New Rules and changes you will see in German supermarkets in 2022


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New rules: You will notice these change in German supermarkets in 2022: Plastic bags, best-before dates and deposits are affected.

German supermarkets in 2022: New rules will apply in German supermarkets from January 1, 2022. Consumers also feel a little bit of it when shopping for vegetables or when giving a deposit, and the law on the ban on plastic bags will come into force in the event of changes in the supermarket in 2022. Many companies had already removed plastic bags from their range of products, but from the new year onwards, by law, supermarkets will no longer be allowed to sell or offer plastic shopping bags.

Changes in German supermarkets in 2022: Ban on plastic bags – exception for fruit and vegetables

German supermarkets in 2022

Exceptions are stable reusable bags and thin plastic bags near fruit and vegetables. The ban concerns so-called “light plastic carrier bags”, the material of which is between 15 and 50 micrometers wide. Already since July new bans on disposable plastic also apply in other areas . But as has already been shown, the one-way plastic ban also opens up new markets for producers.

The law will also be expanded with the new rules in 2022. With the changes in 2022, non-returnable plastic bottles will be history in German supermarkets, and the deposit regulation will then also apply to affected products. Drinks cans and even wine and spirits are also subject to a deposit.

Thin plastic bags are prohibited

From January 2022, light plastic carrier bags will be banned in Germany. The federal government wants to protect the environment from plastic waste. The very thin “shirt bags” for fruit and vegetables, for example, are still allowed. They are used for hygienic transport and would prevent food waste. In addition, a ban on these bags could lead to manufacturers packing more products in plastic as standard, according to the federal government.

Changes in German supermarket in 2022: New rule on milk beverages from 2024 as well

German supermarkets in 2022

The legal situation provides for a longer transition period for milk beverages. Only from January 1, 2024, the right of lien will also apply to packaging with milk beverages. This is set out in Section 31 of the Packaging Act, which has existed since 2017. From 2022, many supermarket giants will also be relying on the so-called 5D rule, a regulation for more quality meat and better animal welfare for pigs. Aldi had already announced in June that it would forego cheap meat in the future.

There are also changes in terms of the best before date, but the new rules will not come into force until May 2022: For food price tags in stores, it is sufficient to add a note to their best before date shortly before they expire. Then it could say, for example, “20 percent reduced”, until now it was mandatory for supermarkets to mark both the old price and the new price.

Changes in German supermarkets in 2022: New rules for best before date from the New Year

German supermarkets in 2022

As a result, good food often ended up in the trash. Because the effort is significantly greater before the new regulation than with the new law. This could also have a positive effect for consumers, because if less would actually end up in the trash, there would be more discounted offers.

Is this just a question of vocabulary?

A kind of best-before date would not be bad here for orientation, but the vocabulary should be revised – this is also demanded by the Alliance for Food Rescue. “Tastes best until at least” might be a step forward. And a “Please do not eat after” could strengthen the date on fish and mince. Another impetus of the alliance is to no longer assign the best-before date – or whatever it may be called in the future – according to the taste of the manufacturers. But according to scientific criteria.

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