Germans are driving to the Czech Republic for CHEAP fuel!


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With the energy crisis now starting be apparent in Germany, there is a rush for Czech fuel. Petrol is up to 44 cents cheaper in the Czech Republic!

Cheap fuel is now attractive. Inflation continues to hit! Food, electricity, gas, refueling, building, hairdressing – everything costs more and more this expensive autumn. According to the Federal Statistical Office, consumer prices rose again – this time by 4.1 percent compared to the same month last year. The inflation rate rose above the four percent mark this September for the first time since December 1993.

For example, when you refuel these days, people have to queue up for a price difference of 43.9 cents.

cheap fuel


The pump nozzles are running hot in the Czech Republic, and many Germans used the weekend for a trip to the cheap paradise. While in Dresden (Saxony) the liter of super cost 1.779 euros yesterday morning, the situation in Chlumec in the Czech Republic, about 40 kilometers away, is almost paradisiacal: Here the liter of super costs 1.34 euros. Makes a difference of 43.9 cents per liter. You can save 20 to 30 euros so quickly.

German vehicles were parked at every gas station in the border area yesterday, many with license plates from Dresden or Saxon Switzerland. But it didn’t stop with a full tank; canisters were also filled.

At the moment it is a catastrophe with fuel prices in Germany. With a 55 liter tank you can easily save 20 euros in the Czech Republic.

At the Ono petrol station (11 petrol pumps) in Chlumec, despite the large waiting area, a huge line of tanks formed that even reached the street. The waiting time: 40 minutes for one full tank. But for many that was not the end of the cheap excursion: Because schnitzel with dumplings is available here in the restaurant for around 190 kroner (7.50 euros). The beer for 1.80 euros. The carton of cigarettes costs an average of 40 euros.


Frequently Asked Questions about cheap fuel in the Czech Republic

How much does refueling cost in the Czech Republic? 
– Current fuel prices

In Germany, fuel prices are currently higher than they have been in a long time. The average values ​​are given on the ADAC website (as of October 8, 2021). A liter of Super E10 currently costs around 1.60 euros in Germany, diesel costs around 1.48 euros. Refueling is even cheaper in the Czech Republic:

Petrol (unleaded super): 33.81 kroner / liter, i.e. 1.33 euros / liter
Diesel: 31.73 kroner / liter, i.e. 1.25 euros / liter

For safety reasons, it is recommended not to bring more than 10 liters of fuel in canisters in the car.

Names for diesel, gasoline and super in the Czech Republic

Anyone who fills up with normal Super E5 petrol in Germany fills their car with “Natural 95” at Czech petrol stations ; the stronger Super Plus is called “Natural 98” in the Czech Republic.
At international petrol station chains, mostly on motorways or trunk roads, the fuels are often called “Super”, “Petrol” or “Super Plus” just like in Germany. The petrol is always unleaded. Watch out! 

In the Czech Republic there are often strong regional price differences between petrol stations of up to 5 kroner per liter. 
That corresponds to about 20 cents. It is more expensive, especially in the area near the border.

Do you pay with euros or kroner when refueling in the Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic, the krona is still the currently valid currency. Despite joining the EU, the euro was not adopted there. So actually payments are made there in Czech Kronen. However, the euro is also accepted. This is mandatory when you join the European Union. You can also pay at petrol stations with credit or debit cards.

Refueling in the Czech Republic: Corona rules for “small border traffic”

In the pandemic, strict corona rules initially applied to travel. This also affected border traffic between the Czech Republic and Germany. In the middle of 2021, however, the regulations were relaxed. Bavaria and all of Germany have relaxed the regulations for so-called “ small border traffic ” to the Czech Republic. This made it possible to go shopping or to refuel in the neighboring country.

The Czech Republic upgraded Germany to a risk area in September 2021 due to rising incidence values and corona numbers . This means that stricter entry rules apply, but this has no impact on small border traffic. There is no obligation to register for cigarette and tank tourists, cross-border commuters and cruises (up to 24 hours). There is also no quarantine or test requirement.

Border traffic between Bavaria and the Czech Republic: These are the border crossings

In total, you can drive from Bavaria to 13 different places across the border to the Czech Republic. These are the border crossings between Bavaria and the Czech Republic:

• Philippsreut – Strážný (federal road 12 – national road I / 4)
• Bayerisch Eisenstein – Železná Ruda (B 11 = E 53 – NI / 27)
• Furth im Wald / Schafberg – Česká Kubice (B 12 – NI / 26)
• Furth im Wald / Schafberg – Folmava / Vollmau (B 20)
• Waidhaus – Rozvadov / Roßhaupt (Motorway A6 (= E 50) – Motorway D5)
• Schirnding – Pomezí nad Ohří (B 303 = E 48 – NI / 6)
• Waldsassen – Svatý Kříž / Heiligenkreuz (B 299)
• Mähring – Broumov / Promenhof (St 2167)
• Bärnau – Pavlův Studenec / Paulusbrunn (St 2173)
• Eslarn – Železná / Eisendorf (St 2155)
• Waldmünchen / Höll – Lisková / Haselbach (St 2146)
• Eschlkam – Všeruby / Neumark (St 2154)
• Neukirchen Holy Blood – Svatá Kateřina (CHA 44)

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