German state ministers REJECT ending the corona emergency measures! NO FREEDOM day for Germany yet!


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The end of the Corona emergency seemed near, BUT: There is apparently a veto by the German federal states.

The state ministers are calling for uniform corona rules throughout Germany, even beyond November 25, 2021 – means: no end to the corona emergency in Germany!

Was it just a PR trick from the health minister?

That sounded different at the beginning of the week: Jens Spahn, the German health minister had insisted that the epidemic situation could expire and be ended as a nationwide exception.

But: That seems to have been just a PR trick by him. In plain language: nothing with a Corona end – he apparently already knew about the “no” of the country chiefs.

Because: In a letter to the leaders of the SPD, Greens and FDP on October 15, Spahn writes: “The epidemiological situation confirms the further necessity of these measures this autumn and winter.” It is “absolutely necessary that in particular, the legal basis of §28a Infection Protection Act can continue to be applied by the federal states and municipalities.”

Nobody wants “Freedom Day” – neither the federal states nor the federal government.

Corona is still here! Wear your mask!

You still need caution and mechanisms to be able to fight the corona pandemic, said the head of the Prime Minister’s Conference, Armin Laschet (60, CDU), on Friday. The federal states need a “secure legal basis so that low-threshold basic protective measures are also possible in the coming autumn and winter months”.

MEANS: The Bundestag would have to actively extend the “epidemic situation of national scope” beyond November 25th. It is the prerequisite for many Corona measures, including contact restrictions and assembly bans.

The Bundestag passed the epidemic situation for the first time in March 2020 – and has extended it again and again since then.

Consequences for not relaxing corona restrictions

If, after November 25th, each country has to determine its own situation, “this will lead to upheavals,” said Laschet.

And vice-regional leader Michael Müller (56, SPD) countered an expiry of the epidemic situation with the objection that there would then be the risk that the legal basis for any measures that may still be required is missing.

Both Laschet and Müller referred to the corona numbers, which have been rising again since the end of September.

The Bundestag will have to create a nationwide basis, said Laschet.

CLEAR TEXT: Nobody wants “Freedom Day” – neither the federal states nor the federal government.

But according to Müller, a uniform nationwide basis does not necessarily have to mean an extension of the epidemic emergency. It could also be a transitional arrangement or a decision on individual measures, he said.

The Bundestag meets on Tuesday for its constituent session and can decide on a follow-up regulation until the end of November, regardless of the formation of a new government.

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