Germany is about to become the land of milk and honey for employees! Thanks to Corona and skilled worker shortages!


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Thanks to corona, Germany has a shortage of skilled workers. 80 percent of the German restaurants have too few employees.

Land of milk and honey: The golden years for employees in Germany are about to begin. Will 2022 become the best year to live and work in Germany?

Germany has a skilled-worker shortage

Significantly higher wages, fewer unemployed: According to top experts, Germany is facing a new labor market miracle!

▶ The reason is the worsening shortage of skilled workers. The German Association of Cities expects 230,000 educators and 300,000 nurses to be recruited in the clinics, nursing homes and daycare centers alone in the coming years.

“Germany’s employees have excellent job prospects in the next few years. For the first time since the 1960s, we can achieve full employment again with an unemployment rate of 3 to 4 percent!”

Land of milk and honey
Prof. Lars Feld , ex-chief economist University of Freiburg

Hospitality industry in Germany facing challenges finding employees

There are already many shortages today. 80 percent of the restaurants have too few employees (Dehoga Association). The skilled trades are short of 250,000 employees (Association ZDH). According to the Employment Agency (BA), it currently takes an average of 207 days for a vacant plumber position to be filled. It is an average of 198 days for excavator drivers and 171 days for painters.

The lack of staff makes things even more difficult. It is a huge challenge for companies to find suitable employees. As can be seen from the current survey, the shortage of skilled workers is a problem for almost 80 percent (79.6 percent) of the companies , 1 percent), with additional days off (51.9 percent), with the hiring of more unskilled and semi-skilled employees (43.7 percent) and with changes to the working time models (37.8 percent) and the organizational structure (34.1 percent) Percent).”

Land of milk and honey

Germany is about to become a land of milk and honey for workers! Because wages will rise too!

Prof. Lars Feld predicts that workers in Germany will see significantly higher wage increases than before. The shortage of skilled workers will lead to companies paying higher wages and even more than today in terms of working conditions must respond to the wishes of the specialists.

Low skilled workers will also be in high demand in Germany

And especially gratifying: Even low-skilled or unqualified employees are desperately wanted. For example in the catering or in the logistics industry as truck drivers.

Corona crisis: These German industries are desperately looking for employees

In the sectors in which work can and must continue, there is so much to do that people are sometimes desperately looking for people. An overview:

1. Employees wanted in the corona crisis: supermarkets

Land of milk and honey

“One of the biggest challenges in the grocery trade is currently having enough staff available for logistics, sales and the clearing of goods,” says Stefan Hertel from the German Retail Association (HDE) with a view to the corona crisis. The companies in the industry are therefore urgently looking for new employees.

Aldi Süd alone has already hired around 2,200 part-time workers in the past few weeks. The company – like Aldi Nord – also benefited from the collaboration with McDonald’s . The burger giant provided the discounter with its own employees who were not needed due to the store closings.

Competitor Lidl also increased its teams in the branches and warehouses. “Both at national and regional level, there is cooperation with companies that cannot employ their employees in the current situation,” reported a Lidl spokeswoman.

2. Agriculture

Land of milk and honey

Around 300,000 seasonal workers normally come to Germany’s fields to harvest fruit, vegetables and wine. Now there will be a lot less because of the travel restrictions. After all, 40,000 seasonal workers from Eastern Europe should be allowed to enter in April and May subject to conditions. Harvest workers can also work longer without social security insurance – instead of the previous 70 days, 115 days are now possible.

Several online platforms help with the placement process in order to even find seasonal workers. The Farmers ‘Association and the General Association of German Agricultural and Forestry Employers’ Associations (GLFA) are now offering this service free of charge. 

3. IT & telecommunications

Land of milk and honey

Telecommunications operator technicians are working flat out to keep the infrastructure running, because internet and telephone are more in demand than ever.

The industry association Bitkom expects the IT and telecommunications industry to deteriorate despite the high demand for the services. This is also due to the shortage of skilled workers. At the end of 2019, 124,000 IT positions were already vacant. This number has more than doubled in the past two years. A trend reversal due to the corona crisis is not expected.

4. Health sector

Land of milk and honey

The corona crisis is also exacerbating an old problem in German hospitals: even before that, they would not have been able to fill positions of around 17,000 nurses and 3,500 doctors, says a spokesman for the German Hospital Association (DKG).

5. Pharma & medical technology

Land of milk and honey

Pharmaceutical companies are currently working extra shifts and are working “making full use of their capabilities,” reports the Federal Association of Drug Manufacturers. Everything is being done to secure drug production in times of high demand. “Medicines are always needed – regardless of the corona crisis,” emphasizes the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (BPI).

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