11 perfect lakes near Munich Germany that you can get to without a car


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So you are visiting Bavaria, Germany and the weather is great. Why not check out the 11 lakes near Munich?

There are a great number of perfect lakes near Munich, Germany that you can get to without a car. Just hop on your bike or public transport and see what you can do at the lakes near Munich, Germany:

  • Read a book on the picnic blanket
  • Doze off in the shade under large trees
  • Treat yourself to an ice cream in between
  • Sizzle in the sun and plunge into the blue water to cool off

Below is a list of 11 lakes near Munich Germany:

Map of the beautiful lakes near Munich Germany that you can swim in

1. Wörthsee

lakes near munich germany

Turquoise, turquoise, Wörthsee. This beauty belongs to the Fünfseenland in Upper Bavaria and is located about 25 km southwest of Munich, in the Starnberg district. The bathing lake is right at the top of two rankings: Thanks to the clean, light blue water, it is rightly one of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria and is particularly popular with frostbite, because it is also one of the warmest lakes in the area. If just lazing around here is not enough, you can pass the time with sailing, surfing, stand up paddling and the like.

FUN FACT: A large part of the lake promenade and the island of Wörth are privately owned by Count Toerring-Jettenbach. The following applies: if you look, you will find. There are some free bathing areas and outdoor pools, for example, in Steinebach or the Oberndorf recreation area.

How to get there: Take the S8 S-Bahn in the direction of Herrsching to Steinebach, the rest of the way on foot. By car via the A 96 to the Wörthsee exit and then in the direction of Steinebach. Sporty people can complete the route in around two hours by bike.

2. Karlsfelder See

lakes near munich germany

Day after day, sun worshipers make the pilgrimage to the quarry pond between Karlsfeld and Dachau to celebrate barbecues, have a beer or bathe in the dark green lake. In addition to a lot of sunbathing area, the Karlsfelder See also offers a skate park, table tennis courts, a volleyball field and a bowling green. So if sunbathing quickly becomes too boring for you, you can indulge in your urge to move here.

LOCAL TIP: There is a lot of space around almost the entire lake (3 km access to the shore). If you don’t want to miss out on the gastronomic offers, it is best to settle down on the lake side of the Paulaner Seegarten, everyone else will find plenty of space and peace on the opposite side.

How to get there: If you want to make it easy for yourself, come by car, because you can take the S2 to Karlsfeld by public transport, but then you have to walk about 2.5 km. The best way to do this is by bike from Pasing along the signposted Würmradweg.


3. Steinsee

lakes near munich germany

If heaven really does exist, then it certainly looks like Badeparadies Steinsee! The natural lake is like a small oasis in the middle of a forest, about 23 kilometers east of Munich in the municipality of Moosach. The lake is fed by pure spring water, so it has a great water quality and is up to 26 degrees warm in summer. The beach on the north bank is on a slope lined with large trees. 

There is a beer garden with a grill, an open-air bar and the best french fries ever. If you want to save the entrance fee of 4 euros, you can alternatively look for a place on the southeastern shore of the lake. No matter where you lie: Pack your Autan – nature sends its regards!

FAVORITE SPOT: Check out the beach on the north bank. The lovingly laid out area completes the wonderful lake perfectly.

How to get there: Admittedly, even by car it is not the next way from Munich. But the 45 minutes (or shorter, depending on the location) are worth it. If you want to come by public transport, take the S4 in the direction of Ebersberg to Zorneding and from there take the 453 bus in the direction of Glonn to the Niederseeon school. It takes 8 minutes to get to the Steinsee outdoor pool.

4. Poschinger Weiher

lakes near munich germany

It is the insider tip among the Munich lakes – the Poschinger Weiher in the Isar floodplains, near Unterföhring. Enemies of mass tourism are in particularly good hands here, because the idyllic lake does not attract as many bathing enthusiasts as its big brother, the Feringasee. And that, although there is also a lot of space to lie down, a nice beer garden, table tennis tables and the like. The best: The lake is one of the cleanest in Bavaria.

LOCAL TIP: Everyone favors the west bank because it offers the best views – there is enough space for everyone!

How to get there: The nicest way to get there is definitely by bike. Just in the English Garden along the Isar in the direction of Unterföhring, then you can’t miss it. There are also parking spaces for motorists. Getting here by public transport is not advisable – too complicated.

5. Echinger See

lakes near munich germany

If you need to cool down after a strenuous furniture purchase at Ikea Eching, you are well advised to get it at Echinger See. It is located in the south of the municipality of Eching and offers everything a swimming lake needs to be able to do: great water, beer garden, plenty of sunbathing areas, beach volleyball, table tennis. 

LOCAL TIP: It is best to relax and bathe at the main bathing area on the northeastern bank.

Directions: By car via the A9 to the Eching exit and then always follow the signs. With the S-Bahn S1 to Eching, then you have to walk about 2 km. It takes about an hour by bike from Munich main station.

6. Feldmochinger See

lakes near munich germany

It’s perfect for barbecues and nude bathing. It is the largest – the largest quarry pond of the three brothers in the Lake District (Fasanerie, Lerchenauer and Feldmochinger See) in the north-west of Munich. There is something for every type of leisure time: a lot of sunbathing area, designated barbecue areas, playgrounds for children, a volleyball field, benches and tables for picnics, a kiosk and an ice cream man who does his laps on hot days. Friends of the seamless tan can drop their covers in the nudist area.

LOCAL TIP: Those who like it a little louder and wilder will find their place on the west bank with a kiosk, barbecue area and Co. Families are best looked after on the east bank and peace and quiet are most of all on the nudist south bank.

How to get there: Take the U2 in the direction of Feldmoching to Hasenbergl, then take the 172 bus to the lake. If you come by car, you can park on both sides of the lake for a small fee. Tip: It doesn’t take much longer by bike, but it’s much nicer.

7. Feringasee

lakes near munich germany

Surfers paradise! Okay, the Feringasee cannot of course be compared with the sea – but at least many windsurfing enthusiasts come here in summer to celebrate this art on their board. Water mermaids and chillers also feel at home here. Lots of sunbathing space, cold clear water and a cozy restaurant make the Feringasee near Unterföhring a popular bathing lake.

LOCAL TIP: Nudists love the peninsula of the Baggersee, everyone else will find their favorite spot on the large shore. What you unfortunately have to endure everywhere: The noise of the nearby motorway.

How to get there: If you come by car, you should have 3 euros ready for the parking fee, but there are enough parking spaces. You can cycle beautifully along the Isar to Unterföhring – then it’s just a stone’s throw away. It is a long walk by public transport, 25 minutes from the Unterföhring S-Bahn.

8. Ammersee

lakes near munich germany

“When I see this lake, I don’t need the sea anymore” – heard often, but the Ammersee lives up to this saying best. Located in the Starnberg district, it is one of the most popular bathing destinations in summer. 

Amersee offers a lot of diversity: It’s not just swimming and water sports that are particularly good here, sightseeing (e.g. Andechs Monastery), hiking and cycling are also good. If you want to drink a beer after work or eat a schnitzel in the prominent neighborhood of Heino Ferch, you can stop by the beer garden in Stegen.

LOCAL TIP: The absolute plus point of Ammersee: the many free swimming spots – the most popular are in Herrsching and Stegen. It’s quieter in Breitbrunn and if you want to stroll through a nice Bavarian town, you can go to Dießen.

9. Langwieder See

lakes near munich germany

The Langwieder See is one of the largest lakes in Munich. It is right next to the A8 in the north-west of the city – but don’t worry, you hardly hear the noise of the motorway at all. For those who are afraid of Loch Ness and its little swimming friends, it is perfect: The water is so clear that you can see the bottom even at deeper points.

LOCAL TIP: There is plenty of space here. The south bank is particularly popular with young people to chill out and have a barbecue, in the north there is a beer garden and a children’s playground.

How to get there: The easiest way to get here is by bathing bus, which leaves every 20 minutes from the Lochhausen S-Bahn station in the direction of the lake. It doesn’t take that long by bike (of course it depends on where you start from) and there is a large parking lot for drivers.

10. Fasaneriesee

lakes near munich germany

Small but nice: the Fasaneriesee belongs to the Dreiseenplatte in the north-west of Munich. The redesigned quarry pond is particularly great for families and non-swimmers, as there are enough flat spots. Many old trees on the banks provide shade for cool guys. Those who want to do some physical activity can let off steam in the volleyball field, on the table tennis table or on the football field before the lake provides the necessary cooling.

LOCAL TIP: There are two large lawns here – one in the west, the other in the south. If you get hungry, look to the restaurant and beer garden in the northeast.

How to get there: It is best to come by bike or public transport (not far from the Fasanerie S-Bahn station), as there are only a few parking spaces for cars.

11. Starnberger See

lakes near munich germany

It is one of the favorite summer excursion destinations for Munich residents (and not just the hotspots!). Sure, Lake Starnberg has long ceased to be an insider tip – but it doesn’t have to be either, because it is simply beautiful! The Starnberg is the fifth largest lake in Germany and lying on its shore, with a cold drink in hand and a great view, Italy doesn’t feel far away at all.

LOCAL TIP: Whether on the banks of Tutzing, Percha or Kempfenhausen – the lake is beautiful everywhere. Water sports enthusiasts can, for example, rent electric boats, row boats or pedal boats in Berg.

How to get there: Depending on which bank you want to go to, you can take the S-Bahn S8 or S6 in the direction of Badespaß. You can reach your destination in about 40 minutes by car and the very ambitious can take a bike tour in the direction of Starnberg. You did it in about two hours!

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