Why are Germans flocking to Mallorca??


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Mega, Malle! That’s the call sign ūüôā And it’s off to Mallorca for the Germans

The weather in Mallorca has been plying nice. So you’ll have to excuse the Germans for wanting to spend time in the 17th German state! Ehmmm Mallorca

1. Temperatures celebrate the over 30 party

The 7-day trend promises another full 31 degrees for Palma de Mallorca from Monday to Wednesday, the perceived temperature should even be 34 degrees. And even from Thursday, the maximum temperature in the days after is only a degree or two lower. Only on Friday does the probability of rain increase to 75 percent. In the late summer temperatures, however, this should be more of a welcome shower.

2. Nightly parties are allowed again with people from more than two households

Mallorca relaxes the corona rules! In view of the falling number of infections, people from different households will again be able to come together for nightly private parties – for example in the finca, in the garden or in their own four walls – from Tuesday. The regional government of the Mediterranean island belonging to Spain announced on Monday. Since the end of July, such meetings were initially banned between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., and later from 2 a.m.

More is also possible in restaurants: in future, up to eight people can be entertained at one table indoors, and up to twelve people outdoors. This emerges from the regional gazette. Discos and dance floors will remain closed for the time being. The curfew in bars and restaurants is currently still at 2 a.m. There is still a curfew at beaches, parks and playgrounds from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The sale of alcohol in shops is prohibited after 10 p.m. Alcohol can also be served in the bars and restaurants after 10 p.m. In addition, special regulations to protect residents still apply in the special zones of Playa de Palma (Ballermann) and Punta Ballena (Magaluf).

3. Corona in Mallorca is stabalizing

The seven-day incidence in the Balearic Islands is, according to new figures from the Spanish Ministry of Health, from Friday evening with a falling trend, 88 and is thus roughly the same as in Germany. Around 17 percent of the beds in intensive care units on the islands are occupied by corona patients. When it comes to vaccination rates, Spain is ahead of Germany (nationwide, 71.5 percent are fully vaccinated, 77 percent have received at least one vaccination dose).

Due to falling corona numbers, the corona restrictions on Mallorca will be further relaxed. From Tuesday (07.09.21) , among other things, the nocturnal ban on gatherings will no longer apply.

Then people from different households will be allowed to meet again at night, the regional government of the Mediterranean island, which belongs to Spain, announced on Monday. Since the end of July, such meetings were initially forbidden between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., and later from 2 a.m.

In restaurants, up to eight people can be entertained at one table indoors, and up to twelve people outdoors, according to the regional official gazette.

4. Bookings have increased by 300%

According to the tour operator TUI, bookings for Mallorca have increased by up to 300 percent since last Saturday, compared to the previous weeks!¬†More than ever, guests are booking at short notice – flights from D√ľsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt are now taking off every day in the direction of Playa de Palma.¬†The party season on Malle should therefore reach its peak in the coming weeks.¬†

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