9 euro ticket: How to find the cheapest routes now using the hidden function in the DB Navigator App


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The 9-euro ticket from the 2022 relief package is coming. If you plan your vacation afterwards, a hidden function in the DB Navigator app could help.

Hidden function in the DB Navigator app: Almost everyone (except the politicians and some rich towns) is excited about the 9-euro ticket is a done deal! From June 1, 2022, people in Germany should be able to get a whopping discount on local public transport for three months. The ticket comes with restrictions: supra-regional offers such as ICE, IC, or EC may not be used. Find out how to use the hidden function in the DB Navigator app to plan your summer trips!

So what discount can travelers in Germany expect?

This applies to the 9-euro ticket for bus and train

From when is the ticket valid and for how long? June 1 to August 31, 2022
Where is the ticket valid?It is valid nationwide without regional restrictions.
Who is the ticket for?Without restriction to groups of people; Subscription customers will receive a refund
Contents of the 9-euro public transport ticket BahnCard 100 light
3 months public transport ticket for a total of 27 euros = 9 euros per month
Nationwide flat rate for all public transport including all regional trains
only exception: 9-euro ticket not valid on the ICE, IC, EC and Flixtrain
Sale of the “9 for 90” tickets Digital: via the DB Navigator app and the websites & apps of the transport associations and regional transport companies
Stationary: ticket machines and customer centers of transport companies and transport associations

9-euro ticket from the relief package 2022: How vacationers can already plan their travel route

Of course, the price also attracts numerous holidaymakers. Since the ticket can be purchased in the summer months of June, July, and August, it calls for taking one or two trips in your own country using public transport. This is probably one of the reasons why the holiday island of Sylt fears great chaos from the 9-euro ticket. But the chaos in the holiday paradises of Germany or not: If you want to get your holiday on track and plan properly in advance, you should know about a somewhat hidden function in the DB Navigator app.

9-euro ticket: How to find suitable connections in the DB app

But if you really want to save with the 9-euro ticket, you have to know your way around. This is because only journeys in local transport by Deutsche Bahn are possible. You can’t travel on the IC, EC, or even ICE. You should take this into account when planning the route for your trip – and the DB Navigator can help you with that.

How to find the cheapest routes now using the hidden function in the DB Navigator App

1. Enter your holiday route

On the Trip planner screen

  • Enter the starting location
  • Enter the destination
  • Enter the travel date
  • Enter the desired departure or arrival times

Then hit the “Search” button. The DB Navigator app will return ALL connections available including ICE and IC connections where the 9-euro ticket is not valid!

2. Search for travel connections using the hidden function in the DB Navigator App

  • Hit the back arrow () on the top left of the screen to navigate to the Trip planner screen
  • Click on white space above red “Search” button to see the Search options
  • Click on the Options tab
  • Click on the “All means of transport” down arrow
  • Uncheck the “All” – make sure slider is set to NO (you’ll notice that no option is selected)
  • Check the “Regional transport only” option – make sure the slider is on YES (you’ll notice that all options are selected EXCEPT these 3: ICE trains, Intercity and Eurocity trains, and Interregio and fast trains)
  • Click on the Check (✓) at the top right corner. This brings you back to the Search options screen
  • Click on the Check (✓) at the top right corner. This brings you back to the Trip planner screen
  • Now the space above the Search button show you the settings you’ve adjusted. Then hit the “Search” button. This time the DB Navigator app will return ONLY connections available with the 9-euro ticket!

NOTE: If you intend to travel with your bicycle, select the bicycle option (this might limit the number of connections because most trains companies have already started to encourage commuters to leave their bikes at home!)

The “Show our best prices” function does not work!!

The DB Navigator app also has a “Show our best price” button. This function does not show you the options you need when traveling with the 9-euro ticket!

The function shows “the best prices found here for the selected connection on the selected date. In some cases (certain transport associations fares, etc.), our system may contain a connection that we sell, but it is unable to display the prices here. The prices are shown in the next step and maybe lower.”

So basically, a useless function.

Can bikes and dogs ride for free?

The free transport of bicycles is not automatically included in the 9-euro monthly ticket. A bicycle ticket is therefore still required. Deutsche Bahn expects trains to be very busy and advises against taking bicycles with you. The entrainment can not be guaranteed .

If you want to take your dog with you, you should observe the regulations of the respective transport association. If dogs in the fare area require additional tickets, this also applies during the campaign period.


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