Job Application 2022: important trends, tips + deadlines

Applying for a job in Germany in 2022: The beginning of the new year is therefore a good time to deal with the application. 

Job Application 2022: In the past few years, some developments have already taken hold that will also play a major role in the new year. Read more to find out what to look out for when applying for a job in 2022 and which application trends you need to be aware of.

Job Application 2022: Success through motivation and individuality

For a successful application in 2022 you have to move with the times. It is primarily about the form of application. When it comes to the content of your application documents, on the other hand, you score points with a few well-known arguments that have been decisive for an acceptance in previous years:

  • Individuality
    Training , studies and general skills are not enough. The competition is too great and the qualifications are too similar. You need to stand out from the crowd , attract attention and be remembered. Show what defines you personally and what sets you apart from others.
  • Motivation
    Companies are looking for employees who are really committed, show initiative and contribute to success. The application for 2022 should therefore also reflect your motivation . Address your goals in the job and clarify your added value for the employer.
  • Values
    Answer the question: Why are you applying to this particular company? Make a clear reference and address the corporate culture . Refer to key company values, goals, and visions that you share and support. This shows that you don’t just apply, but actually fit into the team and identify with the employer.

Easier access to information

An advantage for the individual application in 2022: The availability of information about potential employers. In addition to job advertisements, the company’s homepage and social media accounts, there are now various evaluation portals available to applicants – Kununu, Glassdoor, etc.

However, rating portals are both a blessing and a curse . While you will receive first-hand information, it should be used with caution. A disgruntled ex-employee is not going to leave good hair on the company. On the other hand, the employer may be promoting itself through very good reviews.

In the 2022 application, developments that have already started in previous years will be advanced and expanded. In summary, one could say that the application in 2022 will be …

  • more digital
  • easier
  • more quickly

Below we present the most important trends for the 2022 application in more detail:

Online application

The online application has already replaced the classic application folder on paper and will also be preferred by the majority of HR managers in 2022. This includes and understands both e-mail applications and filling out an application form – for example on the company website – even if the terms are actually differentiated.

The advantages: Free and immediate dispatch, no costs for the application folder and countless sheets of paper are eliminated in the company. This makes it easier to apply and view the documents.

Online profile

Before companies make a choice, they want to learn as much as possible about candidates. Online profiles will therefore come more into focus when applying in 2022 – but are often underestimated by applicants. Not only can you make a positive impression here, but you can also be found by headhunters or employers through active sourcing .

You can create your own application homepage or create a profile in professional networks such as Xing or LinkedIn . The following applies to all options: The content must be permanently updated and always up-to-date. An orphaned online profile is useless and has a rather negative effect.

Application videos

Since Corona, people have been communicating more and more via video. Zoom, Teams, GoogleMeet: There are now numerous providers on the market. Powerful smartphones and social networks like Instagram or TikTok have also made videos child’s play and popular for everyone. So it’s no wonder that this medium is increasingly being used in job applications.

Application videos can increase the application chances enormously. But only 7 percent of candidates use them, even though 90 percent of recruiters would look at them. After all, in terms of motivation and personality, they are much more meaningful than a written application. Our thesis: The application video even has the potential to replace the application letter at some point …

Mobile recruiting

Together with online applications, mobile recruiting for companies will also be strengthened in 2022 . Even greater growth is possible here: While online applications are already being used in many companies, employers still have some catching up to do with mobile recruiting via smartphones.

In the future, important tasks for many companies will be to create the opportunity for applicants to submit application documents, create résumés or create profiles simply and easily via smartphone or tablet on their own career websites. The so-called one-click application and applicant databases in particular are intended to make it as easy as possible for potential new employees when applying in 2022.

Application without a cover letter

Some companies already do without the cover letter. The Deutsche Bahn, for example. Or Daimler TSS. The IT subsidiary of the car manufacturer relies on 15-second videos instead of cover letters. It is to be expected that other employers will follow this trend for applications in 2022. Unfortunately. 

The step is intended to lower the hurdles for applicants. But nobody says whether this will also increase the quality of the applications. At the same time, HR managers forego important information that they actually need to select applicants . The résumé only looks to the past, the cover letter looks to the future. In particular, career starters, lateral entrants and applicants with gaps and breaks in their résumé benefit from the application letter because it explains, interprets and enhances their previous career.


Many companies are experimenting with new forms of application to address candidates. This also includes so-called recruitainment – a symbiosis of recruiting and entertainment. Applicants will receive a link and the following instructions that are given in it.

What looks like a game due to the design and a small plot , in which the applicant is supposed to solve some tasks and overcome hurdles, is in reality the same as an assessment center . Problem-solving skills and other skills that are important for the job are tested in a playful way .

Trade fairs and events

Due to the corona virus , many trade fairs were canceled, postponed or took place digitally in the past. Physical events and hybrid forms will again play a major role for the 2022 application. Job fairs are still an important interface between applicants and employers.

In addition to important information, candidates can establish direct contact with companies. Even if the job search does n’t work right away, a network for the future can be built here.

Effects of Corona on the job applications in 2022

The past year as well as the year before were completely dominated by the Corona crisis. Not only did companies have to make adjustments in their operations, the application process was also influenced by the pandemic: Not only did people work from home anymore , but personnel selection also became more digital.

In 2022, however, many companies will increasingly rely on telephone and video interviews to get to know applicants more personally before they invite them. It simply saves time and travel costs and has proven itself time and again in the past.

Apprenticeship and studies 2022: when to apply?

With the knowledge of the 2022 application, another question arises: When do you have to apply and submit your documents? In any case, you should inform yourself individually, as there may be differences depending on the industry and employer or university or college. But there is still an initial orientation:

  • Applying for an apprenticeship in 2022 The
    following applies here: Apply as early as possible. You are already running late for an apprenticeship in 2022, and in some cases you have to apply up to a year in advance. You should expect at least six to nine months in advance. In other words, if you want to start an apprenticeship in 2022, it is high time you applied for it.
  • Application for a degree in 2022
    The application deadline for a degree depends on whether you start in the summer or winter semester. Most courses start in October for the winter semester. If the course is restricted to admission, the application phase usually runs from April to mid-July (around 15.4 to 15.7). If there are no admission restrictions, you can enroll until September. If you want to start in the summer semester, you have to hurry. The deadlines for courses with restricted admission often end in January.


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