Internet providers in Germany – which one is the best in 2021?


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The first thing you will notice is that there are quite a few internet providers in Germany. In 2021, DSL is the most widely used technology to for surfing the Internet quickly. Find out more below

Once you have an apartment in Germany, you will need Internet. Most Internet providers in Germany offer DSL at low cost and it is widely available. Since the selection of providers is large, using an Internet provider comparison helps before concluding a contract. As an Expat in Germany, you want to save on additional unnecessary costs. Below is a look at Internet providers in Germany.

The best internet providers in Germany

In Germany, some large DSL Internet providers are active throughout Germany and can therefore switch their offers practically anywhere. 

The major Internet providers include Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, o2 and 1 & 1. However, there are also many smaller Internet providers, some of which only offer their offers regionally, such as EWE in Northern Germany or M-Net from Munich.

There is no general answer to which internet provider is the best, but rather depends on personal needs. However, since the complete offers of many DSL providers are structured similarly, the Internet comparison is worthwhile.

In addition to the DSL connection, the Internet contract also includes an Internet flat rate and a telephone connection for making calls. The tariffs of the fixed network providers often differ between the tariffs they offer. The telephone tariff comparison shows you quickly the differences in the charges that arise. The bandwidth of the Internet tariffs can also be very different and mostly depend on the technology used, which is used or is available at the place of residence.

internet providers in germany

Which are the major Internet providers in Germany?

  • Telecom
  • Vodafone
  • 1 & 1
  • O2 – Telefonica

Which DSL internet providers in Germany provide coverage throughout the country?

The Germany-wide internet providers are:

  • Telekom
  • Vodafone
  • O2 – Telefonica
  • 1 & 1

They offer internet tariffs practically throughout Germany directly over the telephone connection. With complete Internet offers, the customer gets everything he needs for Internet surfing and landline calls, even an Internet telephone, the so-called IP telephone, is already included in the package price in some places.

It is not only the individual components of the complete package that are important, but also a higher bandwidth. The DSL speed is a major reason for many customers in addition to the basic monthly charges, for example, to change his Internet provider.

Which Internet providers in Germany have the best DSL Internet offers?

The first question that everyone should ask is: Which type of connection can be used for telephone and Internet? A telephone line is available in most households, but in many households the cable connection is an interesting alternative. So if there is a cable socket in the apartment, the cable connection is another option in addition to the DSL telephone line.

Which internet providers operate a local cable network is also determined in the internet tariff comparison by entering the postcode.

  • Internet speed?
    As a rule, DSL providers usually offer the DSL 16000 tariff as Internet for home use. The VDSL 50 or, more recently, the VDSL 100 tariff is faster. The faster VDSL connections with their higher data rates are particularly interesting for intensive users, multi-person households or shared apartments. However, the speed that can actually be booked depends on the on-site infrastructure. Particularly high speeds are usually only available in large cities or a cable provider has to be used. Here you will find a comparison of current DSL and VDSL speeds.
  • Telephone tariffs comparison with or without a flat-rate telephone?
    The next question is whether a flat landline telephone is actually needed? A telephone connection is now automatically included in most Internet offers. However, this does not necessarily have to be actively used.
    Anyone who already uses a flat-rate cell phone does not have to book a flat-rate phone, which saves additional money on the Internet contract.
  • What hardware is there?
    The hardware for the Internet offer is important, but is often not sufficiently taken into account in the comparison of Internet providers. Is the hardware offered free of charge or does it incur additional one-off or even monthly costs? A decisive cost factor.
  • Fixed term or better flexible contract variant?
    Most internet contracts have a contract term of 24 months. This means that the contract can only be changed after 2 years at the earliest. If the contract is not terminated in good time (usually 3 months before it expires), the contract term is automatically extended by a further year. 

Recently, some Internet providers such as 1 & 1 or O2 have also been offering flexible contract models. Here the customer can get out again after 1-3 months. For this reason, these contract models have some advantages, as the customer can react quickly to price changes. However, these short-term Internet tariffs are usually significantly more expensive when compared to the price comparison of Internet contracts.

  • Are there any extra services?
    Today, a number of extra services can be booked together with the Internet contract. In addition to the Internet, it is well known that Germany’s favorite child’s television is at home. Therefore, in addition to the Internet, TV programs such as Telekom Entertain or Vodafone TV can also be booked as a complete package on request.
internet providers in germany

Speed ​​testing the best internet providers in Germany: Telekom wins confidently

Among the top internet providers in Germany, Telekom has the highest level of reliability, followed by Vodafone and 1 & 1.

Telekom predicts the speed that customers can expect particularly well: the measured downloads reach an average of 90.4 percent of the speed that Telekom specifies in the product information sheet. This is followed by 1 & 1 and Vodafone with 81.7 and 81.5 percent respectively. The distance to the advertised maximum is of course greater.

Here you can confidently deduct a quarter from the advertising poster: Telekom, 1 & 1, Pÿur and Vodafone are between 76 and 70 percent. O2 only-Customers should calculate more defensively and dampen their expectations by more than a third (64.5 percent). O2 also makes brisk information in the product information sheet, which according to our measurements does not keep up with reality (67.9 percent).

The top 3 national internet providers in Germany

Quality1st place: Telekom2nd place: Vodafone3rd place: 1 & 1
Overall rating1.41.82.1
Download (75 percent)1.422.1
Upload (20 percent)
Latency (5 percent)11.11.4

What are the internet costs in Germany?

Below is an overview of all the important cost items that make up the actual Internet costs for a complete DSL package:

  • The monthly package price: This covers all basic components such as internet, telephony, DSL flat rate and telephone tariffs.
  • The hardware costs: The providers usually provide the appropriate DSL hardware at a greatly reduced one-off price. Or the customer can use the hardware for a monthly rental fee. Some of the hardware is even available for free.
  • The additional option: The selection of extra services that can be booked is long, such as international and mobile phone tariffs, UMTS flat rates for mobile Internet, software packages or online television. For this very reason, the customer should check exactly what is in the shopping cart before submitting his order.
  • The setup fees & shipping costs: As a rule, the providers charge a one-time fee for the connection setup. However, this is often waived by many providers for new customers. Additional costs at the start may be incurred once for shipping the hardware.
internet providers in germany

Compare internet providers in Germany

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