Worrying laboratory results: Hazardous substances discovered in Nutella and Knorr products


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In Germany, Nutella, Nusspli nut-nougat cream as well as stock cubes and gravy are a staple! So what do they contain that is very hazardous?

Hazardous substances discovered: The consumer organization Foodwatch tested 152 foods from different EU countries. The result is terrifying. An overview.

Hazardous substances

Hazardous substances discovered after 152 foods were tested

Whether stock cubes or chocolate cream: Some everyday foods are said to be contaminated with dangerous mineral oil residues, as a Europe-wide laboratory test by Foodwatch shows. The consumer organization recently called on the new Federal Minister of Food, Cem Özdemir, to enforce an EU-wide limit value for mineral oil pollution.

What are mineral oils?

Mineral oils are the largest contaminant in the human body. The European Food Authority EFSA describes aromatic mineral oils (MOAH) in particular as potentially carcinogenic and mutagenic – which is why food should not contain such residues, even in the smallest quantities. In addition to machines during harvest and processing, the packaging can also be the reason for mineral oil contamination. For example, packaging made from waste paper often contains mineral oils from printing inks, which can be transferred to food. (Source : produktwarnung.eu)

In the laboratory test, Foodwatch had a total of 152 foods from different European countries examined – and every eighth product is actually contaminated with so-called aromatic mineral oils (MOAH), which are suspected of being carcinogenic and mutagenic. In Germany, Nutella, Nusspli nut nougat cream as well as stock cubes and gravy from Knorr are affected. The products would have to be publicly recalled immediately, according to Foodwatch.

Hazardous substances

Hazardous substances discovered in Nutella and Knorr products: Foodwatch publishes laboratory test

The real scandal is that although the problem of dangerous mineral oil contamination has been known for years and is completely solvable, there is still no limit value that protects consumers – this is a real political failure.

▶ The new Federal Minister of Food has an urgent task: Cem Özdemir must immediately campaign for a strict EU-wide mineral oil limit, ”said Saskia Reinbeck from Foodwatch.

▶ The organization also emphasized that EU food law clearly stipulates: “Food that is not safe must not be placed on the market.” Starting in May 2019, the German food industry has committed itself to the supervisory authorities, meanwhile, eight product categories without aromatic Supplying mineral oils, explains Foodwatch.

Hazardous substances

Worrying laboratory results

Tests in Germany show mineral oil residues. The European food law applies to the entire EU population and therefore the EU must anchor a MOAH zero tolerance for all food categories in EU pollutant law as soon as possible, demanded Foodwatch.

For the current test, the consumer authority has 152 products from Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and the Netherlands examined in two different laboratories. Mineral oil residues were actually detected in 19 products (12.5 percent).

The limit of detection is a value of 0.5 mg per kilogram in most products, writes the website Produktwarnung.eu . The contamination values ​​ranged from 0.63 mg / kg (organic nut nougat spread from Belgium) to an enormous 82 mg / kg (in Knorr Bratensaft Basis from Germany).

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