Letter of invitation for a visa to Germany: How do I write an invitation?


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Do you have friends from abroad who you would like to visit in Germany? Or would you like to invite potential business partners to Germany? In both cases you should be aware that certain third countries require a visa for Germany and the Schengen area. So find out whether your private or business guest needs to apply for a visa for Germany and how to write a letter of invitation.

If your guest needs a visa for Germany, they must be able to present a letter of invitation when applying for the visa. Are you wondering how to set up an invitation to Germany? In this article you will find out everything you need to know about invitations to Germany for Germany.

Letter of invitation

Why is a letter of invitation necessary for a Germany visa?

If you invite friends and relatives or a foreign business partner to Germany and you have a visa requirement , your visit must be able to present a letter of invitation that proves that you have invited them for a specific reason.

How can I invite relatives to Germany?

Not all nationals can pay you a visit just like that! If you invite friends or family, it is a visitor’s visa . Business partners from abroad would apply for a business visa for Germany. In both cases, however, an invitation to Germany would have to be in simple writing!

The letter of invitation for the visa must be presented to the German representation in the country of origin of your visit . The German embassy or consulate general will then determine whether a visa for Germany is issued for private or business visits. And that is exactly why the invitation to Germany is so essential!

What must an invitation for visitors from abroad contain?

In principle, there is no special form for an invitation letter. Instead, it depends more on the content. Regardless of whether you are writing your invitation for visitors from abroad or for international business partners, your invitation to Germany should contain the following elements:

  1. Full name, address and contact details (including telephone number and email address) of the host or the inviting company
  2. Full name of the invited guest, their address and date of birth
  3. Reason for the visit / business visit
  4. Length of stay
  5. Date and signature of the host / company board member

Feel free to decorate the reason for your visit in the visa invitation letter. Explain the exact degree of relationship or report how long you have known each other and possibly why the visit should take place on this particular date. A business visit should also be justified !

Important: If you are not a German citizen as the host, you would have to submit a copy of your residence permit!

Letter of invitation

What does an invitation to Germany cost?

The invitation letter can be drawn up in simple written form and is submitted with the visa application. A simple invitation letter is therefore free of charge. On the Internet you will find samples and forms of what your invitation to Germany could look like – for inviting business people as well as private visitors. In addition, it must be ensured that the guest can afford the trip. 

To apply for a Germany visa, the guest must be able to show the financial means with bank statements or proof of salary. When applying for a visa, it is always important that the country of visit does not incur any costs! 

If this is not the case, there is an invitation in addition to the Declaration of commitment necessary! A processing fee of 29 euros is due for each declaration of commitment and invitation.

What is a declaration of commitment?

If your guest does not have sufficient financial means, the host guarantees in the form of a declaration of commitment to cover all costs that may arise during the trip. 

The declaration of commitment covers accommodation, meals, but also all other costs that may arise in the course of the stay. A declaration of commitment may also be necessary for a business visit!

Are there any templates for a declaration of commitment?

There are official forms for the declaration of commitment that you, as the host, can find at the responsible immigration office at your place of residence. If you have to submit a declaration of commitmentyour creditworthiness will be checked

Make a personal appointment with your local immigration office to prove your solvency and have your signature certified! By invitation only and, if one undertaking can diplomatic mission there also decide the German visa.

Important: Never send a letter of invitation for a visa or a declaration of commitment to a German embassy or consulate without being asked. As a rule, you send the invitation for a Germany visa to the visa applicant, who then submits the documents with the visa application.

Letter of invitation

What do you need for a visitor visa to Germany?

Regardless of whether the applicant was invited to Germany privately or by business people, in both cases it is in most cases a short stay of less than 90 days in Germany. If this is the case, then a type C Schengen visa must be applied for. 

In addition to the invitation letter for a visa, sufficient health protection is always necessary for the stay in Europe! Your travel health insurance should have a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros, cover the eventualities of a hospital stay and repatriation.

Sufficient travel insurance coverage is essential for foreign visitors

The best Schengen insurance providers offer a variety of travel insurances that are accepted by the diplomatic missions of the Schengen countries for travel in Europe. The cheapest Schengen Insurance, which meets all the requirements for a visa, costs about 1.00 euros a day

If you would like additional protection beyond the basic services, then the Europe Travel health insurance is the right one for you, which costs only 1.50 euros per day of travel.

FAQ: Visa Germany invitation

What do you need for a visa invitation letter to Germany?

There is no special form for an invitation letter. Above all, it is important that you go into the relevant data, ie the full name and contact details of the guest and host, a reason for the visit, information on the duration of the stay and the signature of the host.

How can I invite a foreigner to Germany?

If you want to invite family, friends or international business partners to Germany and these require a visa, an official letter of invitation is important. The reason for the invitation should be clear from this. If your guest is unable to pay for the visit out of pocket, you must also sign a declaration of commitment.

What does an invitation to Germany cost?

The creation of the invitation letter is free of charge. If your guest does not have sufficient financial means for the visit, you have to sign a declaration of commitment. For the processing of such a declaration of commitment, 29 euros are due at the immigration authorities at your place of residence.

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