that time it was said that WhatsApp would NOT be usable on two smartphones at the same time. However, Wbetainfos sees no reason in the structure of the beta so far why the iPad app could not also run on a second iPhone.


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