The inflation shock list in the supermarket! Things are about to get expensive


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EXPENSIVE INFLATION: Who will be affected the most when shopping? Find out!

No matter whether visiting the hairdresser (plus 3.3 percent compared to the same month last year) or going out to eat (3.7 percent more). Germany hits the expensive shock!

The prices for just about EVERYTHING have gone up. New figures from the Federal Statistical Office show where it hurts the most in the wallet.

In the supermarket

Almost nothing that can be found on the supermarket shelves remains stable in price: eggs, cheese, coffee, alcohol. And: The prices for food in general rose by 4.9 percent compared to the same month last year.

Also means: Compared to the average inflation (4.1 percent), these have become more expensive than average. Germans have to pay a lot at the cash register. A shopping cart that cost 100 euros a year ago is now almost 105 euros.

▶ Particularly tough for vegetarians and vegans: vegetables rose by 9.2 percent – particularly dramatically for tomatoes (32.8 percent). But oils and fats (6.4 percent) as well as eggs (13.3 percent) also showed blatant increases.

▶ Due to the explosion in the price of grain, toast bread (10.2 percent) and frozen cakes (7.1 percent) are also becoming much more expensive.

The horror list in the supermarket:

tomatoes+ 32.8 percent
Strawberries+ 18.6 percent
Cooking oil+ 15.2 percent
Eggs+ 13.4 percent
Can of peas+ 10.8 percent
toast+ 10.2 percent
cut cheese+ 8.2 percent
Frozen cake+ 7.1 percent
Coffee beans+ 6.4 percent
Quark+ 6.3 percent
band Aid+ 5.4 percent
beef Roulade+ 4.8 percent
cognac+ 4.7 percent
Meat ready meal+ 4.6 percent
butter+ 4.5 percent
Lamb’s lettuce+ 3.6 percent
Canned fruit+ 3.6 percent
Frozen vegetables+ 3.2 percent

For alcohol and tobacco, on the other hand, only 2.4 percent more has to be spent on average.

But that’s not all: everyday products are also becoming more and more expensive in the supermarket – including: fabric softeners, candles, hair tints, health baths.

rug+ 4 percent
Melissa spirit+ 4 percent
Health baths+ 4 percent
Over-the-counter medicines+ 4.2 percent
Hair tint+ 4.7 percent
band Aid+ 5.4 percent
softener+ 9.7 percent
Candles+ 7.6 percent

Living costs

When it comes to living, Germans will have to pay more money in the future. Almost good news: rents only increased by 1.4 percent.

▶ BUT: Maintenance and repair costs have increased by 6.1 percent. Gas by 4.4 percent. And beware: Experts expect significantly higher prices for gas!

Disastrous news for everyone who heats with heating oil: That is 38.1 percent more expensive!

Furniture, lamps, carpets, household appliances and the like have increased prices by 3.5 percent.

And it is also becoming more expensive for adventurers: games of chance (including the lottery) increased in price by 9.3 percent.

Car & bike

EVERYTHING to do with traffic is more expensive than in the same month last year.

The prices for gasoline, diesel and Co. have risen by an unbelievable 28.2 percent! Petrol now often costs over two euros. Reason: Oil prices are at an eight-year high and the state is cashing in on fuel. Around one euro per liter of petrol goes to the Treasury.

But if you want to be completely climate-neutral by bike, you also have to dig deeper into your pocket: There is a price increase of 7.7 percent in the purchase price. In the case of cars, the figure is 6.4 percent.

Expert: Inflation rate in German skyrockets!

There are many reasons for the soaring inflation rate. Among other things, climate protection measures and increased energy prices are responsible.

Economist Prof. Dr. Michael Grömling from the Cologne Institute for Economic Research explains: “We are currently experiencing a cloudburst with inflation,” many factors come together.

“In the second half of 2021, we will be dragging along the increased VAT rate and CO2 pricing. Those are the technical aspects ”, on the other hand, increased energy and raw material prices are partly responsible, as Grömling explains. “The powerful boost in gas and oil really hits the inflation rate.”

According to the economist, there are also sustainable problems in the supply chains, which would result in companies having higher production costs. Another factor is “geopolitical games” between the USA and China – for example in the area of ​​scarce semiconductors.


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