Germany increases the heating cost subsidy for 2022 – These consumers are entitled to the special benefit


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A lot of consumers will feel the pinch in 2022 when it comes to energy prices! Thanks to Russia and the Ukraine war, petrol prices have skyrocketed, but suppliers have also tightened the price screw in electricity and heating costs in recent months. It is almost inevitable that many people in Germany will expect a heavy bill for additional costs in the near future. Are you entitled to the heating cost subsidy in Germany?

Heating cost subsidy in Germany in 2022: To relieve some households, the German federal government has therefore passed a heating cost subsidy for 2022. Due to the sharp rise in energy prices, this was recently increased again significantly. What is the heating cost allowance and who benefits from it? Find out below.

heating cost subsidy

The Germany government agrees to a higher heating cost subsidy

The federal government relieves around 2.1 million people with a one-off heating cost subsidy – especially housing benefit households and students with BAföG. Because of the recent sharp increase in energy costs, the subsidy has doubled compared to the original draft. 

The heating cost subsidy provides relief for 2.1 million citizens from energy costs

  • 230 euros for students with BAföG and trainees with training allowance/training allowance as well as those with promotion grants
  • EUR 270 for recipients of housing benefit (or EUR 350 for two people entitled to housing benefit and EUR 70 for each additional person)

The sharp rise in energy costs hit people with lower incomes particularly hard. She wants to support the federal government with the heating cost subsidy. A total of 2.1 million people benefit from the heating subsidy – including around 1.6 million recipients of housing benefit in 710,000 households.

Around 370,000 BAföG recipients and around 65,000 trainees with vocational training grants or training money who no longer live with their parents are also to receive the subsidy. Around 75,000 people with advancement support who have maintenance allowances can also get it.

At the beginning of February, the cabinet decided on a drafting aid for the heating cost subsidy law. The coalition factions in the Bundestag are now doubling the amount of the subsidy because the energy costs have increased enormously since the first calculation in November 2021. The federal government is now providing almost 380 million euros for this.

heating cost subsidy

How much is the heating cost subsidy?

For housing benefit households, the heating cost subsidy is graded according to the size of the household:

  • for one person 270 euros
  • for two people 350 euros
  • for each additional person 70 euros

For BAföG recipients, for people with advancement grants with maintenance allowances, and for trainees with allowances or training allowances, the heating cost allowance is a uniform 230 euros .

Is the heating subsidy paid out automatically?

Yes, everyone who is entitled should receive the heating subsidy from the relevant benefits office without a a separate application. It should be paid in the summer when the bills for heating costs or ancillary costs are usually due.

heating cost subsidy

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the heating cost subsidy

When can I get a heating cost subsidy?

The heating cost subsidy was first decided by the federal cabinet. However, the law will not come into force until it is passed by the Bundestag. This is expected to happen on June 1, 2022.

Who receives a grant?

People who received housing benefit for at least one month in the period from October 2021 to March 2022 will automatically receive a heating subsidy. Apprentices who have received vocational training allowance or training allowance under the SGB and live outside their parents’ home also receive it automatically.

Upon application, people who received BAföG for at least one month in the period from October 2021 to March 2022 and live outside their parents’ home, as well as those who received a maintenance contribution under the AFBG for at least one month in this period, will receive the grant. Anyone who is already automatically taken into account for the subsidy via the housing benefit cannot, of course, receive the subsidy again as a BAföG or AFBG recipient. There is only one subsidy in total.

Do I have to apply?

Yes, an application must be submitted if, as a BAföG or AFBG recipient, you did not receive housing benefit in the period from October 2021 to March 2022 and were not included in a housing benefit notice as a member of the household. 

If you received housing benefit in at least one of these months or if you were considered a member of the household, the heating cost subsidy will be paid out automatically. The responsible offices still have to be determined by the federal states. The application can be submitted until December 31, 2022. It should be submitted from June 1st, 2022 at the earliest. Anyone who automatically receives the heating cost subsidy through the receipt of housing benefit may not apply for it again due to AFBG or BAföG receipt.

How is the grant paid out?

The grant will be transferred to your own account.

How much is the grant?

The subsidy is a one-time flat rate of 230 euros for BAföG and AFBG recipients who receive a subsistence allowance.

Does it matter how high my BAföG rate or AFBG maintenance contribution is so that I receive the subsidy?

Yes, it only has to be proven that BAföG or a maintenance contribution according to the AFBG was approved for at least one month in the period from October 2021 to March 2022. The exact height doesn’t matter.

Can I also receive the subsidy if I receive student BAföG?

Yes, in addition to housing benefit recipients, BAföG -supported pupils, students and those supported with an AFBG maintenance contribution can also receive the subsidy.

Does it depend on where and how I live?

BAföG recipients can only receive the subsidy if they no longer live with their parents. Otherwise, the type of housing is irrelevant: you get the flat-rate subsidy regardless of whether you live alone or, for example, with a family in a shared apartment or in a dormitory.

It is important, however, that you did not receive housing benefit in the period from October 2021 to March 2022 and that you were not included in a corresponding housing benefit notice as a member of a household community. If, on the other hand, you received housing benefit in at least one of these months or if you were considered a member of the household, a heating cost subsidy is automatically granted via the housing benefit payment.

Do I have to submit proof of heating costs or rent?

No, the subsidy is granted as a lump sum.

Will the subsidy count towards my BAföG or AFBG entitlement?

No, the subsidy is not counted as income against the BAföG, AFBG or other social benefit entitlements


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