18 health insurance companies will increase their prices in 2022. Find out if you are affected


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A lot of health insurance tariffs in Germany will increase in 2022 – Is a switch now worthwhile?

18 health insurance companies will increase their prices in 2022: The contributions to your health insurance will likely increase in 2022. But not only the price is decisive. Especially against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic, most insurance companies have already sent their members a notification letter informing them of the impending increase. Should you then be thinking about switching your insurance company?

health insurance companies

A comparison of health insurance companies: the additional premiums for these will increase in 2022

Not all health insurance companies have yet given information on the prices in 2022, as reported by Stiftung Warentest. With eighteen health insurance companies that will charge more money for their services from January 2022, the increases in additional contributions are up to 0.70 percent, according to Check24.

Health insurance companiesIncrease in the additional contribution (in percent):
AOK Baden-Württemberg0.20
AOK Bavaria0.20
AOK Bremen / Bremerhaven0.30
AOK Hessen0.20
AOK Northeast0.20
AOK Northwest0.40
AOK Rhineland / Hamburg0.50
AOK Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland0.40
AOK Saxony-Anhalt0.20
Company health insurance company PricewaterhouseCoopers0.22
BKK B. Braun Aesculap0.20
BKK BPW Bergische Axes KG0.50
BKK exclusive0.30
BKK Public0.20
BKK Scheufelen0.20
BKK Würth0.70
Handelskrankenkasse (hkk)0.30
Source:Press releases / board meetings of the health insurance companies (as of: 12/30/2021)

Health insurance calculator

On the Stiftung Warentest website, the so-called health insurance calculator can be used to compare health insurance contributions directly. In their test, the consumer experts were concerned not only with the price for 2022, but also with the additional services offered by the individual health insurers. 

Health insurance contributions are generally increasing because treatment costs in the health system are constantly increasing. Therefore, there will also be premium adjustments in 2022. Around a quarter of those with private insurance are affected.

Whether travel vaccinations or skin screening, the additional benefits should definitely be considered when choosing a health insurance company.

health insurance companies

Health insurance price: The additional premium for these insurance companies will decrease in 2022

In the new year 2022, the average additional contribution will remain constant at 1.3 percent. In addition to price increases, some health insurance companies are also lowering their prices.

Health insurance companiesReduction of the additional contribution (in percent):
Bertelsmann BKK-0.25
BKK EVM-0.30
BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker-0.30
BKK Hercules-0.30
BKK City of Augsburg-0.30
BKK Technoform-0.40
BKK ZF & Partner-0.35
BMW BKK-0.50
Continental company health insurance fund-0.15
Energy company health insurance fund-0.08
Source:Press releases / board meetings of the health insurance companies (as of: 12/30/2021)

The statutory health insurance companies are obliged to provide care, which is why around 95 percent of the medical service is the same, reports Stiftung Warentest. For example, for those under the age of 18, all health insurance companies cover the full cost of hospital stays.

health insurance companies

Health insurance 2022: When switching, you shouldn’t just look at the price

Changing health insurance providers can save you money. Depending on the income, up to a hundred euros and more can be saved here. But you should not only consider the price as the basis for a switch. Your health insurance company could have other perks especially when in comes to dental insurance in 2022.

Switching health insurance is mostly straightforward. An application to the desired new health insurance company is often sufficient. The new health insurance company will then clarify the formalities that arise. However, you should not forget to inform your employer. Watch out for more changes to the health insurance market that are bound to happen in 2022.

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