What happens if more hospitals start being deregistered from emergency care [due to too many Corona patients]?


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Wildeshauser Hospital Johanneum deregistered from emergency care due to increased corona patients

The Wildeshauser Hospital Johanneum has been deregistered from the central emergency care at the major control center in Oldenburg due to the increased outbreak of corona infections.

Ambulance patients not allowed in the deregistered hospital

Ambulance vehicles have to bring new patients to surrounding hospitals because no care can be provided in the district town. This also applies after accidents.

▶ The clinic management confirmed this dire situation. They currently have 15 Covid-19 patients plus other suspected cases. Due to this high number of corona patients, the staff is heavily burdened because the protective measures mean that the care and treatment of these people is very complex.

▶ The Johanneum Hospital has an extensive corona test concept that provides for regular test from patients and staff. All persons are must therefore be tested for a Covid 19 infection using a PCR test before they are admitted to hospital. Subsequently, further tests follow at regular daily intervals on the wards. Infected patients were identified through this and immediately transferred to the corona isolation ward.

Cause for alarm when visiting German hospitals

84-year-old woman is infected with corona in the Johanneum Hospital in Oldenburg. According to the hospital the woman who had already been vaccinated twice was admitted to the hospital in the past week without corona. The relatives were informed on Wednesday that the elderly woman could be released on Thursday. On Thursday, however, a test found that the old lady was now infected with the corona virus.

The cause is unclear, and because the situation in the hospital is becoming increasingly difficult, the Johanneum imposed a ban on visitation on Thursday. Exceptions to this are fathers-to-be in obstetrics or an accompanying person as well as relatives of palliative patients.

How high is the risk of contracting corona in hospital?

Corona infection in the hospital: how big is the risk? Gown, mask, protective goggles and gloves

The fact is: Hospital employees are also infected with Corona, it doesn’t even have to be at work, it can also happen in private.

A patient in the hospital could become infected even though hospitals do a lot to ensure that this does not happen. The probability is higher to be infected in the private area. Because in the clinic, particularly strict hygiene rules apply to protect staff and patients.

Corona outlook: Hospital will end up being deregistered from emergency care regularly

There could still be “occasional cancellations from the emergency care” – if all available treatment capacities in emergency room are occupied with corona patients. Although the hospitals regret this, the protection of patients and employees has priority, especially in times of pandemic.

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