NOW virologists in Germany are advocating for 1G instead of 2G?!? 🎵 round and round we go again, 1G, 2G, 3G 🎵


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Virologists warn of “sham security”: Only 1G can provide real protection

The mandatory introduction of the 2G rule is being discussed intensively in Germany. Some virologists are skeptical about the effect against corona. They are calling for a focus on only 1G

In the discussion about an expansion of the 2G rule, which is being implemented in many German federal states and will even become mandatory in many areas in Saxony from Monday (November 8th, 2021), some virologists have now issued a warning. Their biggest problem with 2G: It gives vaccinated people a sham security and leads to unvaccinated people being infected with the coronavirus behind closed doors.

What the hell is the “real” 1G rule?

While German virologists are calling for the 1G rule, other tourists destinations have implemented their versions of “1G”

  • German Virologists idea of 1G – “Getestet” (tested)
  • Holiday destinations idea of 1G – “Geimpft” (vaccinated)

▶ Some countries in Europe still require proof of a COVID-19 vaccination to enter bars, restaurants and other public spaces. So what are the German virologists really advocating for?

German virologists: The 2G rule creates false security – and could trigger uncontrolled corona outbreaks

Real security would only bring a 1G model, emphasizes Schmidt-Chanasit and means that everyone has to be tested – regardless of whether they have been vaccinated, unvaccinated or recovered. This is especially important in areas where people are particularly at risk. The virologist criticizes the fact that the offer of free rapid tests has been discontinued and calls for the current development to be counteracted with a “test offensive”.

“The risk of infection with the corona virus would not be completely averted even if the 2G rule was applied. Even if the probability is lower, people who have been vaccinated could become infected and – untested – spread the virus unnoticed”

Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, Virologist University of Hamburg

“The vaccinated have the feeling that they are no longer part of the pandemic and are correspondingly risky. Another problem is the unvaccinated, who are excluded and are even less likely to be tested. This part of the population could also cause uncontrolled outbreaks.”

Hendrik Streeck, Virologist Bonn

Fight against corona: German virologists are calling for free tests to be reintroduced

“If unvaccinated people are not allowed to take part in social life, they organize celebrations at home, for example. The infection process can no longer be controlled there at all, “warned Streeck, who – just like Schmidt-Chanasit – would like the free corona tests to be reintroduced for everyone as soon as possible.

While there is still a lot of discussion about a 2G rule in Germany, it has already been adopted nationwide in Austria. From Monday, people without a vaccination or proof of recovery are no longer allowed to visit bars, hairdressing salons and events. The same applies to access to tourist businesses.

Now the doctors are speaking Corona plain text

It’s almost like déjà vu. The debate about testing, vaccination and triage is back – as it was a year ago. Anyone who believed that Corona would no longer play a role this winter: thought wrong!

With the increasing number of new corona infections and the worsening situation in hospitals, the health ministers have decided: The rules will be tightened! But what do those who understand something about it actually say – the doctors?

In view of the increasing number of new corona infections, doctors in Germany are calling for an expansion of the Covid rapid tests ALSO for vaccinated people.

If you really want security, only 1G can help – that is, to test all of them, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated, unvaccinated or recovered. This should especially apply to problematic areas where vulnerable people are at risk.

The virologist warned that one should not give up the important instrument of testing. He also promoted a “test offensive” and criticized the fact that the free citizen tests were abolished in mid-October.

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