Did you know that you can insure your grill in Germany?


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Seriously? YES Germans do! You also might want to insure your grill! Find out why and how you can also insure your grill in Germany

Do you think of insurance when grilling? Or rather burgers, steaks & Co.? Find out below why it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the topic of barbecue and insurance and in which cases you can insure your grill.

Insurance protects when grilling

Insurance is not necessarily a popular topic for most people. Sure, you deal with it once, close a few and that’s it. The insurance folder is in the closet and unless damage is occurring, you usually don’t think about it.

But if you like to grill or want to buy a new grill, you should at least think briefly about Insurance. There are a lot of reasons why you need to insure your grill. This protects against unpleasant surprises and saves a lot of money in the event of damage.

insure your grill

Correctly insured when grilling

Every year around 4,000 accidents occur while barbecuing in Germany. The various grilling devices – electric, charcoal and gas grills – harbor different sources of danger.

Frequent causes of accidents and damage

  • Incorrect installation of the grill (not tilt-proof, no safety distance to flammable materials)
  • Tripping hazards with cables on the electric grill
  • Formation of flashes when igniting and relighting
  • Flying sparks from wind or artificial air supply

REMEMBER: Open fire exudes cosiness – but the flames are not to be underestimated. They reach around 800 ° C.

If you make it clear that the flames blazing out of the grill are around 800 degrees Celsius, embers and rust are around 500 degrees Celsius and the outer casing of a metal grill is around 400 degrees, the dangers of grilling become clearer. Children in particular cannot assess these dangers. So it never hurts to have a bucket of water, sand, or a fire extinguisher ready in case of an emergency.

Never extinguish a grease fire with water

If grease has ignited in the grill, never use water to extinguish it! Even if you instinctively want to extinguish a fire with water, in that case it would be completely wrong. Fat and water do not mix, the water evaporates suddenly and the hot water vapor pulls small fat droplets with it. When these ignite, a devastating jet flame is created. 

REMEMBER: one liter of water turns into around 1,700 liters of water vapor.


What to do in case of fat fire?

  • If it is still possible: cut off the air supply on the charcoal grill, close the regulator on the gas grill, close the bottle. Remove the food from the grill or put the lid / baking tray on the pan / saucepan
  • What you should definitely have in stock: Fire extinguisher class “F”
  • Can’t you handle it, the flames are too high, you don’t dare to approach the grill? Call the fire brigade 112

Serious burns occur time and again from fat fires. You should therefore perform regular maintenance on a gas grill.

insure your grill

Which insurance pay in case of damage to your grill?

Depending on the damage caused by a grill fire, different insurances for the gas grill damage are possible:

Private liability insurance

This is about property damage and / or personal injury. However, even with personal liability insurance, you are not automatically exempt from all liability. It is crucial that your insurance company waives the objection of gross negligence. This means that even if you act grossly negligent, the full insurance cover remains. 

However, not all insurance companies dispense with this objection. So be sure to take a look at your policy so that you know what to expect in the event of an incident. However, damage caused intentionally will not be reimbursed by insurance as a matter of principle.

TIP: A private liability insurance really makes sense. Without this insurance, you are liable with your private assets in the event that someone is harmed through your fault. A careless moment is enough and, in the worst case, you pay for a lifetime. The Hamm Higher Regional Court decided in a judgment that in some cases not only the person responsible is liable: Joint liability in the event of a barbecue accident with alcohol (Az .: 9 U 129/08) .

Residential building insurance

If a fire breaks out while grilling, you need this insurance for your home. If there are outbuildings on your insured property and the fire spreads to them, these are not always automatically insured. You often need separate insurance coverage for this. Check with your insurance company and ask whether outbuildings are also insured and, if so, up to what value.

Accident insurance

Severe burns or gas explosions can have serious health consequences. In such cases, you can rely on accident insurance. But here, too, the following applies: Always look into the small print and ask your insurance company explicitly in which cases it pays.

Good insurance can be of great benefit. However, it is more important to have safe equipment to prevent accidents. A double membrane pressure regulator and a hose rupture safety device, for example, offer additional protection when grilling with gas.

Household insurance

Depending on the insurance, the contents that were destroyed in a barbecue fire are insured through the contents insurance. An additional external insurance clause can even cover damage that occurs when barbecuing outside of your own four walls.

But what about the grill? Can you insure a barbecue? And if so, “only” against fire or can you also insure your grill against theft?

insure your grill

Reasons to insure you grill

The good news: you can also insure your grill.


  • The grill is destroyed in a fire
  • The grill is stolen.
  • Storm or hail will damage the grill.

It is certainly not worth taking out insurance for every barbecue. But if you have invested a lot in your BBQ equipment, insurance for the grill can make sense.

Unfortunately, there is no insurer with whom you tick the above examples in the insurance contract and the grill is already insured. That’s not how it works.

Each insurer has its own rules for insuring the grill. And then there is the “fine print”, which explains what requirements must be met so that the insurance company pays in the event of a claim.

So it is impossible to say in general which insurer is exactly the right one for your case.

This checklist will help you further:

Furniture on adjacent terraces is usually insured – but a closer look at your insurance documents will bring you clarity.

  1. Do you have home insurance? If so,
  2. Check if the grill belongs to the household items. If so,
  3. Does the insurance pay if the grill is destroyed in a fire?
  4. Does insurance pay if the grill is stolen?
  5. Does the insurance pay for storm and hail damage? “Only” on the balcony or terrace or on the entire property?

As a rule, household contents insurance only pays for damage to inventory, furniture, etc. within the apartment / house. Objects on balconies, terraces and loggias that directly adjoin the living spaces are also insured. But the same applies here: the insurance conditions differ from insurer to insurer. Take a look at your insurance contract and check the clauses for your individual case. The compensation limits are also different depending on the tariff.

Tip: Before you take out new insurance for the grill, first check whether the contents of the new insurance are not already covered by an existing contract. Sometimes you can easily expand your contract to insure your grill. In the event of a claim, the current conditions are always important, which is why you should check your insurance from time to time to see whether they still match your living conditions and requirements. (Original) old household contents insurances usually did not include the grill in the household contents.

Interesting judgment on stolen barbecue: Bad Segeberg District Court, judgment AG SE 17 C 116 11 of December 22, 2012.

Storm damage outside the building

In addition to tap water damage, storm damage is one of the most common causes of damage in Germany. But what does that mean for the grill? The decisive factors are the place of insurance, external insurance and exclusions in the event of a storm risk.

Because: Storm and hail damage to garden furniture, garden tools, etc. are not covered by most insurance companies. Balconies, terraces, etc., which are directly connected to the building, belong to the insurance location, and you could also include external insurance, but:

“External insurance cover for storm and hail damage only exists inside buildings. The insurer does not provide any compensation for damage to property that is outside of buildings. “

Beware of storms and hail: If your grill is outside of buildings, insurance usually does not cover any damage.

This is included in some household contents insurance plans, but the amounts are often capped. You should check in your contract whether the sum is sufficient. And: Since storms are usually announced, they do not come as a surprise. So there would be time to secure garden furniture, barbecue & Co., so the argument of some insurers.

Insurance companies with which you can insure your grill in Germany

  1. VHV
  2. HDI
  3. alliance
  4. Ergo
  5. HUK Coburg
  6. NV insurance
  7. HK liability insurance
  8. Janitos Best Selection
  9. Interlloyd Infinitus

IMPORTANT: When taking out insurance, pay attention to the additional condition: Storm and hail damage on the insurance property. Have the co-insurance of objects in the garden / in the outdoor kitchen confirmed in writing and pay attention to the amount of the insured objects and the deductible.

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