Job Offer Warning Signs: How Good Is The Company Really?

Some job offers sound better than they are. You should learn how to recognize relevant warning signs to avoid disappointment. Most job vacancies sound flowery. They promise a great team, a great climate, a great job. 

Job Offer Warning Signs: If Adam and Eve had to work here – it would be paradise. Unfortunately, the reality is far from it. How far – that will tell you numerous clues about applications and job interviews. Tips and warning signs on how to expose some pimped employer façades.

Job offer warning signs before applying

Job Offer Warning Signs

Before you write an application and invest a lot of time in a cover letter or résumé , you should examine the potential employer. The following criteria provide information:

  • Job advertisement
    If you have found a suitable job advertisement in an online job exchange , you should first check it for formalities: Is the job described in detail? Are there clear requirements (or are you looking for the egg-laying woolly pig)? What about the promise of performance, salary , contact persons? If too much relevant information is missing, this is not a good sign.
  • Social media
    Hardly any self-respecting employer can do without appearing on social networks. Above all on LinkedIn , Instagram or Xing . Take a look at how they communicate there. Above all: How do the community managers deal with applicants?
  • Employer rating portals
    In employer rating portals such as Kununu, Glassdoor or job voting, employees and ex-employees write about their experiences. This is not always free from the intention of revenge, but can also reveal warning signs. Especially with points that are important to YOU. Also take a look at employer rankings .
  • Google
    Finally: Googling your dream job and employer of times. The combination of “COMPANY + experiences” usually leads to articles or posts from bloggers or ex-employees. These, too, can reveal some warning signs.

Job offer warning signs in the job interview

Job Offer Warning Signs

Many applicants view the interview too one-sidedly. As a kind of test that only they have to pass. The coin has a downside: as a candidate, you too can and should put the job offer and the employer to the test in the interview .

In order to scratch the chic employer facade , you should pay attention to the following clues:

  1. Parking spaces
    Check the company parking spaces , if there are any. In particular their hierarchy. Are there fixed parking spaces near the company only for managing directors and VIPs? Or rather for customers, employees with children and the disabled? This already tells you a lot about the culture of the company and the prevailing status thinking .
  2. Reception
    A lack of warmth towards applicants is a veritable warning sign. Some employers keep applicants waiting in the lobby despite an appointment. Will they at least offer you a good seat and something to drink? Or are you being treated like an annoying visitor? Likewise the greeting : is it personal? Do you know your name? Do you feel welcome?
  3. Manners
    Observe: How do colleagues interact with one another: Are they friendly , respectful , warm? Or do the crumbs have to be silent when the cake talks? This shows a lot about the true team spirit .
  4. Body language
    HR professionals who consider themselves to be in a superior position hardly pay any attention to their body language . But you do: Pay close attention to the small micro-gestures. Are you sitting across from each other (distant) or at a corner (cooperative)? Are they turned towards you, interested – or does the conversation sound like an interrogation? It doesn’t have to be a warning sign – it just has to suit you.
  5. Dress code
    The same applies to the prevailing dress codes . How do the employees walk around the house? The dress code (or mess) will determine your everyday life later on. What do you value?
  6. Workplaces
    Office furnishings and workplace design reveal a lot about company culture: Are the offices open, are the doors open? Are the desks large and tidy and the chairs comfortable ? Or does it all look more like intensive farming? Such warning signs show you how valuable the “human capital” really is here.
  7. Reliability
    Another warning sign: If the HR manager promises to report on Monday and does not do so, it shows neither good manners nor faithfulness to his word. Sure, such a selection process can take longer. But if you meet at eye level, at least get in touch and ask for understanding and patience .

Bonus: the toilet theory

If you are invited for an interview, visit one of the toilets on site. No joke! According to the toilet theory , you can see the true corporate culture in the quiet place: How do the employees leave the (usable) toilet for their successor? For example, are the toilet rolls filled and the latrines clean? If not, that says: “Here everyone only thinks of himself. A single hit and stab! ”Even if there is a good cleaner who comes regularly: It’s about the basic togetherness, about mutual consideration and mindfulness in the literal sense of the word.

Warning signs in a job offer

Job Offer Warning Signs

Has everything gone well so far, did you not see the abnormalities and warning signs mentioned above? Good. So now there is a concrete job offer on the table that, like many other applicants, you would like to sign immediately. Stop!

This is exactly where we ask you , with the signature to wait a little. You should also critically examine the job offer and the employment contract and examine them more closely. It’s best to sleep over it for a night .

Job offer checklist

You always have time to think it over. If the future employer rejects the request and urges you to sign the employment contract immediately, you should pay attention even more. You should therefore again pay attention to the following warning signs:

  • The future employer promises you unrealistically good working conditions.
  • In the job interview you have been promised a lot. However, you will not receive the commitments in writing.
  • The employment contract differs significantly from what you have negotiated so far .
  • The job and task description in the employment contract has little or nothing to do with the discussed position.
  • In the run-up, there was talk of an open-ended contract . There is now a time limit in the contract .
  • You will not get a contact person for queries, but will be put off and forwarded.
  • Nobody wants to tell you why the position is vacant or how many predecessors there were.

Bad job warning signs

Job Offer Warning Signs

Even later in the job, there may still be warning signs that speak for an early termination of the employment relationship – possibly during the probationary period . There can be dissatisfaction in any job. But if it becomes chronic and there are tangible causes for this, this could be an indication of a job change .

The following warning signs serve as an initial orientation. Always ask yourself whether it is just a temporary phase of frustration or a permanent condition.

  • You no longer enjoy
    your job. Your professional goal on Monday is Friday. So you just do the job according to the rules . Internally, you have long since resigned . The next step should be to ask yourself why you are doing this.
  • You no longer identify with your employer
    A reliable sign of this is that you are only talking about “they” and no longer about “we”. It shows that you are building distance and no longer supporting your employer’s decisions. This also has an impact on your motivation and initiative .
  • Colleagues make life hell
    Competitive pressure, growing antipathies, increasing dishonesty and intrigue can make a job unbearable. Although you meet in the coffee kitchen, you hardly ever change words. In such an environment nobody can realize themselves or become happy .
  • You feel treated unfairly.
    Even though you are trying to do your job to the best of your ability, the poor feedback from managers and colleagues does not stop. That burdens enormously and robs everyone of vigor .
  • You see your doctor more often than your colleagues.
    The situation at work is already affecting your health. You feel tired and powerless all the time. Sleep is also no longer restful. Since you started working there, you have felt that your health has become more vulnerable. Talk to your doctor about possible causes!
  • You think your boss is an idiot Your
    relationship with your boss is fundamental to job satisfaction . They say: employees come because of the job and leave because of the boss. If face-to-face conversations don’t help and atmospheric disturbances grow, that’s a strong warning sign of an increasingly lousy job.

All of the warning signs and clues mentioned are always pieces of the puzzle. An observation, mental hook on the list says nothing about the company and its employer qualities as a whole. However, if the warning signs pile up and you can perhaps even research appropriate information on the Internet, caution is advised. Maybe you should look for a better alternative.