Is Germany REALLY about to end all pandemic rules??


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Will everyone soon get rid of their masks? German Health Minister Jens Spahn wants to let the corona emergency run out

The Corona emergency is due to expire on November 25, 2021. Does that mean the Germany will end all pandemic rules?

end all pandemic rules

Health Minister Jens Spahn announced this in the state health ministers’ conference.

That means: From then on, it is in the hands of the countries. They initially want to adhere to AHA rules (distance, hygiene, everyday masks) and access restrictions for unvaccinated people (2G and 3G). But the regulations are checked every four weeks – and can be changed continuously!

Lockdowns will soon no longer be possible!

Background: The so-called epidemic situation gives federal and state governments powers to issue ordinances on corona measures, among other things.

► These include: distance requirements, mask requirement, obligation to submit proof of vaccination, recovery or test, contact restrictions, obligation to hygiene concepts, restriction of leisure events, sport.

▶ ︎ Spahn’s reasoning: The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) classifies “the risk for vaccinated people as moderate”. In view of the current vaccination quota (80 percent of adults are fully vaccinated), the epidemic situation could be ended on November 25, 2021 as a nationwide exception.

Really end all pandemic rules?? That would mean the end of the Corona emergency for everyday life

IMPORTANT: If the Corona emergency falls, lockdowns are no longer possible, no event bans, no contact restrictions.

BUT: What Spahn’s statements afterwards mean specifically for everyday life remains to be seen. Because: The federal states are responsible for the other corona measures themselves.

Means: You decide whether distance, event and mask rules and access restrictions for supermarkets and shops in your state continue to apply – or whether they will fall sooner or later!

► SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach (58) presses the brake: “No federal state would be so crazy to forego access restrictions for closed rooms with the current number of cases or to bury the mask requirement on buses and trains,” he told the editorial network Germany.

► Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (54, CSU): “One thing is clear: If the Bundestag no longer extends the epidemic situation, then this will probably mean the end of all security requirements. Because only the determination of the epidemic situation is the basis and legal basis for the infection protection ordinances of the federal states. Then we would indirectly have Freedom Day at the end of November. “

end all pandemic rules

Millions of Germans have been waiting for this.

The pandemic situation – the basis of ALL corona restrictions – can fall! This was announced by Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (41, CDU) on Monday afternoon in the state health ministers’ conference.

Germany has been waiting for this since March 2020 – at that time the “epidemic situation of national importance” was first determined by the Bundestag. Now it is no longer to be extended – and, if the Bundestag supports this, it would finally expire at the end of November!

The Bundestag would have to actively prolong the situation. According to the Spahn announcement, this is considered unlikely.

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